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"The Legend Of The Monsters In A Different World"

My newest fan fiction "The Legend of The Monsters In A Different World" is off to an awesome start, but I need some input. Some simple questions will be listed below.

  • How should Aang hide his tattoes from the Real World?
  • What should Team Avatar's reactions be to the Real World's technology(Remember, this is set in 2008 in ATWE)
  • Should other Original Characters appear every once and a while? I have a couple who would be really cool for reaccuring characters, but not main characters.
  • Should Aang have a bit of a "Chi-Enhancing Tea" moment when he drinks cofee, and if so, should it be at The Luvilia Spanish Family Restaruant(A friend gave me this idea, I just wonder if other people like it)

And finally,

  • How should Ren and Co. react to The Avatar State? I think the Digi-Destined have seen so much confusing crap, they might not notice. But I think it might be funny if they reacted oddly.

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