I remember it as if it were yesterday. Everything was perfect from the warm summer breeze to the birds in the trees. As I walked to the TV, little did I know that that would be the day my life would change forever, the day I discovered Avatar.

From the first moment of Katara and Sokka arguing on the boat, I knew there was something special about this show. This show amazingly balanced a deep sense of calmness and tranquility with great action and adventure: spirituality and fantasy with sadness and reality. And as the weeks passed by and more episodes were released, I found myself getting more and more attached to the characters. They were realatable, intersting and real to me. As a nine a year old boy I bascally grew up with them, learned a few life lessons along the way, and even sometimes went through what they were going through (such as longing to be acepted by society, over stressing to make my parents proud eventhough i'm not being myself, being dissapointed in myself etc). And as the show reached it's conclusion it had me literally crying. Along with the sadness I felt when the show ended, I felt happiness for it helped me become a more mature person. Now as a teenager I find myself just as in love with the show as I was then if not more (still crying on that last kiss XD). With the deep sense of nostalgia and piece I get from the show I know that this will forever belong in my heart. If I hadn't have watched Avatar the Last Airbender, I would be a completely different person,

So thank you Michael Dante DiMartino,Bryan Konietzko, and the rest of the Avatar and Korra team.

P.S:This is applicable to Korra and I might write another about Korra.

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