The Avatar universe. Over the pas, what is it 6 years, we've all come to know and love avatar. From Aang's time to Korra's we've been through all the joys and hardships they've had to endure so far. All the the show, comics, etc immersive really wish we could be the characters. This brings me to the conclusion that a new Avatar game needs to be made.

   Although there have been avatar videogames in the past, to me the lacked the feel of the avatar universe. With better technology know I believe that the avatar universe can be properly represented in a video game. These are the following ideas I have for an Avatar viddeogame for the ps3, xbox, wii u, and pc.(these are my ideas for an ATLA game, since LOK is not finished)

It would be an openworld game.(similar to skyrim, far cry 3, gta. etc) I'm talking about huge maps that beautifuly recreate places we loves such as Ba Sing Se, Fire Nation Palace, and Omashu, deserts among others. It would include forests aswell.

It would have cartoony graphics( similar to naruto ultimate ninja storm, sly cooper 4, or journey)

It would have a story mode in which you can play as multiple characters. It would also have side missions and things to find.

You are able to glide, swim, use appa (or any beast of burden) as transportation.

You are able to go into stores.

The controls would be easy for anyone to use, but not to easy that the game is not challenging.

That is all i can think of for now. Comment on what you think about this topic, thanks.

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