• Korrasami Kate

    Erm, hey! I'm new here to the Avatar Wiki (but definately not the Avatar fandom!)

    Anyway, I came here to just simply say that I think Legend of Korra was an amazingly awesome and important series for many on loads of different aspects. I, for one, loved it not only for its mostly realistic and mature themes, the full-frontal awesome women involved, but also for the representation of the ending.

    The oh-so infamous ending.

    Seriously, that ending scene where Korra and Asami *coughs KORRASAMI* walk towards the spirit portal hand in hand, gaze lovingly into each others' eyes, and seem like a truly content couple.

    THAT scene, got everyone talking.

    Anyway, I just wanted to point out the obvious, but I'm new here, so yeah... :D


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