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November 30, 2013
  • Korrafan315

    This post has listed some of my predictions for what we will see in book 3

    • Desna will become chief of the northern water tribe.
    • The new character Opal will be a earth kingdom citizen, there is a type of silica named Opal.
    • I believe Opal will be the Earth queen of omashu.
    • We will see Omashu, Ba Sing Se and The Fire Nation.
    • The earth kingdom will look something like nebraska in the 1900's in places like the farm in zuko alone.
    • Do your remember how Varrick told Korra about how he had connections to raiko's opponent? Well, after declining many warnings about the rise of Unavaatu, Raiko is going to have a lot of explaining to the united republic why there capital city is destroyed. Too much explaining, we'll see his rival VARRICK become president!
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