I was one of the people who knew Tarrlock couldn't be Amon. Amon's skin is white, his eyes are golden, and his voice is different. Tarrlock was obsessed with power (his power being bloodbending; his ambition being the rule of Republic City) and feared Amon. This is what I believed led him to abuse his authority over the nonbenders calling them "equalists" and shutting off their power. Now, a big thought comes to mind concerning Amon: Who is he? and what will happen if/when he's defeated? I thought that maybe, just maybe, that Korra could learn energy bending (just like Aang learned from the Lionturtle) and GIVE bending to people. There appears to be no physical difference between benders and nonbenders, so what if it's a hidden chakra, or some kind of block that causes some people to be unable to bend. Therefor a possible ending to this Equalist-Bending war is that Korra learns how to give the gift, and ends up giving nonbenders the ability to bend. Whether or not she can decide what kind of bending, or if she just gives them the ability, and the kind is randomized is up for discussion. But I don't think much peace would insue if Amon won or if Korra defeated Amon. What would she do with him? Lock him up forever? Someone, somewhere would most likely free him or continue to harass the city. These are just my thoughts. I have seen every single episode of ATLA and LOK at LEAST 3 times. Feel free to comment!!!

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