Problem number 1. I don't think the Amon taking away bending with blood bending was adequately explained. (minor problem, easily fixed)

Problem number 2. Okay I think it was hard to suspend my disbelief when some kind of way Mako completely overcame Amon's bloodbending (Through the power of love of course! -blech) and had enough energy to generate lightning. So Aang without the avatar state couldn't overcome bloodbending. Korra couldn't. Tenzin Couldn't. Lin, Bolin, Yakone, and MAKO HIMSELF couldn't handle it. So how the heck did mako overcome bloodbending and still have enough energy to generate lightning? Such a plot hole......and easy out.....

Problem number 3. How did Korra best Amon, the guy who couldn't even be touched for 3 episodes, the guy who kicked her butt on a daily basis, with an element she JUST LEARNED. Amon EASILY dogded all of Tenzin's attacks along with Mako's simultaneously. Korra gave it everything she had with elements she had already mastered and still couldn't touch him. So how does it make any sense that she beat him?

Random thoughts

My opinion issues are more like this. I always knew Makorra would happen but why did it have to happen that way? Why did Asami have to get so screwed? I feel for her. Pops tried to kill her and her boyfriend left her on the same day.

BUMIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love already.

I kind of hated the ending for reasons stated above. Poor Asami.

This whole episode had a "The hero is perfect" vibe to me. Come on, She unlocks her airbending, goes into the A state, defeats Amon, Gives everyone's bending back, and get's the guy. Not a fan of that. I like with the hero loses. It makes them more human amIright?

Please comment friends.

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