Katara shocked

What would Katara do?

Unhappy with the comments section being removed? Please Please visit the War room and express your disinterest. A days to a week ago, a few people on the wiki decided that comments were unncessary. They say it clutters the page. They say they're too hard to moderate. They say the wiki isn't for fun, it's for information. They say they're tired of seeing comments because they are normally uninformative, silly, ignorant, etc.

If you've ever made a comment on this wiki,

if you've ever had an intelligent thought that youi wanted to share with the entire wiki, not just the few people who may read a blog post,

if you've wanted to talk about the series finale in an intelligent and respectful manner but you couldn't because the new comments page was too cluttered and unorganized

Come here. Talk to me. And then take it a step further and voice your opinion in the War room. Let it be known that this decision was unfavorable from the start and it should be struck down permanently after the 23rd, never to happen again.

The usual war room commenters say that people don't care enough to make a change. They say only the people who care enough to contribute to the forum should have a voice on this wiki. Well I'm given all you a chance to SPEAK UP! If we go down, atleast we go down fighting. Koh Koh the Face Stealer 20:24, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

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