So in Honor of my 21st Birthday I'm going to do a quick assessment of my favorite fellow water (sign) tribe character, Katara. Why? Well because I'm a Cancer by Zodiac and I wanted to take today to share with you all why I think Katara is a Cancer. I'm just now becoming comfortable expressing myself so I am still getting used to adding words to my feelings. That being said I hope this makes sense. Enjoy, Argue, I just hope you read it :)

Reason why Katara is a Cancer:

She's maternal. She feels an obligation to take care of, and nurture everyone, and her fatal flaw is pity. Young cancers tend to have to grow into acting in a truly compassionate way because pity comes so easily to us.

She's empathetic. I know I may seem like I'm contradicting myself, but I think pity is a surface emotion, sort of a shield that empaths use to guard themselves from being deeply and profoundly affected by the emotions of everyone. As a fellow cancer I can account for that one. I feel pity because if it's much too painful to go with my natural inuition and feel compassion for everyone. For example, in the Painted Lady when the child asked for the fish from Katara and then gave the fish to his mother, that hurt. She's crticized for that episode because her actions were out of self righteousness (pity) and not out of true compassion. But by the look on her face, I could tell that she had put herself in the position of the child, understood his pain, and was using pity as a shield to her empathy to prevent her from breaking to tears. In a way, feeling pity instead of empathy empowers her to action instead of reducing her to tears, though at the cost of feeling morally superior to others...

3. She's unforgiving. This is directly linked to her empathy. After sharing someone's feelings, taking on their problems, expressing the ultimate form of non-judgmental caring that only comes when one earns a Cancer's trust, followed by being lied to????? It's the ultimate form of a complete lack of respect. Putting your own sacred spirit into something only to find out that it wasn't real? It's a painful experience that can only be expressed through severe anger and a complete lack of trust of the person who dared to manipulate our spirits like this. The bright side? After learning the true meaning of empathy and letting go of pity, Cancer's can finally learn to forgive through giving unconditionally. This means expecting absolutely nothing in return after giving, not a even a feeling of satisfaction and accepting any negative feeling that might also come with giving.

I love Katara and I think I understand her better than most because we're both watery emotional, spiritual, people striving to be the best people we can be.

I know that was short, but as stated before I'm still getting used to people reading my personal thoughts. :)

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