Hello. My name is Martin, I wanted to talk about my fanon character, the history is told about 400 years after the Avatar Aang (assuming about 300 after Korra). Koda, the new avatar belongs to a district town blue (my story, my rules)

 The blue district would come to be a province north pole or as I call it now the northern republic.

The avatar must koda mudarce to the nearest city where he was born to puebro. He moved to the small town Kuruk. That is all the information we give you about my character

Chapter 1: The city Kuruk

Earth. Fire. Air. Water

For thousands of years the avatar has maintained the balance in the world, thousands of challenges enfrentandoce way to obtain peace.

In recent years, the waterbender, a dreaded mafia called Monsoon Reds have wreaked havoc on the North Pole and the South Pole, many political, economic and social.

The last to make the conquest of this Process mafias, slower was the previous avatar, an airbender called Taiyang. unfortunately her time on earth was over, and the cycle continued avatar, and a new avatar reborn to bring peace among nations and destroy the destroyers of balance.

Avatar The Legend of Koda.

For many years, Admiral Hakkum to their Marines searched throughout the Republic of South District in the Swamp, and in most of the northern republic, has only one place to end your search, Bato town .

Admiral going house to house asking the people about their young children. But nobody understood that this man spoke

Arriving in a large house, knocks on the door and asks "Ma'am I can inspect your child?, Are orders army White Lotus" to which the woman replies: "What you seek is not the avatar? i know of three children , between 3 and 5 years, their house are next to each other, something tells me that one of them is what your looking for. "

The woman gave indications for encuntre Hakkum houses and also children. Get to the first house where two families dining together, Adm. questions about children and inspected, but none is the avatar, then says: "eh walked around the world, one child at inspecting traveling for 4 years and none is what I seek. I have one hope. " A man interrupts him saying "maybe you're looking at is the son of our brother, lives next door, my nephew has something special, and that's what the people say the monks, I'll walk you home.

Both are aimed at the house next door where the door meets a little girl named Ummi. asked "where koda Ummi?" to the answer: "Come, I will fetch it up"

While both men were thoughtful, suffocated by the stress of all this, a child breaks the silence by earthbender, and then waterbender.

Hakkum: Is! the new avatar!

Koda: "I am the avatar, Praise me!

A pedaso ice falls on the child's head, knocking him to the floor,

Ummi: stop believing that you are the center of the world selfish child

A voice is heard saying: "We visits? Who arrived?

Ummi: Dad, it's our guy Unlok with another man.

Hakkum: Kkanso you are not?

Kkanso: so is Admiral Hakkum. that is offered in my house?

Hakkum: Your son is the new avatar and my future pupil, he and his cousin have something wrong with her eyes, something that strikes me, and Koda should be trained by people with higher ranks for their skills. in a few years back for teaching their children.

Kkanso, and the other guy Unlok Koda, Tankho agree with this.

Admiral Hakkum leaves the room to bring the information to the capital city of the Republic and the North Pole.

They spent 13 years together and Koda Hanko Tonhu and moved to a larger city where the people lived, Kuruk city.

The first day of Koda

Koda goes with his polar bear dog to her new school in the new town. While going to school, sees men assaulting one negosio Antique. Koda business enters the attacking with fire control to one of the thieves, otrole responds with a whip of water but it evaporated easily Koda, becoming big business in a field neblinado, start throwing lightning but Koda the deviation and returns. One of the robbers is a blocker Chi which hits Koda arm. Again with a whip attack freezing water damaged arm coda. The fire thief decides to attack Mestro closely with lightning but coda with a hand motion paralyzes the thief and throws him to the floor. This user his bloodbending , attacks also bloodbending the other thieves. At that time the police come to the place of steam filling the entire property and surrounding area. Koda aprebecha then escapes through the floor and land and water use monitoring and continue their journey to school.

When you get to see a large building with a badge containing 4 symbols of the four nations. Some kids at school see him arrive with his polar bear and dog tease but Koda the leaves stuck on the wall of the school with some ice. The bell rings and everyone goes to their classrooms

Koda goes to his room where a woman of advanced age (school secretary) precenta it before all the living and where one of his new teammates says, "Look idiot dog is the polar bear" and everybody laughs.

Koda angry and wraps his hands with fire

The secretary ordered all to shut up and tells Koda that he should be on the 3rd floor where the fire teachers. but a companion interrupted saying: "I saw him doing waterbending few minutes ago"

The secretary takes off his glasses and looks very and Legal notice saying: "Impossible. .. You ... you're the avatar?"

Koda replied shaking his head and saying that if all are shocked and silent. excepting Nahul who says, "No big deal, it is just an idiot with a field of genetic variation different from ours which allows you to master more than one element"

The secretary rebukes him saying it is a lack of respento and saying that Avatar is not a genetic variation as he says, is the punch between the spirit world and our world, which keeps the eliquilibrio. a spirit so powerful layers of destroying entire cities and save. This woman is removed goes mad while the history teacher.

All hail the kind woman and assemble a dispute over the issue of avatar, which will not get anywhere. All you cause is believed the rivalry between the avatar Nahul And Koda

The hood saves and win the Recre. A boy named Linhu divicion earthbender and a girl named Kanna divicion medicine and decide to talk to the whole school show. montrando first floor where the waterbeniding with its divisions plantbending and healing . Downstairs was also the great room open where ceremonies were done great school, where teachers and fire earth water and air for the Pro Bending trained and where they made physical activity. The second floor was theearthbender territory, with his metalbengding division. The third floor was to firebender with divicion lightning and lightning deviation. and finally on the top floor with some rooms without ceiling was airbender (which not many compared to the other arts of bending).

koda soon became friends around the school as one enemy as Nahul and his group.

After the bell, the waterbending and earthbending are brought to the classroom to practice. The teacher chooses earthbending and waterbending couples where Koda put on the same team Linhu, and faced Nahul and other characters..

They fought a long time and skills to Nahul imprecionaron Koda and furious, it did do something wrong which caused Linhu stumbled and was thrown out of the battlefield, but throw the other achievement Linhu earthbender. Nahul and Koda was just fought and fought and destroyed the battlefield so both were disqualified.

When Koda retired to the showers Tomb teacher asked if I would be in competition Bendign Pro Team. Koda replied with a yes and a big smile. After showering, whistled for his dog polar bear and headed home, Koda is very happy with his first day in the city

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