Earth. Fire. Air. Water

For thousands of years the avatar has maintained the balance in the world, thousands of challenges enfrentandoce way to obtain peace.

In recent years the waterbender, a dreaded mafia called Monsoon Reds have wreaked havoc on the North Pole and the South Pole, many political, economic and social.

The last to make the conquest of this Proceco mafias, slower was the previous Avatar, a airebender called Taiyang. unfortunately her time on earth was over, and the cycle continued avatar, and a new avatar reborn to bring peace among nations and destroy the destroyers of balance.

Avatar The Legend of Koda.

Chapter 2: Memories of a semi dark past

Koda goes to his school with his new friend Yanhu, when they see a group of thugs are storming the city bank. Both run to the bank and devise a plan. Yanhu with seismic sense * fails to see the amount of people that is in the bank, and the number of offenders.

Koda begins to speak in a strange way, limiting rare information: "The door is Earthbender and waterbender. While others who are inside and are firebender waterbender. " Koda Yanhu not understand how can you know that since he had not yet seen the thugs in action, then Yanhu question with great interest is that Koda knows that. Koda evades the issue by saying that then would tell. Both are directed towards these great men who were at the door of the bank. They hide behind a bush, Koda jumps on ray casting, but criminals react quickly throwing rocks and ice blades, Yanhu destroys his earthbending throwing rocks his enemy. The battle lasts a while until Koda manages to catch an ice floe and Yanhu Earthbender waterbender traps inside a rock.

  • Note: The cities of La Republica del Agua are mostly made by ice, but the streets are made of a strange mix of ice blue or white stones. Some buildings (most) are also made with that rare rock and wood

Both teens enter the Bank and are greeted with rays which deviates Koda. Yanhu destroys some columns to attack and Koda released with great force water blades. The firebender is persistent but Yanhu throws a rock that leaves you dizzy. Koda while throwing faces waterbender rocks with water, and the other esquivándolas. Until a stroke makes both go flying in different directions.

Koda creates great fog inside the bank, Yanhu takes to rescue the hostages and others. You hear a siren and break the glass ceiling, was the city police which has called steambender *

Note:The steambender are waterbender, They are equipped with hoses in their hands and a metal suit, also have a backpack with water on his back and a metal plate on the chest, this metal plate sends heat through heated hoses and backpack water evaporating and the police of the Republic Water can move with pressurized steam.

Koda and Yanhul manage to escape through the fog I think Koda. When you see the police away taking the thugs in police vehicles.

Addressing the school Yanhu Koda asks:

Yanhu: How did you know about controlling every thief?

Koda: Swear you will not tell anyone about what I will tell you now

Yanhu: yes, of course, I swear

Koda: if people knew I probably would have to move again, please swear

Yanhu: lárgalo and I swear on my life that I will not tell anyone

Koda: Okay. I ... am a bloodbender, bloodbending learned a few years ago and taught me to do with it, chi channels of people, so I can know which element dominates every person, is a bit hard to know that someone who is elemntos has subsided. But, if a person is with their exalted feelings, for example, nervous, angry or happy, it takes less work check your chi channels

Yanhu: wow, I can not believe you ... you're a bloodbender, but do not understand something, the bloodbending is illegal worldwide, even for the avatar.

Koda: not illegal at all, there several bloodbender, as my teacher, Admiral Hakkum. He taught me and my two cousins ​​to control the blood, under the orders of the leaders of the United Nations. We trained and taught bloodbending to be the "weapons" of the Navy at some future. He showed the good waterbender. And told us to teach a technique that we should not use ever, unless a matter of life or death, was bloodbending. He told us that it was illegal for a long time, until a prominent physician, which was proposed bloodbender legal again for senior people, including police chiefs of the poles, or as the admiral in command of the fleet of the Republic Water, even doctors should learn to save lives. Hakkum learned that art, indeed, is one of the best bloodbender the world, he said that he had proposed to teach bloodbending avatar and other children and the United Nations organization authorized him. Then all full moons took us to the field to control the blood of animals, it was horrible, but not so bad when you get used. Hakkum disappeared for a while, about 3 months or so, with my cousins ​​decided to train alone. Until we control blood without the full moon, when Hakkum again met that surprise and it took an exam. Camping was for a time in the frozen tundras and face the most dangerous animals in the north, including the polar bear-mole, and walrus yak. All three passed the examination but only decided Hakkum teach me displaying chi channels. And that's all I'm here

Yanhu: fence! Excellent story. I never thought I would be friends with a bloodbender. Now I want to ask you. Why the hell did not you used your power with these thieves?

Koda: I told you! I can not use it at any time, if people knew warn the authorities and I would be severely punished and taken to the field at the south pole enteramiento

Tanhu: I see. But there bloodbender than, say, legal?

Koda: of course if

A cold silence surrounds and fills the place, leaving only the sound of satomoviles. Both went to school where a new school day awaits

Underground Meanwhile, a group of men plan something it capture the avatar. These men have been watching since he came to town. And apparently their goals are not good

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