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    There seemed to be a large dislike with the new abilities introduced to bloodbending and energybending after "Out of the Past" and the season finale. Why? Did we really know all we could about these abilities? Were they ever thoroughly explored and utilized so we might know all of how they worked? I've decided to try to understand and to explain the new abilities introduced to these bending arts.

    Unlike other subskills, bloodbending was never used more than twice in Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was briefly summarized but never completely explored. All that was needed to know was that the technique was to control another human being like a puppet; perhaps this is where the controversy lies. In order to control someone like a puppet, the pup…

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  • KnowledgeSeeker5

    I've read many reactions to the Legend of Korra season one finale, and as per suggestion, I've decided to write a blog about it instead of bogging down the comments. My main intention is to give perspective and hopefully, some insight to the negative and overly positive (that become negative when they viciously attack the opposed and defend their beloved cartoon) viewers.

    Amon a.k.a Noatok

    Let's first address the man behind the mask.

    Abilities: I'll start by saying that my theory of Amon was that he was a waterbender that used bloodbending to remove bending. After I saw that someone stated that the blood flow would return to its normal state once the bloodbender released their control, I let that theory go. What supported my initial thoughts …

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