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It is interesting to read all the crazy ideas about this mysterious and spooky villain, that's why I wanted to post all your good ideas together. If you were the first to say one idea that is posted here, be free to ask me to add your name as a note to YOUR IDEA.

Logical Ideas

  • Amon is not lying, he just said his real story in "The Revelation"
  • "The criminal who was stopped by Avatar Aang was the same criminal who killed Amon's family, but Avatar Aang could not impede this criminal killed Amon's family, because of this Amon is angry with benders and that's why he said that the Avatar has failed humanity". (Klalum)
  • "In "The Revelation" when Amon is stripping Shady Shin of his bending you can see that he is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on his thumbs, enough so to cause both he and Shin to quiver from the force on his thumbs. My theory is that he is using an advanced form of chi-blocking that requires enough pressure over this part of the brain to permanently cut off communications between the brain and parts of the human body that enable people to bend". (SifuHotman90)
  • Amon Energybends.
  • Amon uses a special chi-blocking.
  • Amon can close a chakra that makes illusion of not bending again.
  • Amon was burnt by a firebender who killed his family, the spirits gave him his power to take revenge.
  • Amon doesn't just remove a benders powers but actually steals them for himself. (Balsalom)

Ideas related with someone from Legend of Korra

  • Amon may be Tenzin, because when ever Tenzin isn't on screen Amon is, and when Amon isn't on screen Tenzin is! It's the perfect plan for Tenzin! He wants to make it like the Last Airbender and be the only one, he's training his children as pawns, and luring Korra to her own demise.
  • Amon is probably Bumi, Aang's non-element bending son.
  • Yakone is Amon.
  • Bolin, Mako, and Amon are probably all brothers as all of them had their parents killed by firebenders.
  • Amon is Asami's father. Her father is non-bender, and perhaps he lied about his face being burned. Maybe firebenders did something to his wife. Just, the way Mako hooked up with Asami and whole that introducing of Hiroshi Sato with Korra isn't right.
  • Yakone is Amon's father, and Amon became bitter towards benders because Avatar Aang killed his father with bending.
  • Asami Sato is Amon's spy.

Ideas related with someone from ATLA

  • Amon is Lee from the episode "Zuko Alone". (Datadoggieein)
  • "Amon is Ty Lee's son. The firebenders took his family away, that would make sense because Ty Lee would have gained many enemies after betraying her Ty-Le
    Ty Lee

    Ty Lee (Chi-Blocker)

    nation". (Kaizuke)
  • Amon is the cabbage merchant's son, seeking revenge for all the vegatables lost to him by reckless benders. (Jaded hunter)
  • Amon traded his face with Koh and he taught him how energybend.
  • Amon is Ty Lee's son because perhaps Azula escaped from that mental institute and she would probably still be mad at Ty Lee and Mai for betraying her so she hired some soldiers to kill her and her husband. (Tophlivelong)
  • "Amon is Song, the girl who got all ostriches stolen in Book 2. She may have gone crazy with anger that a bender repaid her kindness with treachery and decided that all benders must be eliminated. This fits with the story Amon, when Amon/Song says his face was taken, she was not talking about it in literal sense but rather as East Asian metaphor of "losing face" - being deeply insulted and humiliated. The question is how Song survived so long in such a fit condition, well that could also be explained by the fact that she had extensive knowledge of herbal medicine and used it to enhance her stamina well into her old age. Perhaps seemingly male characteristics that Song has now come to possess results from her overdose of medications. Song could have had an outright sex change surgery (the first of which, interestingly, was completed in 1921, the exact timeframe LoK is set in" (Tophlivelong) "You have made it!".

Some of these ideas above are hilarious, and there are more serious and better ideas that I would like that you share, thanks! :)

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