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  • Klalum

    It is interesting to read all the crazy ideas about this mysterious and spooky villain, that's why I wanted to post all your good ideas together. If you were the first to say one idea that is posted here, be free to ask me to add your name as a note to YOUR IDEA.

    • Amon is not lying, he just said his real story in "The Revelation"
    • "The criminal who was stopped by Avatar Aang was the same criminal who killed Amon's family, but Avatar Aang could not impede this criminal killed Amon's family, because of this Amon is angry with benders and that's why he said that the Avatar has failed humanity". (Klalum)
    • "In "The Revelation" when Amon is stripping Shady Shin of his bending you can see that he is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on his thumbs,…

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