Hey, guys! This is a fanon review of Avatar: Rise of the Shadowbenders. This discontinued series is about the world of avatar 500 years in the future. It follows many characters around the world, but most specifically the newest avatar, Meiya of the Eastern Air Temple. 

My review has a set rubric. The context (grammar) is 10% of the grade, the Plot is 65%, and the Impact (characters, setting) is worth 25% of the whole grade. At the end of each section their are several grades which represent as follows:

Grade: amount of accumulated points/ amount of possible points -> percentage (percentage out of section percentage) letter grade

Example (section-plot): 65/70-> 93% [60.3% (out of the possible 65 percentage points from the plot section) ] A

Context 10%

Grammar (out of 7)- 6.5 The overall grammar of this fanon is very, very good. However, the only issues it has were in quotations, dialogue. In the beginning, there were a few issues with spaces in between quotation marks. Other than that, it was very grammatically correct.

Sentences (out of 4)- 4 The sentence structure was very well done. There was a nice diversity between types of sentences.

Grade: 10.5/11 -> 95% (9.5%) A

Plot 75%

Plot Strength (out of 30)- 28 The plot itself was very interesting. However, because there are so many transitions (from the Southern Water Tribe, to the Fire Nation, to the Earth Kingdom power), it was somewhat difficult to follow the story. The transitions need to be a little more clear so that the reader knows where they are in the story

Climax (out of 20)- N/A Due to this being a discontinued/incomplete series, I cannot give a grade.

Story Flow (out of 15)- 14  The story had a very nice flow. It was good to see the various aspects of conflict between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation. The only issue was transitions from nation to nation.

Reality (out of 5)- 5 This story was very believeable. I don’t fully understand the art of shadowbending but I’m sure it would have been more explained later in the series . Other than that, it was likely that this story could have happened in the Avatar world

Grade: 47/50 -> 94% (61.1.5%) A

Impact 25%

Originality/Creativity (out of 25)- 20 This fanon was a continuation of the original series, LOA. It is set 500 years later. Most of the main characters are decedents of the original Team Avatar (ex- Sokka and Toph), but Aang is an exception because all airbenders will be related to him. But the overall story and other characters are very well designed and they all have unique personalities.  

Genre (out of 15)- 15 The fanon fit its genre very well (Adventure)

Characters (out of 20)- 20 The characters’ characteristics were very well detailed. You can see what each person’s likes and dislikes are and their personality.

Character Development (out of 15)- N/A Due to this being a discontinued/incomplete series, I cannot give a grade.

Setting (out of 15)- 8 Although it is clear what nation the action is happening in, there is barely any description of the terrain. The time of day is normally said (mostly using the comet as a source of time), but weather is not clear. There were a few instances of description, but not many.

Grade: 63/ 70 -> 90% (22.5%) A-

Overall Grade: 120.5 /131 -> 93% A

This was a great series, even though it only has two chapters. I would recomend it to anyone who likes action and adventure. 

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