To everyone: Don't put any information about the leaks from the Opening from The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra on comments and blog posts. Mike asked Rufftoon to not repost the video for Pirating. Your comments/edits will be deleted if you do, action may be necessary if you persist.

Response from the Rufftoon:

"I wanted to apologise for deleting the link to the leaked Korra opening video. Mike DiMartino has commented on a repost of the video. He asked that it not be reposted. Please, pass the message around, let’s respect his request.

It can be hard not to just jump with excitement and enthusiasm and spread the new Korra material around. Heck, I am guilty of that. I’m in this business and I should know better than to link to what basically is pirated material. Mea Culpa.

Let’s wait for the official release of news and materials."


The Proof is Here

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