• King Khan

    Avatar after some new ideas

    November 23, 2013 by King Khan

    So after Korra , avtar cycle will proceed and the next avatar will be from Earth Kindom.

    This time avatar is no kid he is a full mature man atleast of 25 years.

    Korra died in age of 30,so there is not much advancement in tecnology

    SO this new avatar his name is GATO (age between 25-30),he is a very fine and powerfull earth and metal bender, tall,muscular,aggressive and fearless.

    As world is developing very fast so is the politics , Republic city is no more republic city...all nations are divided..Earth Kindom is very strong and developing quickly,as they have metal their technology is superior than others!

    Northern and Southern water tribes are allies and are very strong in there area.

    Republic city is in control of non-benders.

    Fire nation is spreā€¦

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