Hey fellow wikians, I wanted to say that I am currently writing a new fanon along with my original, Corruption and Redemption, which I have, unfortunatly, had a case of writer's block with. I have been thinking of it for quite a while, and I am proud to say that I think it is the time to put my plan into fruition. The fanon's title will be Avatar: The Shattered Cycle.

To put the main story in a nutshell, Azula did end up killing Aang while he was in the Avatar state at Ba Sing Se, ending the Avatar Cycle. However, Ba Sing Se didn't fall, as Zuko didn't join Azula and the coup unded up in a failure. Soldiers loyal to the Earth King tortured and interrogated Azula into giving up information that would let the Earth Kingdom expunge almost all of the Fire Nation forces in the Earth Kingdom. It took only a matter of weeks to kick them out. The Earth Kingdom's army was now stronger than ever, so they effectively made an alliance with the Northern Water Tribe and took the Fire Nation Capital during the Day of Black Sun.

Although many Fire Nation rebellions existed throughout the Fire Nation, the Earth Kingdom was able to find designs for the Fire Nation's "Ultimate Weapon," a bomb that used recently discovered atoms that would split and cause a chain reaction that could destroy all of Ba Sing Se with one hit. The Earth Kingdom then capturted Fire Nation scientists and forced them to continue the project, and used the newly named atomic bomb to end the Fire Nation Rebellions.

During the end of the War, Earth Kingdom commoners were angered by all of the corruption and problems the established government caused. In Ba Sing Se, they led another revolution that led the Earth King into exile and overthrew the government. They then sought to reorganize the Earth Kingdom into a collection of provinces that would make all of the citizens econiomicly equal, and not to overtax them as the previous government did. They renamed themselves the Union of Socialist Earth Provinces, or the Earth Union for short. The Water Tribes didn't agree with the Earth Union's brutal tactics to punish the Fire Nation, as well as it's form of socialistic government, as the Water Tribe was hghly capitalist. The Water Tribes eventually got their hands on some nuclear weapons as well, and they went into an arms race with the Earth Union, and both super powers are constantly threatening all out nuclear war with each other.

Worst of all, without the Avatar to keep the nations in balance, both countries are gaining more power and colonies as the Air Nomads are officially extinct and the Fire Nation is in ruins, both in land and in their economy. The Avatar was the bridge between the physical world and the spirit world, so now, the Spirit World is slowly fading away from the physical world, and spirits aren't in the world anymore, so now a lot of the animal life and a few spiritually connected people are dying off.

Well, that's it so far, I am yet to establish official characters, but I have most of the prologue written, and I have decided to show you a little peak at it.

General How stood in the hallway of the new chaimber of the Earth Union. He knew that the Earth Kingdom was now but a silent memory, and that a new, powerful nation rose in it's place. He saw that the Earth Union was going to make the nation stronger than ever. The Earth Kingdom was corrupt and divided, The Dai Li created Ba Sing Se into a dystopia, while the rest of the nation was bleeding gaping wounds from the War as they stayed snug behind the wall. He agreed with the revolution led by the commoners, and he secretly aided them through information he gave to them.

Now he was standing in a mighty hall, and he was waiting whether he would be elected or not to lead the nation, a job necessary for quite a man of strength, willpower, and leadership. The compitition was fierce, and the results would come in within the hour.

A few minutes later, one of How's aides walked in and bowed to him in respect.

"Congradulations, sir," the aide said, "you have won the election of becoming the Supreme Chancellor."

How was shocked, he then knew he was the most powerful man in the new nation. "I am now the Chancellor?" How asked "This is unbelivable, I knew the general public liked me, but I didn't think the council of representatives would vote for me. I must get prepared."

Within the hour, How stood upon the balcony that overlooked the former royal plaza, now open for the public. As crowds of cheering people greated How with great joy and honor, How waved back and prepared for his opening speech.

"Brave and strong citizens of the Union of Socialist Earth Provinces," How began, "I come to you not only as a general, or a leader, but rather, as a follower. I will not be like the previous tyrants who focused only on their own power, but rather, I will listen to questions and the unbreakable will of our new nation. For years, we were all fobidden to speak openly, forbidden to think freely, we had no hope for freedom under Long Feng's iron fist, no hope for any justice. While Ba Sing Se was in chains behind our own wall, the rest of our nation was left for dead for the evil Fire Nation, and the free areas were disassembled and roken, no more than independent nations, all bleeding and dying. I will listen to the will of our people, and the people said 'freedom, justice, and equality!' The will of the people also say to punish the rebellions that disease our world with worship of their false and evil nation. We shall rain bombs onto them until their will and hope are broken, and until they too, are broken. They shall regret the day they ever decided to attempt to break our nation. Fire can burn, but earth shall never give in to the power of fire, we shall punish and destroy all who tred upon us!'

With that, all of the citizens roared in agreement of their new leader. Then men above the balcony uncovered a banner that covered the traditional Earth Kindom symbol, a banner with a fist inside a circle grasping a hammer, the new flag of the nation. Citizens chanted to punish the Fire Nation and all who would oppose them. How would soon give the order to use their nuclear weapons to finally destroy the rebellions and end the war with a quick and brutal strike.

As How walked into his new home, he awaited the council to approve the bill to use nuclear threat against the rebellions. All of the countrie's plans were now in motion.

Tell me how you thinkof this new fanon and give me any advice to it. Thank you all for reading this. Der Kilo 05:35, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

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