Azula reminisces

The redemed monster

As some of you might know, Corruption and Redemption is a reletivlely new fanon written by me, I just wanted to write this blog post to advirtize it a bit. Corruption and Redemption revolves around Azula after the War and how she eventually escapes the mental hospital she was sent to. She spends many years on the road in the Earth Kingdom and does many things on the long road to her redemption, which includes dealing with the vengance-seeking Dai Li, reuniting with Ursa, and motherhood. BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, she will be about 19 when she becomes pregnant, so no angry comments. I have already written the first three chapters of the series, which will be set at about 20 chapters in total. If you plan on reading them, either post your review on the chapter page or on this blog post. Thank you for checking my fanon out, and please review it, I find it disappointing that I have no comments on my pages. Victory Shall Be Mine!!! 04:56, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

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