From the very get-go of my time on this site, I started by editing in the comments section in canon articles, posting as an anon to whoever would have my opinions and sometimes to point out a mistake or two to the real contributors of content to this wiki. It was an easy way to contribute for a long time without any risk of mistakes and yet, still feel like a part of the community. It was only until those little contributions brought, in turn, a little itch to edit out a few mistakes in an article for me to find out how utterly hooked I was.

Needless to say, as an anon who's first contributions revolved around the comments section of each article, I find that section is almost indispensable to the life of this wiki - in community discussion, garnering interest from up and coming editors, and maintaining the sense that the work our contributors do here is being seen.

However, not all feel this way. Some do not believe that the comments section should even exist at all under recent circumstances, after having analysed the backlog of comments that our contributors are sometimes faced with, as well as the trolling and vandalism that sometimes occurs through this medium of interaction.

For the sake of convenience, they would abolish the comments section for the old way of community interaction; talk pages and edit-commenting instead of the far more accessible comments system we have used since 2010. I'll give you an example of the old format here.

I have brought this to the attention of the community, in light of a proposal in the War Room that deals with removing article comments entirely. Suffice to say, it is a controversial issue, and it is hard to find objective evidence or a good amount of subjective opinions on the importance of comments to find any conclusive answer. It currently stands deadlocked between a few key players.

That is why we need the rest of the community to step-up and share their views, objective or subjective, on the importance of the comments section, lest they do not get a say once the debate is over.

Though I hope that the comments section will not receive the chop, as I know many new users have been familiar with them from their start on the wiki, the matter cannot be decided without more input.

The discussion to abolish the comments sections on articles can be found here.

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