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From the editor: Avatar Wiki enters 2014

With 2014 well underway, the time comes again to take stock of what we gained and lost this past year as the celebrations end and people get back to business - and as always, things have changed quite a bit. With the second season of the Legend of Korra passing with relatively less fanfare, we mark the first on-peak decrease of registered editor participation in the wiki's history - though off-peak numbers remain stable.

Views are, however, continuing to average over the one million mark which suggest that we continue to hold as the most popular Avatar site on the internet, and one of the most popular wikis. However, it is clear that we will need initiative to convert more of our substantial traffic into registered contributors if the wiki is to remain there - especially now that the site encourages less engagement from anonymous users due to operational changes initiated by Wikia.

On the flip side, our cohort of fanon contributors remains steady - bolstered by some new talent, major operational improvements in the past year, and of course, the WLS. However, with Korra at the halfway mark, we must be vigilant in increasing reader participation in both fanon and canon as baseline interest begins to decline. Hopefully, the community as a whole will rise to the challenge and succeed in the coming year.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Chakomics: Tinychat

Don't you think that it's boring how people talk. Making smart with their words again, well I'm bored. Because I'm doing this for the thrill of it, killin' it. Never not chasing a million things I want

Greetings Avatards! It's Chaaaaaakraaaaaas!

As this year comes to an end, the mirror ball drops in New York, fireworks go off in every other country, confetti is thrown, champagne is popped, New Year kisses are shared, Justin Bieber falls off the stage, and Miley Cyrus gets hit by a wrecking ball...As all these things end 2013, new beginnings start in 2014! Maybe you've made some resolutions to be a better person, do better things, be more active, loose weight, work extra hard in school, etc.

The Avatar World has seen changes this year too! To name a few, Book Two came out, and we found out about what happened to Zuko's mom! This wiki in particular has fluctuated in numbers of users and contributors, and also users of the IRC. One new trend that I myself have partaken in, is the use of Tinychat.

For those who aren't familiar, Tinychat is a website that allows people to choose a temporary nickname(meaning you don't have to register or pay!) and video chat. Terrified of showing your face to strangers? Well you can do just your voice too! Terrified of that screechy puberty voice cracking also? Well then join the legion of regular text chatters and watch the ones who are daring enough to do video. I dare you. I double dare you. I triple dog dare you. I DEFY THEE STARS (Romeo and Juliet reference).

This would be what a typical day on Tinychat would look like. Coincidentally, these are all White Lotus Sentinel editors too! Minnichi on top left, Omashu Rocks on the top right, Typhoonmaster on the bottom left, and AvatarRokusGhost on the bottom right. What is Minnichi doing, you might ask? Oh she's simply playing angry piano pieces. That Dai Li agent needs some ginseng tea...really...that might lighten up those panda eyes of her too. Actually, the dark circles are starting to look like a pair of sunglasses...

And OR is simply enjoying the comfort of his bed. Then you have Ty there in the bottom left...doing the wave. The pair of them often have dance parties to Shakira songs. Tip: for a birthday present, give OR a ticket to see Shakira. He will love you forever.

Last we have ARG...I mean, no explanation needed. He's contemplating. With his beard. That famous beard of his. Ladies, you all know a man with a beard is the best kind of man *wink wink*

That's just a minor snippet of the parties we have on Tinychat. Want to see more? Mysti singing, me playing the piano, Minnichi playing the violin with a bird on her shoulder, etc., join us one day!

Until then, hope you peeps have a great year. Don't drink and drive!

Baby be the class clown. I'll be the beauty queen in tears. It's a new art form showing people how little we care. We're so happy, even when we're smilin' out of fear. Let's go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah

A New Administrator Approaches... What Should We Expect?

Last year, I gave you all a proper introduction to Avatar Wiki's seventh administrators. This year, it's time to give you all a proper overview of what makes them administrators... Because that's right, the admin team has just welcomed their newest addition, Water Spout! What kind of administrator will he become? What should he learn from the others?

Well, the brightest admin-future for Mr. Spout shall come from learning the past, of course! Now, what are the qualities of our administrator team that make them special? With my abused trusty tablet, I've scribbled it all out for you! Let's take a look.

We begin with The 888th Avatar, one of two bureaucrats at Avatar Wiki and likely one of the most ancient users still around. 888 is your friendly neighborhood dispute-settler. He lurks in the shadows, yet jumps straight to the center of things when wars begin to brew. And with a grand speech, he fills the War Room with light and peace. So, what's there to love about The 888th Avatar? Why, he's the:

Next, we observe the avid fanon-writer, AvatarRokusGhost. This administrator is a highly-respected author and a friend to all. Have an inquiry? Join him for a pleasant cup of coffee and a friendly exchange of Candy Crush lives. He answers your questions with grace and will never make conversation intimidating for anyone. He's everyone's friendly go-to admin for fanon issues. AvatarRokusGhost is:

We now move on to KettleMeetPot, the tech-savvy chief editor of The Ba Sing Se Times. He can invent anything he feels like inventing on Avatar Wiki, whether it's a mind-blowing mass-subscription module for fanons or an evil ingenius plan to combat newsletter stalkers and keep the BSST on top. KMP tackles problems before they even arise. KMP loves plotting. KMP is:

We can't possibly miss the fiery Lady Lostris, the second Avatar Wiki bureaucrat and most active administrator of them all. She does what most users cannot; she does not run from conflict, but looks it in the eye and burns it to a crisp. She appears where most are too lazy to look, and she will work on whatever you can't. This admin is the woman that makes things happen. Lady Lostris is:

Next is PSUAvatar14, the admin who makes the small things count. You'd be surprised how much maintenance there is to upkeep in Avatar Wiki, much of which being very mundane coding fixes and category assignments. But our wiki would be a very different place if those things weren't constantly checked. Cumulatively, the little edits add up to create a much cleaner, better organized encyclopedia overall. PSU's the dude for the job. This guy is Avatar Wiki's:

Finally, we recognize the coding genius that is Thailog. Haters can hate, but they'll still run to him to mooch off his inventions all the time. They will never admit that he's one of the reasons Avatar Wiki looks beautiful. They will never say out loud that they're forever jealous of his skills. They'll just look at our homepage (and numerous other templates) and say, "I want to be like that." And for that, Lostris's man Thailog is:

Each of our administrators are there for a reason. They have all made their own place in this wiki, and so will Mr. Spout before we know it. Think of all these qualities as you vote, and remember why they all matter.

What kind of identity will Water Spout establish in our admin team? We will find out soon enough, and I'm probably not the only one looking forward to it. Here's to Spout and his own special admin quality-to-be!

Thoughts on the Nature of Avatar Wiki

"This wiki can be a very confusing place."

I don't know how many times I've said or thought that, or seen other people say it, but it will always be my mantra around here. Now, I feel like I was lucky in that Avatar Wiki was the first one I joined, and as such, I didn't have other policies in my mind as to how a wiki works. Unfortunately, that's not the case with many of our users. A lot of them have come from places where the rules are more lax and policies are barely enforced. You would think that many don't like the structure of this wiki, but I would disagree - I know several users who have made Avatar Wiki their home, same as me, and it makes me, as a user - a member of this community - happy to know that others love it just like I do.

This is the first wiki I've ever been on that requires licensing for images. The first one that doesn't habitually use galleries. And, the first one that puts so much focus on community, and community spirit. Honestly, if I had to say it, that would be what made me come back. I love being here, but it's more than helping the wiki, or helping the users. Paraphrased from a great philosopher, 'we are more than the sum of our parts'.

When I first heard that quote, it didn't stick with me - I had never come across a place, a person, a community that it applied to. But, after spending just over 18 months on this wiki, I can safely say that this is the very definition of that quote. We are more than individuals, people who coincidentally edit the same wiki. We are a collective, a group of people who help to improve and make the same wiki even better. It may not seem like there is a big difference, but trust me, it makes all the difference in the world. The two newsletters are testament to this.

What other wikis have newsletters? What other wikis have community blogs, with articles that can be submitted by anyone, talking about many different topics? I can't name any, but then again, I spend very little time on other sites. Why? Simple.

I love it here.

I don't need any more than I get from this site, and that makes me happy. I've met so many brilliant people who I never even knew existed, and I've let my creativity and love for Avatar grow. I can honestly say that I would never have considered writing fanfiction without this community, and I can honestly say that, without the friendship of certain users - one of my very first being Master Ratava, who helped inspire me to write - I would not have stayed.

Now, back to my main and secondary point; the wiki is very confusing, and we really are only as great as the sum of our parts.

Yes, oh spirits yes, this wiki is about the most in-depth, strict, fun, friendly place I've ever been, but that all works to its advantage. Every user is just that - a user. It doesn't matter if they are new, an admin, a member of a certain user group, or in past times, a nony. Each user had - and has - a voice, and there was always someone to listen to them. There is a system for everything, a policy for every facet of this place, but that just keeps order. The admins aren't evil overlords bent on oppressing their minions fellow editors - they're just users who are allowed to delete images and have different coloured names. Everyone has a voice, and although some are louder than others, no one is any more important than another. This is what I mean when I use that famous quote. I don't quite know what anyone will get out of this - or even if there is anything to get from it - but I hope that people remember this when talking to anyone. Strike up a conversation with an admin, they're great people. Exactly that. A person, no better or worse at being such than anyone else you talk to. Talk to Wordbender about Eoin Colfer. Talk to Typhoonmaster about poetry. Talk to AvatarRokusGhost about anything you want – go from there, find other similarities between yourself and the people you work with and build this place into a wiki far greater than any other. I already know it is. Now it's time to show everyone else.

Avatar Answers Wiki
Water Spout

Having returned to the wiki, I've noticed a major shift in community activity. It seems as though editing has become less prevalent when compared to forum discussions, and that the majority of article editing in general is becoming dominated by fanon work.

Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. When I first joined this wiki, there was significantly less community integration; there were no comments, no forums, and very few blogs in which to share opinions and meet other users. Although this allowed users to focus on content development (and believe me, there was a lot of work to be done), it was admittedly rather dull. Similarly, when the fanon portal was first combined with the mainspace portal, the result was chaos. There were organization issues, uncertainty about how to proceed, and the skies were practically raining fire. Improvement in both of those aspects is simply a testament to how much this wiki has grown over the years.

Avatar: Top Ten Moments

Avatar is just the best. I think it's safe to say everyone here shares that sentiment. I assume that's why we're all here. I think Avatar is so great because it mixes kung-fu action, well-placed humor, and even heart-warming romance. How many "kids' shows" have quality romance? - Seriously. With the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, I think there is no better time to reflect on the Top Ten wackiest, craziest, and most life-changing Avatar moments we've come to know and love:

- Note: these are based on my opinion, and I obviously have left many out due to the inherent reality that Avatar has a plethora of great moments.

10. A Cabbage Merchant is Born - He is perhaps the most renowned recurring joke in Avatar. We are forever thankful that he has blessed us with his existence.

9. "I'm begging you, Prince Zuko! It's time for you to look inward and start asking yourself the big question: who are you and what do YOU want?" - Pretty sure everyone watching this scene collectively reevaluated their lives.

8. "I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!" Not necessarily the quote but Korra's introduction. For me personally, I had finished Avatar: The Last Airbender with a mixture of sad happiness, devastated that my favorite show had come to a close yet thankful I had the chance to witness something amazing. The announcement of The Legend of Korra gave myself and other Avatar fans hope for the future and a breath of fresh air.

7. "Leaves from the Vine" - A beautiful dedication to Mako Iwamatsu.

6. "The Boy in the Iceberg" a production by Puon-Tim. Perhaps the single funniest work of art ever enjoyed by mankind. The Ember Island Players episode has always been one of my favorites because of its identity as sheer comic relief as well as a regaling reflection an all the events of the show leading up to the finale. .... "I release a sonic wave from my mouth... AHHHHHH!"

5. That moment when Ran and Shaw give Aang and Zuko visions of the true meaning of firebending. The vortex of colors is one of the most epic moments in all of Avatar. Then, Zuko says "I understand." I think him saying that is a big milestone because for so long he's been lost an confused, but he finally comes full-circle.

4. That moment when we finally found out what happened to Zuko's mom! - Oh wait.

3. This one goes out to Toph. Her introduction to the show was the most badass introduction for any character in any form of media, movie, TV Show, clip, music video, whatever. She single-handedly beat down ever single fighter from Earth Rumble 6 AND took names! The best part is, she didn't stop there. Throughout the show, she solidified her identity is the most talented bender ever. Yeah - I said it. Toph Bei Fong is the most talented fighter in all of Avatar. Argue all you want; you can't change what is a bona fide fact. If I had to enter a steel cage with Toph or a Sharknado, I'd go with the Sharknado.

2. The Origins of the Avatar - I never thought it would happen, but it did. Beginnings Parts 1 and 2 became my favorite episodes of Avatar, Aang or Korra (excluding Sozin's Comet). Steven Yeun nailed Avatar Wan, who in only two episodes became one of my favorite characters. The legendary lore of the Avatar world was illustrated perfectly by the blending of the spirit and physical world and the lion turtle cities. The two episodes returned loyal viewers to the spiritual roots that made Avatar such a unique show. I may or may not have peed myself when Raava said "We are bonded forever," and Avatar Wan subsequently put on a bending clinic by trapping Vaatu in an elemental prison in the Tree of Time.

1. Episode 61: Avatar Aang - nothing anyone says can ever truly capture the perfection that is this final episode. Aang transforms from being the "Boy in the Iceberg" to a fully realized Avatar. The animation is beautiful. The final battle is just thrilling. The music...they brought in a string section solely for this finale! I mean c'mon! And then there's that balcony scene. Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic, but the balcony scene always makes me tear up a bit (cry excessively). That sunset is just so beautiful. All of the characters who endured so much, the characters we know and love finally attain the peace they sought after for so long. There's nothing to be said. Hands down the best moment of Avatar.

Korra at the Halftime Break

The Legend of Korra is already halfway home.

26 episodes of 52.

Two books of four.

One season of two.

In this timeframe we have seen large-scale themes bring us wild moments in each and every episode. We’ve seen new revelations about the World of Avatar’s history, we’ve seen various figures rise in various ways - not always as we expected. They’ve also fallen from grace in said ways, again, perhaps not as our thoughts would have had it.

We take a look back now, at the overarching themes of the two books thus far, and look a little bit into what Book Three may offer.

Book One took a look at what appeared to be a disparity that shot up within the 70 years between the end of ATLA’s timeline and the start of LoK’s - non-benders crushed under a society dominated by bending. This timeframe appeared to be even shorter, when we saw Sokka, of course a non-bender, as chairman of the ruling United Republic Council in 128 ASC. Regardless, a disparity still evolved, which gave rise to the Equalists, an organization designed to level the floor between bender and non-bender. We saw this group grow into a threat to Republic City, with required Korra and her new Team Avatar to intervene. Among other themes, we saw Korra being confronted with her inadequate spiritual side which seemingly blocked her airbending training. We saw tests within family when Asami was confronted with the fact that her father had joined the Equalists to avenge Mrs. Sato’s death at the hands of firebenders. We saw sport come into the Avatar World as a significant piece for the first half of Book One with pro-bending. Perhaps we also saw that the Equalists had a point when Tarrlok aggressively acted against non-benders in “When Extremes Meet”. We also saw a love triangle develop, which many, including myself, did not care for - it showed just how friendships and other relationships can be tested, such as Bolin and Mako, and their squabbles over Korra. When “Masami” was in control, we saw Korra grow rather bitter at Asami before those events in “The Aftermath”. In the end, family prevailed as a huge theme with the Tarrlok/Amon-Noatak/Yakone connection, and Tarrlok’s forced end to a “sad story”. The Equalist arc was ultimately shattered with something big - their group realizing that their leader was a liar - Amon being a waterbender. I don’t believe the theme lines were adequately closed in Book One, notably the whole thing about bender suppression. In the end, the Equalists were just played as a threat that was to be eliminated at any cost, and the ideal of equality just faded into the background, as we have learned that the Equalists are pretty much dead as an organization. We did see one reverberation though - the United Republic Council declared as an insufficient representation of the public’s interest, thus it was disbanded and replaced with the Avatar World’s first known presidency.

Book Two threw us into the complex Spirit World and introduced several new twists on it. In addition, we were given a look into the concept of civil war in the Avatar world, and a bit of international politics were thrown into the mix. The civil war pretty much became a footnote as the spirit side took over the book - we learned about the origins of bending and the Avatar itself with Wan, the concept of spirits of light and dark with Raava and Vaatu, respectively, in addition to Harmonic Convergence.

We also found out about the concept of a Dark Avatar; something that people may have seen or written about in fanon - the merger of Vaatu into any individual. Dark versus light became the prevailing theme in an event that takes place one every ten thousand years. Another theme that came up was family again, this time what happens when parents seem to favor children, leading to tensions between Katara and Aang’s children, and further, the idea of legacies - Bumi showing concerns for if he served to fill Aang’s, with Tenzin left in question about being one of the last airbenders and the carrier of the Air Nomad way. We also learned about how complicated and influential the business world can be with Varrick - who was able to influence triads and force Future Industries into a deal with him. He was also able to hire spies just to kidnap the president and force the United Republic into a war, though that attempt proved to be thwarted. Ultimately, lots were left enthralled by the epic battle during Harmonic Convergence, though others were left confused about Jinora’s role in the whole thing, where we saw sudden spiritual connections, especially with Raava, come out of seemingly nowhere. The Avatar story perhaps was left even more complex, in addition to the idea of keeping humans and spirits separate, which Korra decided to eliminate. That now leaves us in wonder of how this change will affect the Avatar World as a whole.

Now, we head into Book Three. Some details have already been compiled here by fellow contributor, FireFerret. The key theme will seem to surround earthbending, with Lin Beifong becoming a main character. In addition, the idea of “change”, as indicated by the book title, appears to lean toward the changes of human/spirit interaction in a new world. We also take a lean toward the Earth Kingdom, potentially, with the idea of an Earth Queen now in effect. So, what will ultimately be the main theme? What will be key side themes? What do you think? State your case in comments!

Recap of Avatar News in 2013

One year passes by, then next comes on. At this time of year I wanted to take a look at all that has happened to the Avatar franchise this year (note: stuff like $screencap, $trailer, $character or $voice_actor is revealed is not shown). February, April, and December are omitted as no substantial news is revealed.


  • Jan 21: The Last Airbender is premiered on Television for the first time.
  • Bryan Konietzko starts slipping information about Korra Book 2.


  • Mar 20: The Search Part One is released
  • Mar 29: Anime Matsuri Con happens, no new Korra news is revealed though.
from the fanon portal
Latest Fanon Shenanigans

Hello, fanon portal. It's been a while for all of us, hasn't it? I return along with the two newsletters of Avatar Wiki, and like the newsletters, I've been one of the several authors who practically faded into nonexistence starting early fall. It's well known these days that our fanon portal has endured a severe drought of activity; blogs are popping up explaining why stories are discontinued, fanon chapters everywhere are taking months on average to release - and perhaps most appallingly, we're having trouble finding fanons to feature on the home page! You just know things are bad when authors aren't even taking the opportunity to draw attention to their stories.

How did this happen? Why would activity decrease while new LoK episodes are being released, instead of the opposite? Who, what, when, where - you know what? It doesn't matter. Rather than speculating over the "dying" state of things, we should focus on the obvious solution: Come back! Are comments decreasing? Then comment yourself on any fanons you can read. Are there no promotions? Then add your own fanon to the promotion schedule. Don't see any featured series nor articles? Go nominate some. Are the newsletters getting low on participants? Write an article and contribute to them. Are users hardly active? Well, don't be one of them!

In all honesty, I don't believe the problem is that everyone's leaving. Thing is...everyone's waiting for someone else to take the "active" initiative. For one, the latest White Lotus Sentinel issue garnered an impressive amount of comments for a fanon community that's supposedly dying. The WLS staff had taken initiative then, just by publishing and giving others the chance to leave feedback. Then looking at the mainspace, the current admin campaign has no shortage of participants at the voting booth - and you realize that someone had to nominate a candidate for everyone to be able to vote in the first place. Finally, looking at our veteran fanons: Readers everywhere remain faithful subscribers. They still flock when new chapters are released, and they're just upset that updates are taking so long. So then, whose fault does it become for inactivity? The slow authors! (Looks at herself for a moment; hides in a corner)

Thus, I come back today to tell everyone who's discouraged by the fanon portal inactivity to just take a look around. Our community is still here. No one's gone anywhere, and I've seen almost everyone I know come back just because someone else gave them the chance to. We've all had our personal reasons, I'm sure, for being a little less involved recently than we'd like. I know I do. But when you get the chance, just come back! This fanon portal isn't dying. It's waiting for someone to do something - waiting for you to return. And today, I want to tell you all that... If you want something to happen, you have to do it yourself. I know our community well enough to tell that the trend is to follow, not initiate - but we can't do that anymore. We can't all just sit and wait for someone to start. You've seen the results. So! I encourage everyone to go out and try something today. Write a new chapter, start a random contest, contribute an article, nominate something. Just watch what happens. There is no shortage of participation. There's only you, who finally created something for everyone to do. Don't wait for something to happen, do it yourself!

(Ahem) Well then, onto the actual news! First of all, both the Featured Article title and the fanon-pick for a big promotion are up for grabs. Due to the lack of activity, a change was made in fact to accomodate for months in which no new fanons are proposed for recognition. Instead of your potentially epic story glowing from the fanon portal main page, there's a handy little box that explains the nomination process for a Feature and a floating advertisement box on the bottom right that invites you to give promotions a try. Oh, come on! You really can't think of a single story to replace some freaking info-boxes on our glorious fanon portal's home page? *Bonks lurkers over their heads* Get out there, I know you're hiding!

However, we do have a featured fanon series to kick off 2014. Here's a big congrats to Crossfire, an action-packed adventure from the political Omashu Rocks. I'm more than familiar with this fanon, having heard of it before it was even launched, illustrated for it, and then became its editor. Definitely a read I would recommend to everyone; there's just no such thing as getting bored. The heroine, Nalia, has a lot of spunk and strength that makes her unforgettable. So if you're planning on being more active in the fanon portal soon, start off by checking out Crossfire!

Other than that, not much going on besides the usual snail-updating of our stories; even my own fanon's having a worse delay than normal. But well, I invite all authors to join me in a strong effort to keep our fanons rolling for 2014! A new year isn't the time to quit, it's time to update!

Anddd then perhaps the strongest proof that our community isn't dead: I see you lot on the Fanon Illustrator Insigia page. I know you're there! Otherwise, how on earth are there...*looks* over forty pictures total that we illustrators are being asked to create? My own request list looks scary, and hey, why not carry some of that participant-enthusiasm to the rest of the fanon portal too? Yes yes, I know we all love pictures, but as authors I know you also love commenting, awards, nominations, and a lively bunch of readers in general, so get to it! Illustration requests are the last thing you should save your activity for...because they take forever to finish :>

So there you have it! A little rundown of our current activities and a little kick in the butt from me for you to put yourself out there and participate. Time for this fanon portal to return to life, baby! ...And yes, it's you who has to do it.

This is (Agent) Minnichi, signing off.

Featured nominations - where did they go?

Now, this is an issue that's kind of important to me, for no reason other than I love recommending things. I do. I recommend food, and books, and tv shows and, importantly, I recommend fanons (and their authors. Them too). Anyone who has spoken to me knows that I love talking about other people's stories, theorizing and making comments, letting people know my thoughts and feelings (when I actually get around to reading them). That's why it makes me so incredibly sad when the number of featured fanon articles and series' - and even the canon articles - have been decreasing.

Not only that, but the 'votes' are becoming less and less eloquent, sometimes with a mere {{support}} vote. Take a look at the voting for the January 2013's featured article, versus the January one of 2012. Not a lot of difference, eh? What about the one for August?

The thing is, these fanons are all deserving of a vote. There are so many, deserving of nominations, which just aren't recognised. One nomination for the Feature Fanon Article won the 'Outstanding Short Fanon' award last year. An entire year ago. And yet it hadn't been featured or, as far as I'm aware, even nominated until now. Doesn't that make you sad? Doesn't it make you wonder why? I wondered, and I still do.

One of my favourite aspects of nominating and voting for a FFA/FFS is the feedback you get. It might only be a little paragraph, but especially when the vote comes from another author you respect and admire, it means the world. To know that people believe your story or article to be of high enough quality to feature really is a rewarding feeling, and it encourages people to keep writing.

So, just once a month, go to the page and take a look. You don't need to nominate (although it would really help, and if you know of a fanon deserving of it, then shoot, go right ahead!). Just take a look at the stories nominated and if you like them, vote for them!

Fanon Review: Fire World by LightningStrike24

That sad moment a reviewer postpones a review so long that the author has gone inactive by the time of the evaluation... But this is a story that I can't let go unnoticed! I returned to my reviewing duties today to discover that Fire World is an amazingly written fanon by a terribly under-praised author, LightningStrike24. The plot answers one simple question: "What if Aang had died in the crystal catacombs of Ba Sing Se?"

Fire World Logo.JPG
The Fire Nation has won the war, killing Avatar Aang—and the Avatar Spirit along with him, it seems. Now free from their biggest threat, the Fire Nation has joined the four nations together into the Phoenix Empire; the greatest empire ever known to man.

...But then, there come more whispers across the wind. It speaks of a seventeen-year-old firebending prodigy. It speaks of a seventeen-year-old Water Tribe firebending prodigy, who had been picked out of the South Pole's camp on the Phoenix Lord's orders twelve years earlier. It speaks of a girl, a corporal in the Phoenix Empire's army, named Korra.

You'd have to be crazy not to admire the writing in this story! LightningStrike has done such an awesome job with the alternate universe she's created. Now for the breakdown:

The Scores

  • Plot - 9.8: The setup of this story is just wonderful. I honestly can't say much at all about the plot other than it feels very natural and engaging for any reader. A minor note I might throw in, however, is that it wouldn't hurt to switch back and forth between the two sides, i.e. the Phoenix Empire and the Resistance, a little more often. The system of the Phoenix Empire and their soldiers is laid out very clearly, and I can't say quite the same for the raiders from the Water Tribe. This is honestly such a small thing to pick at though; I'm merely suggesting more of what's already there (as the author does go into detail occasionally about the Water Tribe warriors) for a better balance between the protagonists and antagonists.
  • Organization - 9.8: To be honest, there wasn't a single moment I found unclear in this fanon. It's so clean and straightforward with its organization - I really don't have much to say. The only thing I might suggest to make things even clearer for readers is to 'paint a fuller picture.' Again, it would just make things complete if the author could fill us in more on the antagonist side, or sometimes just 'the other side' of a conflict in general. For instance, I'd have liked to hear more about Korra's father and how he fared during and after her harsh penalty. But of course, these are all very fine details to pick at. Great job!
  • Creativity – 8.9: I love what the author's done with the circumstances of this story. Just one little change - Aang's death in the events of The Crossroads of Destiny - created a drastically alternate universe to build off of, and LightningStrike developed it wonderfully. The only reason for deduction here comes from the fact that the events of the story are heavily dependent on the canon storyline, despite being an 'alternate' plot. I understand that this dependence is inevitable, but I believe the author still could have taken some liberty with the original characters. Pretty minor critique though, I'd still say.

Random polls

Now that Book 2 is over, who do you ship Bolin with?

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How did you like Book 2 of Legend of Korra?

The poll was created at 10:57 on January 20, 2014, and so far 117 people voted.
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