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  • A motion to revamp the Votes for deletion page was recently passed in the War Room. For more information, check it out here.

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From the editor

Come, one and all, to read the newest edition of the Times, chock-full of everything the average wiki layman (and laywoman) must know! Though this edition is a week overdue, the staff has provided the best of apologies in this issue by ensuring that your time will not be wasted.

Due to the success of our associate initiative, with special thanks to PSUAvatar14 and FireFerret, I am pleased to say that we have some minor news that deserves your consideration. In the meantime, however, the BSST strives to ensure that we provide you important news as quickly as possible, so if our staff come across anything important, our readers will definitely be the first to know.

In other news, with more than a couple tidbits on Book 2 already being let slip, and the latest effort by Gene Yang to answer fan questions, we can definitely expect a lot in the run-up to the new season. The wiki itself is undergoing a few important improvements that are still in the works, but should be completed by the end of this month - but more information on that below. So, as parting words, stay especially tuned for the next release, people!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Taikai Talk: the changing AW family

Some recent events have caused me to make this issue of Taikai Talk one that reviews the 'family' aspect of the Wiki.

There are many things that are great about this wiki. We've got one of the largest fanbases, a vast encylopedia, an amazing fanon portal, and even more amazing users. Several writers in the past for the Times have even compared this stunning community a family.

But how can a family work as one if there is bickering and arguments? I'm guessing that most of you have noticed these amongst our 'family'. I know for one that Agent Slash has witnessed it. On February 18th, only just recently, he said farewell to the wiki. In his departure blog, the first paragraph shows it all.

"There are still a lot of great users who try to make the community a better place, but there are also many people here who only contribute to this site in a negative way. Now, I'm not going to name names, but there are quite a few of you who are registered and quite a few of you who are not. There is too much debating as opposed to the old days when everyone just edited, had friendly IRC discussions, and commented on each other's fanons." ~ an excerpt from the farewell blog

I, for one, cannot agree more. How can we work together if each person can't get along? And you know what...this is life. When will there not be that person that you just can't stand? That person that you avoid time after time? That person who gets on your last nerve? But another crucial part of life is learning to get over it. One of my personal beliefs that I think to myself is the idea of not caring what other people think. Why should you care what others think about you? It's you, not so-and-so, or some person you don't know.

Let's use an example: the BSST staff. Please note that none of this happened, nor would it ever happen; we are all great friends here. Pretend that Minnichi questions my (great) fashion sense about my Dai Li robes. KMP stands nearby, but he doesn't have to intervene as an admin. Why? Because I ignore Minnichi. I don't care if 'blue doesn't match the significant meaning of emerald robes'. I will wear what I want to. Period.

That's how I look at it. Who cares what others think? Just ignore it and be on your way.

I'm sad to say that our wiki family is not working like a team. And yes, I'll openly admit that. But now is the time to change that. Blow it out of the water. Get our wiki back in order, where we all can be friendly and cooperative. We can all communicate efficiently, comment on each others' fanons, and get along. Be a family. Just like Slash said.

We've all come here for one reason. To share our love of Avatar. Through encylopedia edits, fanon, even kind conversation, we are sharing our love for Avatar. We are all very different, but we all came here with that motive. Not to throw down with others.

But now is the time to put the fighting and the bickering away. It's time to change for the better. It's time to be the Avatar Wiki family, because we are a battered, misfit, crazed family...but still a family. It's time to start acting like one.

Remember my piece of advice. Don't care about what others think.

As I close this edition of Taikai Talk, I want to leave you with an acronym that I thought of. PEACE -- People and Everyone else Always Communicating Efficiently. Peace is what we need to rebuild our family.

For now, this is Taikai, putting the news back in newsletter.

48px-3403431.png The Avatar Headlines for Issue 54

Well, fellow Avatar fans, we have not had much overly significant in the way of news for Korra as of late. My fellow associate ATFF did report this bit on when we could see a release date for Book Two uttered by our friends at Nick. But for now, I am able to report to you that if come May, we're still here waiting, why not relive Book One?

Best Buy's website may have just left us a hint about the incoming DVD for Book One. By going here, one will see a release date for the 21st of May. Will this be official? Well, we don't know yet as still almost three months separate us from the date in question. But, for now, this and some comic news I hope will satisfy your thirsty news gullets as we continue through the early portions of 2013!

For the Ba Sing Se Times, this is PSUAvatar14, signing off.

48px-4760310.png The Toph/Ummi Theory

G'day, folks! Fruipit here for what is possibly her very first contribution to the Ba Sing Se Times. At the very least, it is my first article, which is still quite a milestone, in my opinion. That, though, is beside the point, because I'm not here to talk about my two cents (they were outdated years back). No, I'm here to discuss a topic which is ridiculously close to my heart, despite never having written or discussed about it before. A few readers may know of what I speak about as I utter the dreaded words for any Kataanger.

Toph/Ummi Theory!

*Makes dramatic sound effects*

Okay, allow me to digress for just a moment as I explain what the Toph/Ummi (or as it can also be known, the Taang/Kummi) Theory is. It is the belief, held by some, but not all Taangers, that Toph is the reincarnation of Ummi, and for some unknown reason to be decided by a writer, has her face stolen by Koh.

These reasons vary, some authors just wanting to torture Toph and Aang, while others just make Koh evil, taking Toph's face merely because he wants to. I read a rather interesting story that pretty much had Koh take Toph's face because she was the reincarnation of Ummi, and also to punish Aang for trying to kill him. Many ideas follow the same storyline. Toph's face is stolen, Aang goes to the Spirit World to save her, ends up being aided by both Kuruk and Ummi. Kuruk's face is stolen/traded/swapped for Toph's, and he becomes trapped with Ummi while Toph goes free with Aang. And Koh just let's it happen, or is destroyed, or some such. That is the basis for the Theory, and pretty much how not to write one if you wish to do so, as it has been seriously overdone. Yet there are few hanging around...

Back to the main point I wish to discuss, and if you've stuck with me this far after seeing the word Taang, well, kudos to you. Oh, and drop me a line, because I feel like I'm the only little floating island of Taang around here... But I'm rambling (yet again). Let us return to the initial topic, which I have yet to introduce, which I will I the sentence after the next one. I swear! Anyway, if you didn't have to reread the last sentence, the prize is this question - why is it not the Katara/Ummi Theory? I've wracked my brains trying to figure out the reason, and all I've come up with is a good reason as to why it should be Katara (not that I support or endorse Kataang in anyway).

She is from the Water Tribe and Aang... Aang lo- lov- likes Katara. to me, those similarities are too great to ignore. There has to be more than geographical happenstance for the theory to really fly, though. What about the reason?! Koh said he stole Ummi's face to punish Kuruk - Aang hasn't done anything wrong, and how would taking Toph's face make him a better person. I have read a few of these stories in my time, and they start one of two ways, and always finish the same. Either, Aang loves Toph of he doesn't at the beginning. By the end of the story, he saves her and they get together. Then there is always the questionable motives of Koh. He wouldn't just do this to someone who doesn't deserve it. He may seem rather sadistic, but no matter what game he plays, he has rules. Katara, i feel, deserves it, not Toph - she led Aang on until right before the end of the war.

Avatar: The Cynical Taanger's Version of a Kataang Ending

"Nup, sorry Aang, I'm confused. Please don't kiss me because it will make everything worse. It doesn't matter that you might die, or I might die, you can tell me later how much you love me. Go be a hero, and then I'll decide whether I love you or not. Oh, you won? Well, let me kiss you and make you forget what a jerk I was to you, making you wait while I get whatever I want. I do love you, honest!"

(NB. Please don't kill me with Kataang orientated interviews for saying that).

48px-5166974.png More news!

Hello, it's the ferret here, for a new update on Korra news! Nothing major, but it appears that one of The Track Team's new pieces for Korra has been released! Well nothing big, but they did post one of the pictures from one of their new pieces.


Kindly enough, a tumblr user has played some of the music, and you can listen to it here.

In my opinion it sounds kind of like a mixture between the peace excerpt, and the Makorra theme. Which, it very well may be.

This is also news for the non-music lovers too, though. Music is one of the latter steps in the making of LOK, so it does look like the air date will be soon!

With this and all of the other hints, we can definitely hope to hear a release date on Tuesday, and even if we don't get it, it's still possible that the air date will be fairly soon!

from the fanon portal
Fanon Subscription Notices On a Whole New Level

Fanon "Subscription": A popular method of notifying readers of new chapter updates. Those who subscribe add their names to a list on the fanon's main page, and the author posts on each and every one of their message walls whenever a new chapter's out. The system remains unchanged for eternity...

Or does it? o_o

To make a long story short:


Yep, I even made a comic out of it. To get your attention! This should and will be a very big deal for every author in Avatar Wiki's fanon portal. The idea was launched in a War Room forum, in which it was proposed that subscription notices be highlighted for all Wiki users to see. The goal was for the author not to have to post the same notice so many times and clog the recent activity feed - but of course, a highlight would mean that even the users who don't want to subscribe to the fanon will get a notification as well. It seemed like the tedious current system was still the only reliable way.

However, our tech-savvy administrator and BSST editor, KettleMeetPot, seems to have found the answer to what always seemed like an impossible problem! His latest project? A module that will allow fanon authors to send mass subscription notices! That's right, one post to notify them all. Being an app capable of notifying large numbers of users with ease, however, this comes with some regulations. It's planned that authors must be authorized and placed on a "trusted" list to use this function; those who aren't will not be able to load the module. It seems that there will be a minimum subscribers requirement to be granted access as well.

But at any rate, this is exciting stuff! Imagine the possibilities! And for those of you who don't care about fanon, imagine a recent activity feed without all those annoying subscription notifications spamming the page. I'm excited, aren't you excited? Yeah.

Next time you see KMP, give him a huge thanks!

FAS Report

*walks up to a podium and taps a mic*

Welcome everyone to the first annual FAS Awards. I'm your host, Taikai Fey. Minnichi Poehler is not here right now...she's next door at "The Whatever-She-Rambles-About-Tonight Show".

(In the spirit of the award season, I have chosen to do the FAS Report in the form of an award show.)

There are many people in the audience, along with the nominees for 'best feedback picture actor'. Tonight, many people (or maybe just one) will go home with an "Advertise Globe". There are many things that come with it too, such as bragging rights, a userbox, fame on the contest page, and a chance to win a picture from Minnichi Poehler's friends on the reality show "We Beg For Ponies, But Give Art".

Let's see who's here tonight...

  • Three-time Advertise Globe Winner, Typhoonmaster is here tonight...hopefully.
  • FireFerret, the star of "Silver Ferret Cookbook", may be here too.
  • Chakrasandwich is (most likely) here and is nominated tonight for directing the hit "Life of Sandwich".

Speaking of sandwiches... "Taikai Unchained" is going to be what I'll have to call the minute I get this dress off and dive for the sandwich platter.........Wait, why the heck am I wearing a dress?! This would be a great time for a commercial break.

"....You can save yourself from Minni-Mayhem, like me. Minni-state, get to a better fanon."


*Taikai returns in his Dai Li uniform*

Well, enough of the craziness. The very serious Lady Lostris is here (at least I hope so). LL, your performance was so stunning in "You're All Misérables". We, as viewers, could really feel your passion in the role of you.

And to the nony who starred in "Fight"...thank you for your burning our eyes out with your performance as 'the trolling jerk'.

Now, let's get onto the awards...

The nominees for best performance in a wiki comedy show are...

  • Minnichi Poehler in "Fanon Parks and Wrecks"
  • Taikai Fey in "BSST Rock"
  • Kettle Dunham in "Boys"

And the globe goes too...Kettle Dunham of "Boys"!


I lost...I LOST! Ugh... Time to start apple juice. But seriously, don't drink (another great life lesson). You know what...Ultimate Swift, you stay away from that guy...jkjk ;)

Let's take a look at some of the people we've said goodbye to in the past year or so...

In memoriam... *pictures of Godsrule (sort of), AcerEvan, Iceland77, Agent Slash, Humble Imaginations, and so on pass by*

Let's take a commercial break as we remember these great people.

Team Avatar fanart

"(RuleroftheBisons97) Like a good agent, Tai-Farm is advertise my fanon!"

"(Tai-Farm agent) Well Ruler, your fanon, The Lost Scrolls has gotten high scores on reviews, and great praise from others. The lucky mango says that it brings 'a whole new element into the world of Avatar'. Many praise this fanon as one of the most creative, and even renowned reviewer, MibuWolf, says that she'd put it in her top ten post-war fanons."

"Tell them about the plot!"

"The Lost Scrolls follows Team Avatar after the Hundred Year War. They embark on a mysterious adventure to find secret scrolls containing information on each nation. Not only do they search for the lost scrolls, but they also must fight Azula once again as well as other mad villians. Start reading now!"

"(random crowd) We love The Lost Scrolls!"

We are back. And now it's time for the final globe. The nominees for best actor or actress in a feedback picture are...

And the globe goes to... PreservationsWings! *hands Wings the globe*

That's all we've got tonight for the first annual FAS Awards. See you next time when we feature Inheritance.


An Interview on "Air"

"Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko have worked hard to maintain the long lasting -if at times unsteady- world peace. And for twelve years, despite skirmishes and trials, they have succeeded."

"Until now."

"Rebels stir. Allies are questioned. Spies and assassins skulk the halls of the Royal Fire Palace, and a shadow haunts the heart of Avatar Aang. Any peace the world has gained is quickly dissolving into a dangerous game of disguise and deception."

"The Balance is shifting, and the last hope to maintain harmony is to discover the true enemy and stop them -before it's too late."

Hey there everyone, EragonShadeslyr here with an interview with Wordbender on her amazing fanon Air. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Be warned, spoilers will follow.

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