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48px-5161988.png From the editor

Welcome to edition number fifty-one, where the staff of The Ba Sing Se Times aspire to make your every read an enjoyable one! Today, with the doom-gong of Finals for our American college contributors and the out-flux of holidaymakers, we have little to show for our main community contributions - however, we of the Times make it our motto to ensure that if possible, we always go down the route of quality over that of quantity.

With the end of the year approaching fast, it's of no surprise that all the news starts coming out to build anticipation for 2013; first with the admission of Bryan Konietzko that The Legend of Korra Book 1 DVD will contain post-commentary, and the release of pre-order options of said DVD on

Following news of a (as of now) untitled comic written by Gene Yang, revolving around the heart-break of Mai after her falling out with Zuko, to be released on May 14th, we can look forward to a lively year indeed. Remember about The Search, to be released on March 20th, and the first part of the TLoK novelization Revolution, on January 8th? Did I say lively? I meant we're going to have an absolute fan-riot at this rate...

50px-5114102.png The Wiki and the Holidays

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first column of your new deputy editor! :) I'm happy to be on board and I'm excited for what's to come, such as receiving that paycheck of $0 (ominous music; for least until after KMP's brainwashing...). *looks over at KMP who's surprised at this* WHAT?! We haven't been planning anything. KMP is great!!! I LOVE INVISI-DOLLARS!!!! BEST BOSS EV-A!

Okay then, let's get started.

Now that most of you readers are going to be, or are already, out of school for break, you may have more time for the wiki (or maybe you have less time, oh well). There are a lot of things that you could do in your spare time on the wiki. Here's a list:

1.Fanon: You could write some of your own fanon if you have one already. If not, make a new one! Just do a little brainstorming and you'll have a stunning fanon plot in no time. If you don't feel like writing, then read some fanon! The Fanon Portal is filled with great new and old content that is just waiting for readers. :) I know that I’m going to be writing some chapters for my new fanon, Marionette and read some fanon too.

2.Editing the Transcript Namespace: Don't you want to edit some transcripts? *puppy dog eyes* Okay. You’ve heard this once from me. Now you're hearing it again. Those transcripts aren't going to fix themselves. There are some grammar and spelling errors and some scene elaboration that has to be done. Pretty soon now I'll release a transcript editing guide to help you help that area of the wiki.

3.Join in on conversations: You could get in on the discussions in the War Room, the image changes, the quote changes, and the votes for deletion. All conversations will help make the wiki even better than it is already, so it's great if you put forth your opinions.

4.Edit the main namespace: You could even just edit the main namespace. No article is a perfect one. All of the wiki's articles that don’t have a prefix (Avatar Wiki:, Fanon:, Forum:, etc.) are in the main namespace. Help these articles out and just fix some things if you wish.

5.CONTRIBUTE TO THE BSST: Yes! This thing you're reading! The Ba Sing Se Times. It always helps to have some articles on hand, so contribute. We've got a fanon section and a main section, so anything you contribute will help. Writing a column for the BSST is a great way to get some points across, share your views, advertise, and help others with informative writings.

Anything that you do on the wiki helps (minus vandalism and all that). You don't have to just do what I listed here. The list goes on and on. The sky is the limit. :)

Thanks for tuning in to my column! Until next time, this is Taikai! Happy Holidays!!! :)

48px-5161988.png Urban Dictionary for IRC

Dipping into the sometimes-tainted waters of the Iar Sea is no easy task for the unprepared. This is just a small taste for those unwilling to take the plunge.

Note: all of these quotes are clip-outs from actual conversations (with minor diabolical tweaks and additions!)

Iar Sea
noun; euphemism A play on phonetics of the abbreviation on the dreaded local Internet Relay Chat (abbrev. IRC) that has been the cause of much joy and sorrow. For those wishing to escape troubled realities, find adventure, or otherwise cause mayhem using the English language as their faithful weapon, this is the place for you. "Lets get down and dirty, and post random gifs!" "I'm not really in a crazy mood" "...*sigh*" "That's pretty accurate for how I feel too" "...I haven't heard the English language in an hour... What is wrong with me?" "Everything."
noun 1. See A True Fire Ferret 2. A recent phenomenon rippling through turbulent waters, Gizoogle remains a tool of much madness. Due to these sad turn of events, it is warned that mass psychosis, and failure to understand the English language after prolonged periods of time, is not uncommon. "Whatz f***in' phat here" "Not you too!" "Say again, fool?" "You're mad! All of you!" "F*** dat shit, calm down. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Take a cold-ass lil chill pill and sit yo puny ass down, brotha."
Not staying up past your bedtime
phrase 1. See Seliah 2. Basic common sense, which automatically does not apply to IRC. If present in channel with multiple insomniac users, expect trolls, swearing, board games, shenanigans, rambling, more trolls, and occasional drunkenness. At American midnight hours, enter at your own risk. "Understandable... It'll be long time until I can truly work in the field I love" "Wait, whut? Field of love? How did we get here?" "Huh? What the heck are you talking about?" "I thought we were in the ghetto like 5 seconds ago, man" "Let me clarify... 'Field of work'" "Oh... *facepalm*" "Yeah... I'll just be going now."
Finals Freakout
phrase 1. See SifuHotman 2. See PSUAvatar14 3. A common ritual that occurs in the Iar Sea every year. It consists of several users, enrolled in various American colleges, mutually sharing their utter dislike of peace, quiet and sanity. Do not disturb, under any circumstances. "My last econ exam did the same to me" "No, really? I already got murdered by my Political science exam." "...It violated my average... so, so... bad... Poor thing is trying to recover but...the process is slow..." "Mine's in a comatose state right now... Doc says it doesn't look too good..." "Jesus! Stop it already!"
from the fanon portal
50px-5114102.png Fanon Advertising Report

Hello again! How have you been since the last column? Good? That’s good. Okay, let’s get on with the FAS report.

For the contest, we had only two contestants. Well, that’s a decrease by half since the Helping One Another promotion. *shakes head* You people. You know what's on the line, right? Let's restate the prizes you'll get if you win:

  • A cool userbox!
  • Bragging rights!
  • Recognition here in the BSST!
  • Your name forever imposed on the FAS contest page!
  • And finally, a chance to win a high-quality picture from Minnichi’s amazing friends over at, where people beg for ponies!

Now that that's clear in your mind, let's announce the winner. We had two contestants, Godsrule and RuleroftheBisons97, who entered with their opinions of The Kyoshi Chronicles by Kyoshidude. This is a fifty-fifty probability, so it was very close. And the winner is....(drumroll please).....

RuleroftheBisons97! Congratulations! :) Now, the advertisement.

Kyoshi's fans

The Kyoshi Chronicles follows Kyoshi and her adventure to keep the peace on Earth just after she learns she is the Avatar after Kuruk. This fanon has gotten a 9.2 from Omashu Rocks on a review and has been described as "pretty cool" and "[really] good". This fanon has several subscribers, and the author has 82 chapters planned! I wish the author good luck, and I’m telling you all to check out the story of Kyoshi in The Kyoshi Chronicles!

Thank you for reading and be sure to check out the FAS contest and get a chance to win the great, aforementioned prizes! Next up we will feature Avatar: Advent of Earth.

50px-5047861.png Latest Fanon Shenanigans 

Final exams. They're almost like a plague. Your mind is taken over by the horror, and soon your body falls ill from all the stress and lack of sleep...and then you can't think of anything else even while you're writing a column for the Ba Sing Se Times, and... (Exhales) WELL, I think our newest admin and editor kind of picked up on this plague, and therefore he's assigned me no more than one column this time around! As tempting as it was for me to try and cram in a fanon review, though...yeahhh this is probably a better idea for me.

And how is this related to the fanon portal? Well, I'm just going to predict that those cursed final exams may be the reason we're short on main article contributors yet again. However, we're seeing some fresh new faces on the fanon side of things, including our newest Deputy Editor, WaterbenderTaikai! Which brings me to wonder: How has the fanon section gotten bigger than the main article section these days? Thinking about it, though, it's all understandable. We haven't heard a single update on the canon side of things in ages, and so imagination proves to be the stronger side of the fanbase at the moment. But while it's a shame about the main articles, hey, at least some group is still active! 

Still... When I say "active," that's only in comparison to the main article section. The fanon portal itself, along with the rest of the wiki, is still being hit pretty hard by the widespread inactivity. I've never seen such horrifying gaps in the Fanon Review Squad schedules in my life - well, my life being only the 7 months since I've joined the wiki - but still!  Not many authors have been signing up these days. Will there actually come a time when someone's schedule goes completely empty? We've yet to see... 

While there seems to be a massive shortage of new authors, however, the current collection of fanons today hasn't gotten any less exciting. Users may be inactive, but readers surely aren't. I still see them return to comment on every update of every legendary fanon just the same. So rest assured, our fanon portal isn't dead! And just to name a few of the stories that are currently catching fans like wildfire... First, the highly esteemed author of Energy Saga, AvatarRokusGhost, has set up a main page for his newest release, Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes. This hit has already gathered 13 subscribers before a single word of Chapter 1 has been written! The trend continues with The Hunter's Gem, by PreservationsWings, an author whose return has been met with much celebration in the portal. And finally, there's that one community fanon for which everyone seems hesistant to hope that it'll last, Vortex - which, as one of its authors, I can guarantee you that it will! These are just some of the newer fanon sensations that I elaborate on, but quite honestly those countless legendary titles in the portal are still receiving the same amount of deserved reception. In times of extreme inactivity, we must focus on things like this to remind ourselves that no, fanfiction-writing in Avatar Wiki today is not anywhere near dead. 

So what about our fanon usergroups? Not dead either, as a matter of fact! Even if the rest of the FRS members and I are starting to run out of fanons to review, for example, we're still preparing to host the 2012 Review of the Year - so to nab a place in this awards ceremony, ya better hope you've still been active in the fanon portal! You can always reference last year's ceremony if you don't know what I'm talking about. Aside from the Review Squad, however, there's been a call for more artists to join the Fanon Illustrator Insignia. I sure hope that you aren't counting that slim chance of me giving you some epic deviantart-fanon illustration as a reason not to look into this group (because like I said, it's a slim chance), and these guys can also produce great things for your fanon anyhow. As for the shoutout for new artists to join, why not? You, the average author who isn't producing new fanon these days, could get in touch with your artistic side instead! I must also stress that art can and will take a person very far. For example - psh, I'd be crazy and broke if I actually paid for you guys with my own money for those epic fanon illustrations. Like I might've said once or twice (or more) before, I'm kind of an artist on, you know, and can translate my sculpting work to things like epic illustrations because my fans are literally paying for you guys with their donations! So yes, art of any kind = good. This usergroup, therefore, is something that anyone in the fanon portal should consider looking into! Fanon illustrations here are never short in demand, and sometimes you've just gotta pick up a pencil and start trying it for yourself. Don't hesitate to discover your hidden talents! 

Anddd that concludes all of the new happenings in the fanon portal for today. I think. Anyway, my textbook calls to me! Minnichi, signing off~ 

50px-5492750.png How to make a Progression
The Snowbold

Hello all! (waves frantically)

I’m The Snowbold and completely new at this, so sue me!

As a fanon writer, I am currently writing on a future Avatar and her story. But as I have already completed the plot, and just writing it out here, I see open loops to fix and answer. It then leads to the next Avatar and his own gripping tale, and now what was one Avatar is a trilogy of Avatars going to the next Air Nomad.

But I have decided to keep the next two close to the chest until I finish JoT. But still the question remains: How do I have the Avatars progress?

They are ultimately all the same person in this story, but they are unique for the various ways they interact and grow in their world. How do I separate one Avatar from the next without completely distancing them from predecessors?

For instance: My current Avatar saga is of the successor to Korra, Tala. She is cunning, secretive, dark, and reserved. None of the Avatars we know were like that, not even the bloody Kyoshi or the no-nonsense Yangchen. So how do I go on? I connect small traits, she is awkward despite her maturity, she is resilient and she believes in the good of people.

Now how do I separate their feelings about their own past? This seems easiest with Aang’s own example. He clearly disliked Kyoshi because she was opposite him, as such, he ignored her and refused to believe certain realities pertaining to the Avatar, such as death and killing. As such, Tala has a very egative view of Aang, she sees him as a fool and coward that made things as bad as they are in her era, yet she admires Korra who lived in the aftermath of the great changes of Avatar Aang’s life.

Next is to show potential. It seems as if all the Avatars have the same level of potential. Sure, the Avatar State compounds as more and more Avatars pass. But they all seem like fairly white-wash protagonists with no second doubts about their side or their purpose. This is probably more related to the tragedy saga of Tala’s successor in my fanon, who will not be so loved as most Avatars.

And what about Avatars who fell? We have always seen Avatars as good guys, given the infinite possibilities and the untold number of past Avatars, were they all good? Will they all be good? What is their own definition of good. Kyoshi and Yangchen actively and brutally enforced peace while Aang only acted in desperation and first fled from responsibility, others like Kuruk had to be punished for failure by the Spirits. What if an Avatar decided balance and peace were best achieved through other means? Can’t that be addressed?

So how do you make unique and interesting heroes without someone saying that the character is too contradictory from the role or behavior of an Avatar?

What’s your answer?

Now obviously this is a puff piece for my fanon and its intended sequels, but still I would like your input to making creative characters that break stereotypes but still call to older legacies in the Avatar world.

Thanks for reading when it hurt!

-The Snowbold

Now for the advertisement!

The Journey of Tala is an adventure pertaining to the Avatar after Korra, Tala. She is raised and trained in Omashu. At 19 years old, she is nearly done with Airbending, but things around the world take a turn for the worst. The dangerous Black Dragon plots and engulfs the world in a war. But who can be trusted is soon questioned when long-thought allies turn on their own. Omashu is sieged and the Avatar is held within the city as war takes the world again. Tala knows she has to stop it but must consider her training and her ability when confined to an invasion.

50px-4959997.png Starting off your Fanon Career

Fanons are a little bit of imagination brought to the Avatar Wiki. If you don'thave any knowledge on Canon information, you can become a Fanon Writer! In this article we're going to deconstruct a typical Fanon.

The first, and most important, part of a typical Fanon is the Main Page. It has the information on the Fanon itself, and is basically the main hub for your Fanon. The second part are chapters. They are the most important. If you don't have chapters, then there is no Fanon! Am I right? The third part is an update page. Authors create this page differently, and you can find your own style. Most times it has your chapters, somewhere to subscribe, and different information on your Fanon. The fourth essential part of a Fanon are character pages. These are the pages that have the information on Fanons.

Some important things you need to know you can find here. It basically summarizes what you need on a Fanon. Of course you will need the DEFAULTSORT template, the Author template, and various categories, including the A to Z (fanon), [your fanon name] (fanon), and [fanon name] chapters (fanon) (for chapter pages) categories.

Another important thing to know about Fanons; you can have writers, editors, etc. for your fanon. In a sense, you can have your own Fanon crew!

If you need good examples of Fanons, a good one would be Dancing Shadows. Try your best, and just know, not everyone is meant to be Fanon writers. Explore around, and find the Fanon that best suits you. Until later, this is JediForJesus signing off.

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