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48px-1025281.png From the editor
The 888th Avatar

Publishing issues of The Ba Sing Se Times is, in my opinion, one of the most important things I do for the wiki. Over 44 issues, its centrality to the spirit of community we have here has become pretty much undisputed. With news, opinions, awards, guides and (of course) humour at various times being part of it, the newsletter really is the embodiment of our character. The Ba Sing Se Times is also one of the most difficult things I do. The newsletter is only possible with a great deal of collaboration between the deputy editors and I and a lot of creativity on my part.

The original The Ba Sing Se Times was actually an idea from Joeyaa that I brought to the wiki in 2009. This was when the wiki was quite different and we found it more difficult to keep people returning to the wiki. We thought that a newsletter would make it easy for people to catch up with what's going on. Obviously, we've outgrown that original concept and the newsletter, from its design to its main focus, has changed dramatically.

However, the other thing that's changed dramatically is the demand on my time. I mentioned that the newsletter is quite difficult to do, and the truth is, it has only become increasingly difficult over the years. I've had to divert increasing amounts of time from the numerous other projects I do on the wiki. Because of that, I'm retiring as editor of The Ba Sing Se Times as of the publication of the next issue (no. 45).

Why would I quit the project that I said was one of the most important things I did? Simply put, the reason is that I'm very confident that other people will take up the slack with The Ba Sing Se Times and probably do a better job than I ever did. That said, I still fully intend to continue to contribute to the newsletter and help out in any way I can.

I'd especially like to thank all of the deputy editors I've worked with, which include Natsu, Trillian, BlackMonkey and KettleMeetPot. I also want to thank all the people who have contributed columns to the newsletter – without you, it really is just another blog post with pretty graphics and elements. Finally, I'd like to thank the community for enthusiastically reading every issue and never being afraid to demand more. It's been fun, and I look forward to seeing the newsletter continue to grow in the future.

48px-5161988.png The wiki and "social networking"?

For many of the users that have joined the wiki of late, especially since the upsurge in popularity originating from the premiere of The Legend of Korra, the message wall system has evolved into one of the main tools to communicate with particular others on the site. Having predominantly replaced talk pages, the only other way to go and contact your friends on the wiki is through the IRC... Which is far less flexible, as it means that irregulars will have to not only first contact the person they want to talk to via the message wall system in the first place [1], but also enter an environment they may not be entirely comfortable with.

However, this is overlooking the entire premise of message walls; a medium for professional interaction between editors. In fact, the policy before wall threads were being used to convey days long conversations stated explicitly "Message Walls are not intended to be a facility for social interaction" and furthermore "They are to facilitate individual messages relevant to the users' activity on the wiki." This has, as can be clearly seen, not been enforced in recent times.

This also does not take into account that unnecessary message wall replies have a few detrimental effects, relating to the efficiency of other editors due to the nature of such threads constantly becoming a flooding problem on the Recent Changes page. The argument boils down to the points that not only is the use of this system in such a way inconveniencing, but also undermining of the wiki's purpose as a point of information collation, and not, as critics postulate, a "social networking site".

Now, with a new forum debating the issue with gusto, it seems that time of message wall social interaction may be at an end. For people staying on the wiki with purely social agendas, it may be time now to either join IRC consistently with your friends or start send private emails via the EmailUser system (or both!). In any case, expect now that policy will be more stringently adhered to on message walls more often the not... So, be more considerate of what you post!

[1] - This can also be avoided. Use the EmailUser system to send private emails!

48px-1025281.png Urban Dictionary for Avatar Wiki
The 888th Avatar

This week: The theme that isn't a theme, but kind of is

adjective A concept that is lost on The 888th Avatar.
noun What you must be feeling now after reading the editorial. Suckers.
48px-3403431.png Thoughts on The Promise

Well, I know I'm a little in, two months, but - I'd like to provide some thoughts on "The Promise: Part Two". And left me shaking my head in disappointment at Mr. Yang. So, let's see: In summary - We had mostly Toph and Sokka trying to train the former's seemingly incompetent students in metalbending, while Aang and Katara go to BSS and get tied up in some silly fan club, and Zuko is still trying to figure out what to do about the colonies. Okay, as I just said, this was not a good comic. I've got quite a number of problems. (Incidentally, as I type this, Frankie Valli's "My Eyes Adored You" has come on my radio, and my eyes did not adore TPPt2. lol.) First off:

  • Zuko is so far OOC it's not even funny. Who is this Zuko? Why is he going to his father as opposed to his uncle? I know Iroh wasn't a Fire Lord, but, come on. Iroh's always been there for Zuko during all his tough times as his father figure. Plus, he was a general for what we assume to be several years (Had to have been to lead a mission like the Siege of Ba Sing Se, you'd figure), so, it's not like he's totally void of experience. Why go to the man who hasn't cared for you in years, and was just "OMG BURN THE WORLD!!!" for his reign? Then, instead of talking to the Earth King, he sends spies on him, and decides "All right let's go to war again! The heck with my new friends and allies!". Plus, he is not talking to Mai at all about any of this, as we can tell as she leaves him. Very poor portrayal of Zuko in these comics, and it continues to show in TPPt2.
  • The Faangirl scene: Could the beginning have been any worse written? The girls sound more like a typical mid-teen schoolgirl you'd find in our world these days. The squeeing, the "Oh my gosh! It's like, Aang!" business...and the worst part is, Aang fell for it like he was back on Kyoshi Island! (Reverted edits by the writing staff to last version by 1-104?) In my opinion, Aang was turned OOC. He knows his duties now; he knows what he has to do stop war from happening again. I know the Faangirls had this Air Temple-like thing or whatever that business was called, but, I thought our Avatar would remained focus on his mission instead of spending all night impressing some stupid girls. Aang, need I also remind you that you have a GIRLFRIEND?
  • Kuei: Okay, he's tougher now. Not a big deal, after getting basically shutout by Long Feng for your entire reign. It only becomes a big deal when he also goes the "Screw it! We're going to war!" route. He knows he has to work toward peace just like anyone else, not to mention the HYW did not turn out pretty for BSS - even though they escaped; they got sieged, conquered by a 14-year old girl, and then needed a firestorm from the OWL to get the Fire Nation out. You really want to start another war now because Zuko doesn't agree with a colony movement? Talk to him, dude! Don't leaders talk or something like that? Now instead, we're talking about hell being raised.
  • Sneers/Kori: Out of the blue. Simple as that. It was essentially "Oh hai, we're Sneers and Kori, and we're in a relationship!". Not to mention the fact that, if you don't count the flashback of a famous kiss in Ba Sing Se, they suddenly have more kisses than any canon couple. Lol. In any event, their dispute is realistic, I'll give Yang a couple points for that; though, Kori needs to realize she has a decision to make too. Sneers is not alone in the blame here.
  • Maiko falls: This ship has probably been hit the most in the comics. After all that it was developed in a full season, it just got totally erased in two pages. No talking between them? I understand Mai's anger, but in my opinion, Yang, an admitted Zutara shipper - let his bias come into play with them. He just broke them up on a whim with no talking or anything. That's not the way to play such a well-developed ship at all. I don't get it.

A positive: The Toph/Sokka/metalbenders plot wasn't too bad, though I wasn't a fan of it being the main focus of the comic; kind of a wasted part when we have a serious plot at hand. Nevertheless, it was cool to get some development of the students when all was said and done, as opposed to what we had seen for most of TPPt2, and the little we saw in Pt1. Toph's continuing frustration was realistic; she always wants her students to get it going (See Aang; 1-208) and with students like those? I'd lose my patience too. :p Sokka of course is Sokka...Team Beifong is the latest from him, and meanwhile, he's being a great help to Toph. Not suggesting "Tokka", but, it's fun to see these two bond. Then, at the end, the kids do discover their bending and whoop Kunyo's students right out of the building! Overall, a 4.5/10 for TPPt2. Now, as a fan of ATLA, I'll probably still get the comics, including The Search, because daang it it's still ATLA and I just can't stay away! But Yaang needs some serious help in the writing department, especially with regards to characterization. This goes especially as he will be writing The Search as well. So, he needs to wise up, or else, not even my addiction to our beloved series will keep me reading, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this sentiment.

48px-3327121.png The decline of the signature

The signature is one of the facets of everyday life on Avatar Wiki.

That collection of fonts, colors and sprites serves as a realm of customization and expression of identity to be displayed in wiki discussions. When I made my account on here in January 2011, the stylish names at the end of someone’s statement were one of the first things I noticed as I looked from page to page. I immediately knew that I would have to make one for myself. I chose a bold, red color to match my username – and hair color. After noticing another user linking to her fanon in a sprite picture at the end, I fiddled around with the code and added a cosmic version of Aang in the Avatar State for my own.

Avatar Wiki was the first site like this I decided to actively become a part of, so I learned a lot through copy-pasting code and trial and error. When I participated in a discussion and edited in source mode, I typed out my signature each time, and glancing at my clock for the time stamp. I remember thinking to myself that everyone on here had a lot of patience to do this over and over. Then I found out that you only had to use four tilde marks to sign automatically.

While some see the signature as personal creativity, others see the longer, more unusual signatures as distracting. In practice we try to limit signatures to a reasonable height and length. One of the first War Room discussions I actively took part in was the debate over whether or not sprites should be allowed in signatures in April 2011. A common concern about longer signatures is the length of the code that they use, with some of the longer ones approaching twenty lines. For that reason, I later relocated my signature to a template, where the specific code was in my userspace.

One doesn’t need to look long to find a signature. They’re everywhere on here. Believe it or not, they used to be seen even more places than they are today. This was before a series of changes started occurring that altered the form that discussion took on the wiki. It all started with the introduction of article comments.

It’s often said that article comments replaced article talk pages. This isn’t necessarily the case. For one thing, article talk pages still exist. I’ve used them from time-to-time despite joining Avatar Wiki half a year after the change. Of course, they have a lot less activity than they did before. While they share the same namespace and one suddenly came to attention while the other took a step back, comments aren’t really used like talk pages.

It might be more accurate that the War Room – along with project pages such as profile image change and profile quote change, since replacing an image used to be commonly discussed on talk pages, filled in the role of article talk. So, although the discussion migrated from one namespace to another, it still maintained the same format as a supplementary feature was introduced on the wiki.

However, a year and eight months later, something would arrive: the message wall. It was a controversial feature when it was first brought up, being too “facebook-like” and changing Avatar Wiki into something which it is not: a social network. Another concern was possible loss of imagination and organization under the new system. Despite these concerns, the community, with an open mind, decided to try it out for a while, though the temporary connotation to the phrase “try it out” was soon forgotten.

With the message wall, things were reduced to a few clicks and, with the automatic identification of the user, the signature was no longer needed. Nevertheless, some users continue to sign their wall posts. I myself did it a few times in the weeks following the new feature’s enabling. It was partially out of nostalgia, but I stopped going to the trouble of doing that, being no longer obligated to. As opposed to the article discussion, which merely changed location, the user discussion changed its form altogether.

The discussion found in forums has maintained the same format as it moved over collectively from talk pages and the community portal. However, the format of the discussion will become much more like comments and message walls when we test the new forum feature. If the test goes well and the community approves, the world of communication that the signature belongs to will fade even further than we’ve seen it do already. Wikia makes new features and changes on a routine basis, but if you compare some of those changes, you can find an overall trend: the editing of a page and signing with four tildes is being replaced by pointing, clicking and typing in a box.

The signature isn’t completely dead. Not too long ago, I answered some questions for new users about how to create and customize their signatures. But it seems like these questions come less often than they used to – before Message Walls. When the brand new show was airing on Nick these past few months, activity on the wiki boomed. We now have three times the users that were on earlier in the year and twice the highly-active users. There are almost forty rollbacks – unprecedented. Most of these newer users have never edited a user talk page on here.

With the signature taken out of the War Room and the user talk area, it only really has certain project pages and voting procedures. But, given the way things are going, how long can it be before those change as well? Newer users who arrive here in the age of comments, walls and new-style forums may feel less attached to signatures than their predecessors. Gradually, the colored names with pictures that many of us know and love are becoming obsolete. The new changes certainly work wonders for the ease and efficiency of communication, opening the door for more activity and progress. This site is climbing to new heights and entering a new era. In the process, though, we are losing art form.

48px-4777191.png What is CSS?

Welcome to the second chapter of the Web series of Coding Companion tutorials.

Today you will learn the basics of CSS, and what it does. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. To give you some basic background history, after HTML was created, more features became needed. One by one, developers added more features to the language, including images and videos. But that also opened possibilities and needs for more options. Soon CSS was added and browser features were added to support it. With time, more and more features were added to CSS, now comprising CSS3.

What you will learn: how you format CSS, some of the basic style options, and why you can't use it in its default format on Wikia.

Note: This is a beginner's level tutorial. It is also written to meet HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

To begin the tutorial, here is a sample CSS code:

body {
	font-family:'Times New Roman';
div {

Probably all of you can guess what this code does. It makes all text in the body tags, except if specified differently later on, use the font family Times New Roman. The apostrophes around it are vital, because the name of the font is more than one word. It also defines the font size of all text in the body tags, except if specified differently later on. It is also specified in pixels. It can also be specified in pt, em, which are equal to one over seventy-two of an inch, in, etc. It also specifies that all text in a div tag, no matter that the div tag is placed inside the body tag, as it overrules the rule, is written in the Arial font family.

There are many other CSS attributes, which are identical to those you have seen written in Wikia. They, however, are written in the HTML code, not in a style sheet. So you can write the div tag's style as written above or by writting:

<div style="font-family:Arial"></div>

However, there are a few differences. When writing a style sheet, you have to include a semicolumn (;) at the end of every line. However, style added in an HTML tag is not validated if you have one property and a semicolumn after it. If you are listing multiple style attributes, separate them with a semicolumn. You may omit the last semicolumn, although you do not have to. You also do not need to add apostrophes around fonts names longer than a word.

To move further on, Wikia does not support the use of CSS on all pages, but rather on select pages that have a select effect. The wiki-wide-effecting CSS stylesheet is named MediaWiki:Wikia.css, and it can be editing by only sysop/administrator and bureaucrat users. There is also a user's personal CSS affecting the wiki its placed on and all wikis that the user visits. You can create a CSS stylesheet to affect a certain wiki by naming it User:username/style.css or Special:Mypage/style.css. You must also add the stylesheet in your preferences.

When you are creating web pages outside of Wikia, you can either link a stylesheet using a link, or you can just write it in the HTML code. To link it using an outside link, write:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/file.css"
 type="text/css" />

You can also link it by writing:

<style type="text/css">@import 

You can use this to hide the stylesheet from certain older browsers that do not support it. However, I recommend you do not trouble yourself with that at this level. To add a stylesheet in an HTML document, write:

<style type="text/css">

Then write your style between the style tags. Here is an example of an HTML document with a stylesheet.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      CSS and HTML
    <style type="text/css">
      p#first {
        font-family:'Book Antiqua', 
    <p id="first">
      This is the first paragraph.
48px-3451074.png User group ads
Technology Wizard

Category Warriors

The Category Warriors is a user group dedicated to the categorization across Avatar Wiki. Our objective is to categorize all files, pages, and templates for better navigation through Avatar Wiki. If you are interested in becoming a Category Warrior, request group membership. Join now!

Comments Council

The Comments Council is a user group dedicated to the regulation of comments across Avatar Wiki. Our objective is to keep the peace between users and ensure that inappropriate comments or spam on Avatar Wiki are deleted. If you are interested in becoming a Comments Councilor, request group membership. Join now!

48px-4744173.png Boomeraang Squad

The Boomeraang Squad is a new usergroup, led by Andrew2070! The Boomeraang Squad is a user group dedicated to the adventures of the original Team Avatar. We believe that all articles on the adventures of Team Avatar should be written the best way possible. Anyone who would like to join can see the group page.

General Iroh
The Ba Sing Se Times needs YOU.
Have a great Avatar or Avatar Wiki joke?
An interesting opinion about the wiki?
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A review of a fanfic you'd like to publish?
Just write a column,
and send it in to the editor.

from the fanon portal
48px-3565124.png Fanon advertising report

BlackMonkey is back for our good old fanon advertising column, and good news, someone actually participated in the contest this week, so I'm not going to sound like a loser for two issues straight.

So starting today, the current fanon super-promotion of The Lifebenders ends. I would like to recognize a great (and the only) user who read the story, told the FAS what they thought, and therefore got the drawing prize, Acer Indonesia! Acer will be given a special userbox and their name will be on the FAS main page forever!

And as the previous promotion ends, a new one begins. For the next two weeks, the fanon promotion will be for Dancing Shadows, The Rise of The Greatest Assassin that Ever Lived, a story by BlueDagger which deserves a lot credit than it's getting. This story chronicles a young assassin, Feng, and his partner and friend, Wei's, journey as they rise from little-known assassins-for-hire to becoming the greatest assassins in the world. Dancing Shadows takes place from 2 years before the end of the Great War to near the very end. In that time Feng and Wei will rise to fame as great assassins. The Great War has been happening for over 90 years by the start of Dancing Shadows, and the Earth Kingdom is in great danger. However, in Feng's career, the next Avatar will rise to power, and the War's tide will begin to turn in the Earth Kingdom's favor. Feng himself will, eventually, become a factor in the War. Do not hesitate from first thoughts, just read it. Three or four chapters in and you will be hooked. Why is this story so engaging, you may ask? BlueDagger is the freakin' King of Action - if you want a fast-paced story with blood, assassins, and well written battles in every chapter on Avatar Wiki - This story is the best you are ever going to get. BD handles the intensity of the story so well, and it really deserves some more fans. If you do read it, please send your thought to the Fanon Advertisement System here, for a chance to win a special userbox, recognition in the next Ba Sing Se Times, and your name on the Fanon Advertising page forever. Don't be shy, it can just be one or two sentences on your favorite character, a tip for the author, or what you liked overall. Send it in here.

For more information about promotions, ads, and the contest, please check out the Fanon Advertisement System.

48px-5047861.png Writing action scenes

Remember that epic fighter you created for your fanon, who happens to be a wonderful and fabulous bender and/or weapon user? Remember how fun it is to describe them totally kicking butt? Almost all of our stories have one of those guys...but unfortunately, what tends to appear on paper is a watered-down, tiny speck of the epicness that you see in your head. This here is to help you make it more of a reality! The days of choppy and vague butt-kicking scenes are over! Whether you see this as a chance to improve your fanon or whether you're just looking to avoid possible deductions in my FRS reviews, I hope you guys can get something out of it.

I believe in the power of examples, so I shall now proceed to spew out a random, unplanned fight scene off the top of my head - with all the most common flaws I see in fanons numbered and categorized conveniently where they occur. Then we'll take a closer look at those flaws and see just how drastically a simple fight can grow...


(Because Minnichi will take any chance to talk about the Dai Li, who everyone knows are awesome)

A Dai Li agent walked into headquarters, going below Lake Laogai as always. (1) His name was Yuhan, he was 21, and he was very good at earthbending. (2) Except today he was tired so he didn't really want to fight anyone. He just wanted to sleep and never wake up again. (3)

"Hey!" (4)

Yuhan was shocked when a rock was suddenly sent in his direction, and he dodged it. He turned around, and his face became even more surprised when he saw that an agent was attacking. (5) "What was that for?!" he yelled, but the agent only launched another boulder at him. He jumped away and dodged it, then earthbended his rock gloves so that they flew towards his attacker. (6)

The other agent dodged the rock gloves easily, not even close to being struck. (7) He was short (12) and Yuhan couldn't see his face except for his mouth beneath his hat, which was smiling. "You're going down!" said the other agent, this time earthbending a rock wall to fly towards Yuhan. (6,10)

Yuhan was shocked and barely dodged the wall. He was so tired that he wasn't earthbending very well, but he still tried. (5) He kicked a boulder from the ground, and it flew with lightning speed at the enemy. (8)

They continued to earthbend at each other until they started getting exhausted, since the fight was going nowhere.(12) However, Yuhan ended up being the better earthbender and started getting the upper hand. (9)

"Monkey feathers! I still completely suck at earthbending! I hate earthbending!" the other agent shouted, causing Yuhan to become very confused. (5,10)

"You're a Dai Li agent, aren't you not supposed to suck at earthbending?" asked Yuhan, his face surprised. (5)

"Or am I?" The other agent smiled evilly. (10)

"What do you mean? This is stupid!" (13)

"What I mean is...I like other bending more than earthbending!" (11)

"I don't know what you're talking about! Did you get brainwashed by accident or something? You sound insane!" Yuhan started to become scared of the other agent, and he decided to end this. (9) He floated a huge boulder into the air and broke it into pieces as it was still floating. (6) Then he made each of the pieces turn sharp like knives and threw down his arms. The spikes began to fall down all over the other agent. (12)

Suddenly, all of the spikes flew away from the other agent, and none of them hit him at all. (12) Yuhan was so shocked and stood there staring, not believing what he just saw. (5)

The other agent laughed and sent another huge gust of air at Yuhan, and he fell back all the way across the room and hit the wall. (10,12)

"Who...are you..." asked Yuhan, unable to stand because of all the pain in his body. (9)

The other agent pulled off his hat. There was a blue arrow on his forehead. (12) "I'm the Avatar!" he yelled angrily (10), rushing towards Yuhan and airbending more wind around himself. (6,8)

Yuhan braced himself, thinking he was going to be killed. (9)

Suddenly the Avatar stopped right before the air hit Yuhan's face. (12) "Tell me where Appa is, jerk!" (10,11)

"Who's Appa?"

"My flying bison that you stole!"

"Oh, that? Didn't Prince Zuko free it just now, and aren't you supposed to be running away from us with your friends until Appa comes back and flings us all into Lake Laogai?"


"I don't know how...I just know that it's supposed to happen." (13)

"But I infiltrated headquarters to get him back!" (11,13)

"Well, that's just how Mike and Bryan wrote it." Yuhan was so confused at himself. "Wait, how did I know that?" He paused and then smiled. "Oh, the author has graced me with crucial knowledge of my fate. It all makes sense now. But we should start doing things like the canon story says since she has no idea where this weird scene is going anymore." He suddenly smiled evilly.(12) "Or...I could CHANGE my fate and you won't get your bison back!" He then earthbended a huge boulder and threw it at the Avatar, who was still so confused that he didn't see it coming. (6, 9,13)

But since the Avatar was a master airbender, he nimbly dodged the rock at the last minute. "You're the crazy one!" he shouted, sending a blast of air at Yuhan before the agent could react. Yuhan fell to the ground unconscious. (8,9,12)

48px-3068994.png Eyes of Katara preview

Hello, Wikians! Vulmen here, wishing to toss out a quick preview of my next Eyes of Katara chapter. Yes, that means I'm FINALLY back to writing it again! Sorry for the unnervingly long delay, but it's good to start feeling creativity spark back again. Anyway; enough for explanations, time for the preview—

Entering through the citadel’s masterful doors, a wide hallway stood before the trio with an expansive Water Tribe carpet in its middle. To Katara, the tribal symbol embossed upon the carpet chilled the very air, its sole purpose to instill fear to those who crossed it to face the authority beyond. Beyond - where they waited.

“Oh man.” Sokka groaned aloud. Katara stilled her nerves best she could, which was nearly impossible now. She had known the council would be here, but she hadn’t expected to see Pakku himself sitting among them. Just my luck. This wasn’t going to be easy.

Shila ever so gently cleared her throat, which sounded more like a soft lyrical hum as she turned her back to the door. “Good luck.” Her barely audible words caught Katara by surprise. Did she support Katara’s stance against this sexism? Yet upon glancing to the lady, she couldn’t tell. Shila appeared expressionless, simply ushering her forward.

She pursed her lip; settling her attention on the frightful, silent figures before her. The council made no move as the trio crossed the vast carpet. With their grim countenance, she could scarcely keep from comparing them to water spirits. Katara decided Shila had simply been wishing her luck for this … execution.

48px-2249220.png Fanon portal needs you
Acer Indonesia

Hi there, this is Acer speaking. So here, I am back from my banished life to wiki. As we know, our beloved fanon portal has become barren. New fanons are out, but not frequently as before. Fanon rotation is back on track, but BlackMonkey is rarely seen on the wiki, not like before. So, I am here want to awaking us for resurrecting the fanon portal. We need someone who is willing to help; in formatting, code tidying, rewriting, and reading! Fortunately, we have Fanonbenders who are helping on the wiki; the Fanon Review Squad who is reviewing fanons; the White Lotus Sentinel that is a newsletter about fanon. But guys, those people are not strong enough to grow the fanon portal! Fanonbenders have three users who are active; FRS' members are not often seen; and White Lotus Sentinel needs more help. If you have good English skills, or know how to create fanon, please, HELP US! The next thing that I think need to be taken care of is reading a fanon. We know that we have a lot on our plate, but sometimes we are bored. Let's read a fanon! Not interested? Fanon portal is like water, which if we plunge into, it will be hard to find land or escape. Okay, that's all that I wanted to say – let's regrow the fanon portal! Good luck.

Xin Fu fights

Rest in Peace.
Sleep in Death.
Dancing Shadows

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