Welcome to the official Shoji's Journey News blog, where you can get information about the latest episodes in the series. And get sneak peeks. But whatever. After looking at Vulmen's Eyes of Katara News blog, I thought, sure, why not? And made one of my own. Sort of.

About the series...

The series is first-person, told from Shoji's eyes. I got the idea for this when I watched the episode The Headband and realized that Shoji had more to him than you first think. After all, he saw Aang earthbend. Wouldn't you do something if you saw a boy you thought was your friend earthbend, therefore being your enemy? (That may have sounded confusing.) The question is, what will Shoji do? You'll have to read to find out. (Main page here; first episode here.)

Latest Episode: Song

Team Runaway is now in the Earth Kingdom. They come to Tai Qing, otherwise known as the Village of Sorrow. And in a small home just outside the Song and her mother, Hisa. There are a few other characters I'm sure you want to meet, and some romance issues I'm sure you'll want to see. Iandao may have met his match. Shoji too. The question is, who is Shoji's match?

Next Episode: The First Battle

After some kissing in a tree, the Fire Nation appears - of course. Only this time, it's not Azula or her cohorts; it's an army of soldiers. Hooray. We discover some strong bonds, some more interesting powers, and maybe another member to the group. This episode is going to be fun to write and hopefully - fun to read.

Finished progress: 50-60% Gotta end the battle, peeps:)


I have an announcement to make, people. I need someone to consult with when it comes to my fanon. I need someone to talk to about what to do. If anyone is interested, please drop me a line on my talk page. Thanks!

Announcement number two: I have created some pages that may be helpful. They are:

  • Team Runaway - about the team. This is constantly being updated.
  • Shipping - different combos of people. Please share your comments or drop me a line!
  • There are also an abundance of characters. You can find the list and links to their pages here.

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