Yep. This is a blog of things I think will happen with my characters.

Who remembers Song?

I ask you, do you remember Song? That one girl from The Cave of Two Lovers? On her page (here), people leave comments like "she's not an interesting character" and stuff like that. Yes, I admit she wasn't exactly spirited, but we only saw her for maybe a total of five to ten minutes. Shoji, On Ji and soon-to-be-revealed-third-member may meet her. I intend to make her a more complex character. Maybe throw some Earthbending in there and see what happens.

How about Jin?

Jin is another character that appeared in one episode, like Song. She is a more outgoing character. (She's the one that liked the tea shop and wanted to date Zuko.) I think she also has some potential. I just don't know how to get her and Song in there. My question: if one of the two (Jin or Song) should join Team Runaway, which should it be? Discuss on this page or leave me a message on my talk page.

What about Shoji's friends?

Yeah, I know. What will Jio, June, and Razin do? Well, Azula will probably find something for one of them to do...which may involve stalking their ex-best friend. Yeah, sounds cool. That's still a little fuzzy...

Anyone else?

Ursa! I have gotten positive comments about her being in this fanon. I'm planning some sort of meeting. Of course, at this point Shoji won't know who she is... Also, the Dai Li have some major potential, as well as that sinister man Long Feng. After all, a cell can't keep an evil mastermind behind bars for long!

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