What's this about?

There is a diversity of characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. There are many female and male people with all sorts of different personalities, abilities, and qualities. My question to you is this: do any of your family or friends resemble the characters in Avatar? Or do you? If so, share.

My brother

I have a younger brother who is a lot like Momo. He is two years old and very cute. He makes sounds a lot like Momo and is always scourging for food. He jumps around a lot and is very playful. When my brother wants something, he makes a face just like the one Momo often makes.

But even though my brother is annoying sometimes, he is overall a very cute and lovable person, just like Momo.

Now you

So that's basically what you do. You can do it in one paragraph. So, share your thoughts on people in your life (including yourself) that are like certain Avatar characters. It doesn't matter if it's silly or not. I don't care. And please reply, even if it's really short, as short as "I have a friend named Bob that's a lot like Sokka." That's fine. Or "I consider myself to be most like Iroh." Share your thoughts!

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