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    Hey, Keito here! I thought Sky's blog was pretty cool, so I decided to do one myself. Only, this one is all about Air Nomad names. There are a lot of different names, but for our purposes I want you picking names based on how they sound, not who they are. So don't pick Aang just because he's the avatar or anything. Have fun!

    • Aang 2
    • Afiko
    • Air Nomad boy
    • Appa 2
    • Gyatso 2
    • Iio
    • Jinju
    • Malu 1
    • Momo
    • Mother sky bison 1
    • Pasang
    • Tashi 1
    • Tenzin 1
    • Yangchen 1

    Also, which Air Nomad temple is your favorite?

    • Western Air Temple 5
    • Eastern Air Temple 4
    • Northern Air Temple
    • Southern Air Temple

    Thanks, people!

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  • Keitonashita

    Avatar to Reality

    February 1, 2011 by Keitonashita

    There is a diversity of characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. There are many female and male people with all sorts of different personalities, abilities, and qualities. My question to you is this: do any of your family or friends resemble the characters in Avatar? Or do you? If so, share.

    I have a younger brother who is a lot like Momo. He is two years old and very cute. He makes sounds a lot like Momo and is always scourging for food. He jumps around a lot and is very playful. When my brother wants something, he makes a face just like the one Momo often makes.

    But even though my brother is annoying sometimes, he is overall a very cute and lovable person, just like Momo.

    So that's basically what you do. You can do it in one paragraph. So,…

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  • Keitonashita

    Yep. This is a blog of things I think will happen with my characters.

    I ask you, do you remember Song? That one girl from The Cave of Two Lovers? On her page (here), people leave comments like "she's not an interesting character" and stuff like that. Yes, I admit she wasn't exactly spirited, but we only saw her for maybe a total of five to ten minutes. Shoji, On Ji and soon-to-be-revealed-third-member may meet her. I intend to make her a more complex character. Maybe throw some Earthbending in there and see what happens.

    Jin is another character that appeared in one episode, like Song. She is a more outgoing character. (She's the one that liked the tea shop and wanted to date Zuko.) I think she also has some potential. I just don't know …

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    Shoji's Journey Blog

    January 11, 2011 by Keitonashita

    Welcome to the official Shoji's Journey News blog, where you can get information about the latest episodes in the series. And get sneak peeks. But whatever. After looking at Vulmen's Eyes of Katara News blog, I thought, sure, why not? And made one of my own. Sort of.

    The series is first-person, told from Shoji's eyes. I got the idea for this when I watched the episode The Headband and realized that Shoji had more to him than you first think. After all, he saw Aang earthbend. Wouldn't you do something if you saw a boy you thought was your friend earthbend, therefore being your enemy? (That may have sounded confusing.) The question is, what will Shoji do? You'll have to read to find out. (Main page here; first episode here.)

    Team Runaway is now …

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    I'm currently working on a new fanon series. For those of you who are familiar with the A:TLA episode The Headband , this is the story of Shoji , the boy who wanted to play hide-and-explode with Aang. It is third-person, but focuses on Shoji and how his life changes when Aang, otherwise known as "Kuzon," comes to school.

    As a new fanon writer, I'm not sure exactly what makes a good fanon or if this is a good idea. But I'm really enjoying working on this story and am almost done with this episode. If anyone has any advice or thinks this is a bad idea, please let me know. Thanks!

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