Avatar The Last Airbender is my all time favorite TV show. After finishing it, I will admit that I cryed...  I just wanted the episodes to go on forever XD. So when L.O.K. came out, at first I was really excited! But I knew it could never be as good as the original series so I tried not to get my hopes up too high. At first, I really loved L.O.K. the very first intro for the first episode almost made me cry when I saw the poster of the Gaang. I really enjoyed the first season, I thought the idea of an anti-bending revolution was great! I got really into it and couldn't wait to watch the next season. The next season I didn't find as exciting as the first, but I still found it enjoyable. Then when airbenders started popping up again in book 3, I started getting pumped up again! But I guess I expected a little too much. I did end up crying again in the end, but only for a different reason. In my opinion, ending the series with Korrasami was the worst possible decision. But I guess they kind of made up for it with brining back an old grumpy Toph. Anyways, this is just my take on L.O.K. and I know there are a lot of L.O.K. fans out there so please don't hate me (T.T)... Overall, I don't think L.O.K. was a bad thing, I would totally watch the first book over and over again, I was just a bit dissapointed in the ending. Which reminds me that A.T.L.A. only had 3 books... ):C... I will never forgive them... END OF RAMBLE