I do not think that the Krew really ever split up, the danger was gone and I don't think it was ever really like "ok that was fun have a nice life", I think it was more like everyone had their own interest and planned to still meet up and keep in contact but they just didn't see eachother as often, however it was confirmed at comic con that the opening to book 2 would be the Krew attending a ball in the Southern water tribe, so the person who was throwing the party probably requested the presence of the Krew, therefore Bolin took a break from pro bendiing, Mako took a leave of absence from the police force, Korra put off her airbending training, and Asami took some time off from being the leader of her fathers corporation, to attend the party, while their there they see the evil spirit monsters and they know they have to stop them together so the regroup to take down the enemy.

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