So I know that there has been alot of recent hate for Mako not be able to choose a girl. Therefore Makorra shippers support that he choose Korra and that Asami wasn't right for him, and the Masami shippers say that Asami is obviously the best choice for Mako because they connected and Asami is a lovely girl. I'm going to attempt to point out pros and cons about each relationship and talk about how each character was most likely feeling. Note: I am not picking sides in this blog post and I do not mean to offend anybody, that is not my purpose, so please don't hate on me. Im going to start from the beginning of the season, at first what looked like to me, is that Korra developed feelings for Mako, and Mako was starting to trust and develop feelings for Korra, he told her about his parents, let her help him find his brother, lent her his scarf, you get the point, they started off with a strong connection. However just as the relationship was starting to make a very strong development, this person came that was nice, beautiful, rich, and smart and literally knocked Mako right off his feet, this is called Asami. Instantly dazed by her beauty and charmed by her personality the two went on a date. They seemed compatible and very happy to be in eachothers presence. As their relationship grew (and quite frankly they got lovey dovey) Korra became jealous, I think fairly as well because it probably hurts to have the guy you like instanly in a relationship with someone whos intimidating and the exact opposite of you. Now we get to ep 5, and I'm going to make a quick reference, when Korra had feelings for Mako and wanted something answered because she thought he might have feelings for her as well she confronted him asking if he liked her, unlike Asami, who in the final episodes just watched her man get taken from her, I know I'm probably going to get hate on that but I'm just saying, I know everyone has a different opinion. So yes, Korra gets advice and confesses to Mako in a very bold way, but Mako said he was with Asami, implying that he was happy, which he probably was at that point, however I think he just locked up his feelings for Korra and put them to the side, but when Korra said she liked him the locked up box started to stir, but then we find out Mako does have feelings for Korra (they kiss) but that he also likes Asami. So now it appears that everyones all cool with eachother and just friends (except Mako and Asami ofcourse), Mako and Asami are happy with eachother and Korras jealously isn't as strong, in other words everything appears to be all good. So how does this huge love triangle spiral out of control? Korra gets kidnapped, thats what happens, from the moment Mako knew that Korra was gone, he turned into a different person, a pretty brave and heroic person if you ask me, even though he was sorta being a jerk to his girlfriend. Throughout the search Mako is obsessed with finding Korra, and you know he won't stop until he finds her, often be unsensistive to others feelings along the way (especially Asami), and when he does find her he picks her up and comforts her. At this point I though that as soon as realized his feelings were that strong for Korra he should have broken up with Asami, just so she wouldn't be as hurt watching him with Korra, but he was probably to in to finding Korra to think about that. So now Mako is always with Korra and you know he likes her, this leads to Asami actually telling him there might not be a relationship anymore if he dosen't stop treating Korra like that, but ofcourse he still does, so it can be assumed that Mako and Asami officially broke up, and the seaon ends with Mako and Korra loving eachother and together. I honestly think that Mako does genuinely care for Korra, and Asami too, just Korra more at this point. I don't think its anyones fault, just a messed up situation thats hard to decipher, for those of you who read all of this thank you for listening to my opinion.

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