Okay, I'm sure that, by now, we have all seen the horrible (my opinion, no offense to people who might like the movie) movie adaptation of the wonderful cartoon. So this is my rant on how terrible the movie was (in my eyes!)

First off, I think M. Night should do more research. The Fire Nation is based off Japan, and in the movie, they're Indian! I think that's the farthest thing from Japan (literally, I mean, Japan and India are far away in real life...), no offense to Indians anywhere and everywhere. Next, there were only, like, two Asian people in the actual movie, which is based off a cartoon based off of Asian culture (and others, of course, but I'm making a point!). Next, where the heck is Suki?! She played a big role in helping end the war, so why isn't she there? I'm eager to find out how M. Night is going to introduce Suki in the next movie (but please let someone else direct!)

Also, the bending is completely off. In the cartoon, they actually look like the element is being controlled by the person, well, controlling it (or bending it). In the movie, it looked like they did a bunch of fancy kung fu moves, then the element that's theirs' randomly shoots towards the person they were aiming for. And since when did the firebenders need a fire source to bend? I mean, that's just completely irrational. No one would carry around a candle or a fire source just to have something to bend. The way the firebenders in the cartoon bend makes much more sense.

And don't even get me started on the whole feel of the movie. AtLA is lighthearted, fun and carefree. The movie is serious, brooding, and, well, serious. Aang is so off, it's not even funny. So is Sokka. You know the movie stinks when the funny character isn't the funny character anymore.

Zuko doesn't have his scar. Now that's just messed. The scar really represents Zuko, so for them to erase it from existence so easily is like erasing Zuko from existence! And we can't have that!

I would rant more, but my fingers are getting tired, and I think you get the hint already. In closing, The Last Airbender was horrible. Choose another movie... and for the next one, they better get a different director. There's no reason for M. Night to ruin AtLA trying to get his career back.

-- KawaiiGirlxD

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