am gonna ask you? why do you love/like the story?

me? i so love the avatar: last airbender. it creates so many changes in me, personally. it teaches me many things, no wonder why many people love the series. at first i admit that the series didn't catch my attention instantly, but when my father bought a dvd of the series (book 3 only), i've watched it, and it really really got into me. i super like the story, the creator are so brilliant that it includes all learnings in one cartoon series, it's a package of learnings and thoughts. that's when i insisted that they buy the whole series, i got the whole series from my cousin, he gave to me. and i really really enjoyed watching it.

my favorite character in the story is TOPH AND AANG. toph, is so strong, even if she's blind she can still manage to protect herself and she's so outgoing and funny, i like her jokes. i want to be like her, strong and carefree and lively, while aang is so pure, so modest, so lovable, he's strong but he always keeps his cool. he's a gentle spirit with love for all, even the tiniest animal, am an animal lover that's why i really like aang! :)

now i'm thinking of collecting some stuff of the avatar, how i wish i could buy them all now!

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