• Kats Pipinpadaloxicopolis

    am gonna ask you? why do you love/like the story?

    me? i so love the avatar: last airbender. it creates so many changes in me, personally. it teaches me many things, no wonder why many people love the series. at first i admit that the series didn't catch my attention instantly, but when my father bought a dvd of the series (book 3 only), i've watched it, and it really really got into me. i super like the story, the creator are so brilliant that it includes all learnings in one cartoon series, it's a package of learnings and thoughts. that's when i insisted that they buy the whole series, i got the whole series from my cousin, he gave to me. and i really really enjoyed watching it.

    my favorite character in the story is TOPH AND AANG. toph, is …

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