Welcome to the Tour de ATLA meeting Many things will be discussed in this meeting and questions can be answered under comments. Thank you!

Meeting Begins

First things first, we will be discussing the locker rooms.

Locker Rooms

  • All locker rooms must have their userboxes placed inside and the Tour de ATLA userbox.
  • All members' names must be presented
  • In a teams locker room only team members can chat under comments. You cannot allow other team players to chat in you locker room.
  • Teams can create their own strategies and memos, but no CHEATING
  • Feel free to have fun making snacks and games in the locker rooms
  • Remeber to play fair and respect others in the locker rooms
  • All locker rooms need to have the link to this Blog if players want to chat with memebers from another group

Chat Rules

  • Players from another team are not to comment in another teams locker room. A comment place for all players will be here. Here you can chat all together.
  • No abuse, threatening, and fowl talk
  • Commenting on the Tour de ATLA's offical page will be forbiden during the games. Only questions and answers will be allowed on the page when the tour starts. You can chat on this blog made specifaclly for Tour de ATLA commenting
  • Do not use commenting as a resource for cheating

Rules of the Game

  • During the game teams will answer questions and earn points
  • Questions will be based off categories
  • When the Tour is finished the post game will start

Post Game

In the post game, Captains and co-captains will answer questions based on my fanon, Journey to Realization. They will earn bonus points for their team. This will give a team that is behind a chance to catch up.

That concludes the info that was necessary to speak about. If you have comments, comment below. Thank you!

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