Aang restores Korra's bending

Korra’s journey to becoming a fully realized avatar has officially begun. The war against the equalists is over and a new threat arrives. A mysterious figure that begins to haunt Korra with well thought out letters and plans causes her to loose focus on her air bending. On top of that, more relationships are arising. Can Korra make it through the tough times, or will an event involving her parents change her life?

Chapter 1

The sun rose slowly on the South Pole. The air was still and quiet. Everyone was in their rooms, fast asleep. They were all tired. Tired from the battle against Amon. Katara offered to let everyone stay at her house in the Southern Watertribe. As the smell of noodles and ocean comquats filled the air, the silence broke.
"Mmhhhhhmmmm! Food!! Food!!" shouted Meelo. Meelo crawled over his sister,Johnora, and out of bed. He walked down the hall,passing all the others' rooms. When he arrived in the kitchen, he found Katara kneeling beside a fire cooking the ocean comquats. She looked up and smiled,
"Why, good morning Meelo."
"That smells good," Meelo replied,
"Can I have some? Please?" Meelo reached for a comquat, but katara pulled him over and gave him a tight hug,
"Why don't you wait for the others ok?"
"OK Gran Gran!" Meelo agreed. Pema walked into the kitchen,
"Meelo! What are you doing? Come on, let's get you washed up!"
Everyone was getting ready for breakfast, that is except Korra. Makko got up and met his brother in the hall way.
"Hey Bolin?"
"Yeah bro?" Bolin answerd.
"Have you seen Korra this morning?" Makko asked.
"No, why?" Bolin stared at Makko waiting for an answer.
"Ok then. See you at breakfast." Makko waited for Bolin to leave the hall way. He then walked and approached Korra's room. Makko gently knocked on the door.
" awake?" There was no answer. Makko desperately needed to talk about their relationship ever since the kiss they shared the day before. He needed to tell Asami that there couldn’t be any ‘them’ anymore. Makko knew he liked Korra way too much. Then suddenly, Tenzin and Lin turned the corner to the hall way. Makko quikley walked away from the door and pretended nothing was happening.
"Goodmorning Makko." Tenzin greeted
"Uh...hi!" Makko said hesitantly.
"Is every thing allright?" Lin asked.
"Ya, everythings going Tenzin looked at Lin,
"We were out in the courtyard." He explained, "I was thanking Lin for everything she has done for me and my family."
"Oh.. that's good. Lin deserves it!" Makko said."Come on,” He didn’t need anyone knowing about his attempts to chat with Korra, “let's go to breakfast!" Tenzin, his family, and Lin sat at one table and Asami, Bolin, and Makko sat at another. Katara stood between the two and told them about what she made,
"I have prepared a watertribe lunch for all of your hard work. Please don't be too stingy on the ocean comquats!" Katara laughed and joined the table with Asami, Bolin, and Makko.
"Thank you for making this!" Asami said. Katara smiled.
" So, has anyone talked to Korra this morning?" questioned Asami.
" Don't worry about her," Katara answerd. "She probably still exhausted from everything that happened to all of you guys yesterday." The sound slirping noodles and juicy comquats took over the atmosohere.
"Ikki! Stop playing around with your ocean comquats!" Pema scolded.
"But I don't like them!" Ikki responded
"Be thankful with what you have and eat them." Tenzin said annoyed."Dad, what are ocean comquats anyway?" asked Meelo."Ocean comquats are an aquatic vegetable prepared in many watertribe dishes!" Johnora spilled out. As the disscussion of ocean comquats died down, lunch was beginning to end.
"Wait a minute!" Bolin shouted while plates were being taken to the washing room. Shouldn't we be eating breakfast not lunch?"Katara laughed again and replied,
"You all slept right through breakfast time. I let you all rest."
"Oh!" Bolin accepted."Yeah, that makes sense." Asami, Pema, and the kids went to go help with the dishes and Lin kept watch on the baby, Rohan, nearby.
"I have to go feed Oogie" Tenzin said.
"Oooo! I want to come!" Bolin insisted. Then he and Tenzin left for the barn. Makko was about to leave for the barn when he saw Korra walking in the hall past the kitchen door.
"Korra!" He yelled. Makko ran over and walked beside her.
"Hey...." Korra stated softly. Makko could feel her uneasiness.
"What's wrong?" he wondered. Korra stopped in her tracks.
"It's nothing..." Makko looked at her.
"Something is bothering you, tell me. Korra glanced away.
"Ok." Korra agreed. "But not here."

Chapter 2

Korra took Makko to her room.
"I got this letter. I read it and it's been worrying me." Korra showed him the letter:
Dear Avatar Korra,
I know you, but you might not know of me at this time. You have taken all my dreams from me, my happiness. Even my beloved daughter. I'm going to tell you this. I know where you are and I'll find you. I'll make sure your joy is ruined, like mine is.
- H.S.
Makko gave the letter back to Korra and began thinking.
"This is really strange." Makko said.
"I know. I'm not sure what to make of it." Korra agreed.
"Well for now let's not say anything. If more letters come, tell me, so I can inform......"
Makko was interupted.
"No!" Korra demanded,
"I don't want the others to get worried, not yet." Makko stared with disagreement.
"Fine. For now we'll keep it a secret"
"Thanks." korra replied. She spread out her arms to hug Makko, but changed her mind and left. Things weren’t exactly clear between them and Asami.
Makko left the room and Tenzin entered.
"Korra, who was that letter from?" asked Tenzin.
"It was nothing," Korra lies.
"It was just a piece of fan mail. Nothing important."
"Alright then," Tenzin pauses.
"Well, I should probably check on Rohan. He wakes up from his nap about now."
"Yeah, you do that," said Korra. Korra sighs in relief. Korra is outside brushing Naga's fur and Makko walks up behind her and wraps his arms around Korra.
"You alright?" asks Makko.
"Yeah.." she says smoothly.
"You’re still worried about the letter, aren’t you?" questions Makko.
"Yeah," she begins.
"I just can’t help but feel like something else is wrong."
"Hey," Makko starts.
"It'll be alright." The two stare into each other’s eyes and are hesitantly about to kiss when a voice interrupts,
" Sorry to break up the moment, but I have a special delivery for Avatar Korra." A message man hands her a package.
"Have a nice day!" the message man says nicely. Korra and Makko looked at each other as the man disappeared into thin air.

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