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Hello Wikians! I'm Kat and today I'll be interviewing Ice and her fanon, Fanon:The Journeys of a Broken Dragon . I appreciate the readers who have dedicated their time to read this and I thank the Fanon Fact Finders Team for giving me this opportunity!

1. Hey Ice! How’s it going?

1.Hey Kat, it's going pretty good! Just tired, but I'm like that always.(:

2. Good. I’d like to ask some questions about you and your Fanon, The Journeys of a Broken Dragon.

2. Awesome!

3. How did you land here, on Avatar Wiki?

3. Two years ago, when the news for Legends of Korra was released, I googled the new series for more news and ended up on here. For the longest time I was a nony, and then Vulmen inspired me to make an account.

4. That's nice of Vulmen! What gave you the idea to write a fanon?

4. Well, I wasn't a very good editor, but I wanted to contribute in some way. So I started In Azula's Mind, but then ended that for a couple of reasons and started Journeys.

5. I see you are writing the story with another Wikian. Who is she?

5. This wikian is The Ultimate Waterbender an administrator here and a wonderful friend.

6. Are you two enjoying your time together?

6. Oh yeah, without a doubt. This is great, working together.

7. Noticing the pictures of Azula on the fanon’s pages, is that what it’s about? The crazy Fire Lord’s daughter?

Azula on airship


7. Well, yes. It's about the former princess trying to redeem herself, as she ponders all of her choices in life.

8. What inspired you two to make this fanon about the broken down Azula?

8. I have always thought that Azula is such an interesting character, I thought it would be neat to write her a Journey. I then asked Ultimate if she wanted to co-write with me, and she agreed. The rest is history! :)

9. What do you hope will become of The Journeys of a Broken Dragon?

9. I would like it to become well known in the fanon community, however it's not a huge priority. I just want people to enjoy our writing.

10. Is there a message involving the title? Does the title mean to say that this is a tale about a broken dragon; a lost Azula?

10. You got it. When we were coming up with titles, PSUAvatar14 came up with that title. It sounds catchy and it has a meaning, which you mentioned.

11. Do you wish this fanon to be successful? Is this just for fun?

11. Well, any fanon writer would like it to have many readers, but this is also for fun. :)

12. How do you consider yourself as a writer? Are you a 7 from 1-10? Do you think you are very suspenseful and detailed?

12. Oh boy, so you're asking me to rank myself as a writer.....well, I think I'm around the 7 range, as I don't think I'm terrible yet I have soo much more to learn as a writer. The only great writing I know is research papers and admission essays.=P

13. I read the first chapter and I loved it. What do you think of that?

13. Ultimate is a brilliant writer. I think she nailed it and I'm wondering how I'm going to make Chapter 2 compare to that.

14. Don't worry you can do it! :) What do you expect to hear from readers?

14. I expect them to give their honest opinion. I take critisism well and I would use it as an oppurtunity to improve.(:

15. In my opinion, the idea of writing from Azula’s point of view it really cool. It’s like we are in Azula’s mind, right? (Not the fanon her actual mind...)

15. Well....kind of. In Azulas Mind was more during the War, Journeys is a post Sozin's Comet series. But in a way, they are similar,
Young Zuko and Azula

Azula thinking up devious plans.

16. Not to get into your buissness, however I heard that you will be leaving? Will your absence jeopardize the growth of The Journey of a Broken Dragon?

16. I promise all of my readers it will not. So long as Ultimate would like to keep writing, I would also. See, I can still write through email and have Ultimate post them for me. This won't be the last of me, sorry to disappoint you!

17. Well, this was a very interesting expierence. Seeing as this is my first time interviewing. Hehe!

17. I think you did great! I wish you all the best.

18. I’m so glad that I got a chance to talk to you Ice! We’ll see you around!

18. It was awesome being interviewed by you, Kat. See you soon!

Thank you everyone and I 'll see you soon! Be sure to check out Ice's fanon, The Journeys of a Broken Dragon!

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