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  • Katorra12

    Welcome to the Tour de ATLA meeting Many things will be discussed in this meeting and questions can be answered under comments. Thank you!

    First things first, we will be discussing the locker rooms.

    • All locker rooms must have their userboxes placed inside and the Tour de ATLA userbox.
    • All members' names must be presented
    • In a teams locker room only team members can chat under comments. You cannot allow other team players to chat in you locker room.
    • Teams can create their own strategies and memos, but no CHEATING
    • Feel free to have fun making snacks and games in the locker rooms
    • Remeber to play fair and respect others in the locker rooms
    • All locker rooms need to have the link to this Blog if players want to chat with memebers from another group

    • Playe…

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  • Katorra12

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kat and today I'll be interviewing Ice and her fanon, Fanon:The Journeys of a Broken Dragon . I appreciate the readers who have dedicated their time to read this and I thank the Fanon Fact Finders Team for giving me this opportunity!

    1. Hey Ice! How’s it going?

    1.Hey Kat, it's going pretty good! Just tired, but I'm like that always.(:

    2. Good. I’d like to ask some questions about you and your Fanon, The Journeys of a Broken Dragon.

    2. Awesome!

    3. How did you land here, on Avatar Wiki?

    3. Two years ago, when the news for Legends of Korra was released, I googled the new series for more news and ended up on here. For the longest time I was a nony, and then Vulmen inspired me to make an account.

    4. That's nice of Vulmen! What gave you t…

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  • Katorra12

    The Tour de ATLA

    July 29, 2012 by Katorra12

    !]] Welcome fellow Wikians! I present to you the Tour de ATLA! As you can clearly see, this is something like the famous Tour de France. I bet you're wondering: What is this? Well that's what I'm going to tell you!

    The Tour de ATLA is mainly a tour of Avatar the Last Airbender. There'll be teams of Wikians that will earn points to win. You'll earn points by answering questions based on the show you love most....Avatar! Each trivia question will be worth an amount of points and will be posted on the comment part of this blog. The points correspond to miles. If your team answers a question correct, your team advances that many miles. Unllike in the actual Tour de France where bikers ride a number of miles to the finish, teams will answer questio…

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  • Katorra12

    Korra’s journey to becoming a fully realized avatar has officially begun. The war against the equalists is over and a new threat arrives. A mysterious figure that begins to haunt Korra with well thought out letters and plans causes her to loose focus on her air bending. On top of that, more relationships are arising. Can Korra make it through the tough times, or will an event involving her parents change her life?

    Chapter 1

    The sun rose slowly on the South Pole. The air was still and quiet. Everyone was in their rooms, fast asleep. They were all tired. Tired from the battle against Amon. Katara offered to let everyone stay at her house in the Southern Watertribe. As the smell of noodles and ocean comquats filled the air, the silence broke.

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