Hello, fellow Avatards 
Welcome to the first Avatard Jokes Contest. Help me, Katherine Rebekah, an Avatard who couldn't tell a joke to save her life, by participating in this contest. The concept is simple. The user who provides the best Avatar joke gets this lovely info box, created by HammerOfThor, to display on their user page. 

This user won The Avatard Jokes Contest in 2014.


  • The joke can be either A:TLA or LOK related but must pertain to Avatar in some way. 
  • A limit of four entries per user. 
  • Post your entry in the comments below.
  • Keep it PG. Any inappropriate jokes will be asked to be deleted by an administrator. 
  • Be creative and have fun. 

A (bad) Example Joke 
"Knock Knock"

"Whose there?"


"Yue who?"

"You ate who!?" (I told you I couldn't tell a joke... )

The deadline is January 10th. Hopefully, I will be able to post the results on January 11th. That gives one month for you guys to come up with a killer joke. If you like the idea of this contest, please participate. The number of entries will determine if I do this again. 

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