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    A month has passed and now it is time to reveal the winner of the Avatard Jokes Contest. First, however, I would like to say thank you to all the participants. There were way more entries then I thought I would get and most of them had me laughing out loud. Who knew so many Avatards had a great sense of humor? And because there were so many great entries I fell obliged to share some honorable mentions. 

    - “Despite her aversion to animals I hear the Earth Queen does like owls. You could say she finds Hou-Ting to be a pleasant sound. 

    - “I bet Zuko would become a judge. Why? So people could call him ‘Your Honor’” 

    - “What sport does Opal love the most? … Booow—lin’!”

    - “I just finished watching Long Live the Queen, it really took my breath away.…

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    Hello, fellow Avatards  Welcome to the first Avatard Jokes Contest. Help me, , an Avatard who couldn't tell a joke to save her life, by participating in this contest. The concept is simple. The user who provides the best Avatar joke gets this lovely info box, created by , to display on their user page. 


    • The joke can be either A:TLA or LOK related but must pertain to Avatar in some way. 
    • A limit of four entries per user. 
    • Post your entry in the comments below.
    • Keep it PG. Any inappropriate jokes will be asked to be deleted by an administrator. 
    • Be creative and have fun. 

    A (bad) Example Joke  "Knock Knock"

    "Whose there?"


    "Yue who?"

    "You ate who!?" (I told you I couldn't tell a joke... )

    Deadline  The deadline is January 10th. Hopefully, I…

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    When I first tuned into Legend of Korra it took a while for me to warm up to it. The characters were teens, they were hot headed and rugged, and the world just wasn’t as enchanting. But there was one character that I really liked, and one ship that I could sail all day long. Bolin, and Borra.

    Bolin was charismatic, funny, and just a little weird. That made me love him more than his distant, aloof brother. Plus, he had a hopeless devotion to Korra, and if theres any romance I like its one with hopeless devotion. I was sure that Bolin would be Korra’s steady friend through the entire series, just waiting for her to come around and realize that he was the one, sort of like Aang and Katara. Unfortunately that ship has sunk, and the character ha…

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