Hello Avatar Wiki! As you may have heard, I got to attend the The Legend of Korra Book 2 panel just now and got to advance screen Rebel Spirits, first episode of Book 2!

This blog will be incredibly spoiler heavy so if you don't want to know beforehand please refrain from reading past the spoiler alert sign!

While they have yet to release a specific date, the panel assured us that Book 2: Spirits will definitively come out September 2013!

The panel revolved around the sizzle trailer reel which I put a link for below, screening of Rebel City, some AMAZING concept art for Avatar Origin Story, the "quirky" first Avatar Wan, and also favorite fanart for the creators.

Aside from screening the first episode, which of course was amazing, seeing the fanart for origin stories were amazing. They changed the style a bit to reflect older Asian art such as woodblocks and ink-style paintings and it gives an older, more spiritual look for the characters, spirits, and scenery. Bryke & Co. really emphasized that the physical and spiritual world will be more closed tied together for Book 2, especially when it comes to Avatar Wan's world.

  • I will also update the blog with pictures if I can throughout the day.



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