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Thank you everyone for participating and contributing to our questions for an upcoming interview with Gene Luen Yang!

We got a huge number of questions (200+), but wanted to narrow these down so that community could help me choose. I chose these questions based on how thoughtful and well-crafted they were. If any of these questions have been answered by show-runners in an interview or other fansites, PLEASE let me know so I can strike it from my list.

We'll narrow these down to about 10 questions (give or take) and I want to credit the question back to the user who asked!

1. Will the graphic novel series (in all three instalments, maybe) show the creation of the Republic City and the advanced technology that we see in Legend of Korra? - from Natsu11, Lovelyb0nes, NinjasandNavi, Shock Dragoon

2. Will we see the spread of the unique bending forms acquired in the series to the general public during Aang's lifetime or afterwards? - from H-Man Havoc

3. Will we get to see the status of the characters' romantic relationships beyond Aang and Katara's? - from Free as a Bison

4. What inspired you to write a graphic novel for Avatar; and will you be involved in the creative process past the novels? - from N 3rd Street

5. Did Gene Yang know the Korra storyline before he wrote the comics? - from anonymous user.

6. Will we see the beginnings of equalist struggles? How much backstory for the new show will still be left unknown at the conclusion of these comics? - from Taekwond1

7. Who is your favorite character? - general user question

8. What happens to Appa and Momo- do they have any particular role in the story? - from Dutch Avatar Wiki

9. How much of The Promise is/was influenced by the writing/events of Korra and visa versa? - from TAWNNeComics

10. *Will Iroh, The Order of the White Lotus, Chit Sang, Long Feng, Joo Dee, the Dai Li or the pirates appear in the The Promise comics? - Damonusthegreat

11. How far will the series take us until Legend of Korra? Will we get to see the gang all grown up? Or at least what happened to all of them before Korra begins? - from anonymous user

12. Will we get to see the Southern Water tribe rebuilt? - from Alicia.s.johnson

13. With this territorial conflict between the settlers of the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, we can expect in ATLK, there is a brawl between the two "nationalities"? - from GND-TMR

14. *Will Lo, Li, spirits, minor characters and past avatars appear in the comic series? Damonusthegreat

15. Will the trilogy complete the story of Team Avatar; or will it remain open? - from Russian Avatar Wiki

16. Will there be any new main characters, or will it feature main characters from Avatar: the Last Airbender? - from Russian Avatar Wiki

17. Will there be other flashbacks aside from that for Zuko and Ozai? - from Russian Avatar Wiki

18. Fan Favorites Question: How much of Azula can we hope to see in The Promise?

19. Fan Favorites Question: How much will we find out about what happened with Ozai and the backstory with Ursa?

20. Will it show some relatives of characters in LoK? Like Bolin and Mako's grandparents? - from PreservationWings

21. *Will there be cameos from familiar characters? - from Free as a Bison

  • If these questions are chosen, it might be a good idea to combine them and ask a more general question about cameos from familiar characters and throw some of the familiar ones in.

Thank you again for those who participated, and I'm so sorry if some of the questions weren't included; the goal is to narrow these awesome questions down.

Because so many people asked about 18 and 19, they will definitely be asked; otherwise please vote for your favorites in the poll below! Also feel free to tell us your top ten choices in the comments (by number) and we'll tally those up for consideration.


Which questions should Avatar Wiki ask Gene Yang?

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