Aang:well that was not much of a exircize

???:do you think hes hurt?

  • aang and ???look down seeing ozia bounces off sokka and continueing rolling*

Katara:serves him right.

  • much later*

Toph:no like THIS!

  • toph shoots a huge rock at the trees*
  • ???:ok! says ???staring at katara*
  • toph shoots a huge rock flatening ???*

sokka:rock beats airbender!

Katara:oh ha ha funny toph.

  • katara bends a water tenticle slaping toph and picking up ???*

Toph:no he needs to train!

  • toph bends a huge rock hand up pulling my other side*


  • toph lets go flining me at katara*


  • bends self off ground*
  • katara hits toph with a huge water ball*


  • aang joins me*
  • evreyone circles around in a circle*
  • looks at toph*
  • katara looks at sokka*
  • zuko looks at aang
  • lunges foward*
  • Ihro clangs a gong*


  • toph shoots at me hiting me back pushing me down the clift*
  • katara stops bending and looks angirly at toph*
  • evreyone looks at toph*
  • they all use bending to launch her at appa*
  • climbs up from clifft*
  • katara runs over and starts healing me*
  • gets up*
  • goes up to the sleeping area at top of clift*

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