My opinion: Why is Kataang way better than Zutara? 

Kataang engagement by gimpy girl-d2xplyt


First of all, I would like to say that that Katara and Aang make a perfect love match together! They're so cute together, kid + kid and kind and warm feelings...

The people I know, (except my sister), all think that Zutara is way better than Kataang. I never agreed on this, and when I asked them why they think so, they just said that by the looks of it, they match together in a nicer "visual" way. Who cares about visuality?!

I think that Katara and Aang should be together because first of all, Katara "saved Aang's life" by finding him in the iceberg. (Katara technically saved the world by freeing the Avatar! :D) Also, Aang immediately fell for her when seeing her upon him. And besides, Katara and Aang had SO many adventures together, as being in Team Avatar... Katara and Aang were keeping each other "alive" by just being together... They have lots in common, as well as each being different - and their differences combine together in an perfect way, causing them to "be" where they are now... together, as a pair.

Anyway, why should Katara be with Zuko?! After all, in both Book 1, Book 2 and in a part of Book 3, Zuko chased, hunted, threatened and scared Team Avatar - and, by all means, also scared Katara, and tried to kill or hurt her many times. Towards the end of Book 3, they only hugged once (The Southern Raiders) and saved each other only once (Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang) and I think that it's slightly nothing compared to what Aang and Katara had lived through together. To some people, Zuko and Katara may seem nice together in a visual way... but you have to take the heart into consideration, not visuality, as you may have heard... And besides, Aang never stopped loving Katara, and really had feelings for her - and Zuko didn't feel anything for Katara. One hug doesn't mean the start of a whole "Zutara" world. Feelings are the greatest mass of love in the whole world...

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