Sokka as therapist This blog is an official interview of the Fanon Fact Finders. We hope you enjoy it!

This is a test interview starring:
Kyoshidude, author of Gods of War.
Hosted by KataraLover, for the Fanon Fact Finders.

Starting Off

Me: Hello, Kyoshidude! How are you ?

Kyoshidude: Hi. I'm good thank you. Yourself?

Me: Doing well.

Question 1

Q: For those out there who don't know, what is "God's of War"??

A: Gods of War is my second fanon. It is set almost 200 years after A:TLA. Republic City is now called the Republic and the world does not rely on spirituality or the Avatar (which has been extinct for over 50 years) for safety. Instead the company Beyond controls most of the Republic. In this futuristic world, crazy demons attack the city. A firebending boy named Fenn becomes involved with the demons and Beyond when he is cursed one night, and because of this dark secrets from the past arise.

Question 2

Q: Chapter 1 was published on July 20, with no new chapters following it. Do you plan on publishing one soon?

A: I am writing more. But I plan on publishing the chapters for this fanon after I finish my first fanon 'The Kyoshi Chronicles' - so it'll be some time until more stuff comes out...

Question 3

Q: What gave you the idea of writing "Gods of War"?

A: Well. I wanted to write a fanon about a world with no Avatar, and I suppose the issues that arise from that are detailed in the fanon. I also draw inspiration from Full Metal Alchemist.

Question 4

Q: Do you have any tips for new writers out there who may be struggling with ideas for their fanon(s)?

A: Coming up with ideas (especially original ones) is difficult. I think if you have a good idea stick with, don't think it over. Write some stuff for it and see how it plays out then decide if you want to continue. Also, a good idea is not something that ticks all the boxes - for me a good idea is something the author can't stop thinking about. If they love what they're writing about, people will love it too.

Question 5

Q: What are some of your favorite fanons on this wiki?

A: My favourite fanon thus far is jtwin1's 'Avatar: Neo Revolution.' It is written so well and is so dramatic - even from the very beginning!

Question 6

Q: If you wrote another fanon, what would it be about?

A: Ooh! I've already got an idea! Haha! The idea is about a girl who joins an exclusive cult and as the story progresses things get more intense and creepy. A thriller, definitely.

Question 7

Q: What do you have in store for readers of "Gods of War"?

A: WELL! As of yet, I have detailed plans of all three books each with twelve chapters - so I can easily answer this question! Expect some cool demons. The first book will seem minute to the stuff that comes up in the later books, but there will still be battles and drama. Readers can also expect triads, drugs and even a civil war!

Question 8

Q: What do you think you could have improved on in your story?

A: Hmm. Well, I haven't written enough to really criticise myself yet. But I guess, based off my first fanon, more detailed description of setting would make it good..

Question 9

Q: What kind of fanon would you like to see someday in the Fanon Portal?

A: I really can't answer this. There will always be something new. Maybe......a fanon about.....Frothing Mouth Guy?

Question 10

Q: If you were a bender in the Avatar world, what kind would you be?

A: Ooooooohh! This is hard! Firebending would be my top choice seeing as it is so - for use of a better word - EPIC! But it is also very beautiful. If not fire than water, because waterbending is basically blue, liquidy firebending....:)

Question 11

Q: Now, the final question: Who is/are your favorite character(s) from A:TLA and/or LoK?

A: Probably Ty Lee, Sokka and Katara. And for LoK....definitely Tenzin. BADASS!


Me: Thank you, Kyoshidude, for taking the time to do this interview with me!

Kyoshidude: Thank you for the interview!

Me: That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this interview, and good luck with your future writing, Kyoshidude!

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