Please take the quiz below, also, it's a little simplistic, so don't expect a lot! ;)

Your friend drops her lucky bracelet down the drain. What do you do?

a. Comfort her, and say your sorry.

b. Get some tools and try to get it out.

c. Snigger, that bracelet was stupid anyways.

d. Cheer her up with some random jokes.

e. Don't do anything. You don't really care about your friend, you just need to keep an eye on her.

Your friends describe you as....

a. Kind, and helpful

b. Wise and playful

c. Sarcastic and stubborn

d. Funny and random

e. Intelligent and cruel

Someone seriously offends you. Later you....

a. Tell your best friends and try to get the person back.

b. Meditate and try to move on.

c. Plan revenge....

d. Think of some wise-cracks you could've said back.

e. Plan a masterful revenge, complete with some killing...

How do you feel about money, and what do you buy?

a. I am a little stingy, I buy what I need.

b. I buy what I like, and think is useful for the future.

c. I come from a family of money, I am relaxed and buy what I want.

d. Money?! I LOVE money, I want to buy everything!!!

e. I have plenty of money to pay for what I do, plus I am so supreme, people give me what I want.

Do you have any physical/mental flaws?

a. Not really...

b. When I get angry sometimes I go crazy, only a special person can calm me down

c. I can't see to well

d. Well, I eat random stuff that might be toxic....

e. I am a perfect supreme being! Though sometimes I might go mad because of it.

What bending style have you always wanted?

a. Waterbending

b. Airbending, but I am ok with anything.

c. Earthbending

d. Me?! Bending? Well, maybe meatbending.....

e. Firebending


Mostly A's... Katara

Mostly B's... Aang

Mostly C's.... Toph

Mostly D's.... Sokka

Mostly E's..... Azula

Please leave some comments on which character you are! I would really like to know.

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