• Katara&azulagirl

    Please take the quiz below, also, it's a little simplistic, so don't expect a lot! ;)

    Your friend drops her lucky bracelet down the drain. What do you do?

    a. Comfort her, and say your sorry.

    b. Get some tools and try to get it out.

    c. Snigger, that bracelet was stupid anyways.

    d. Cheer her up with some random jokes.

    e. Don't do anything. You don't really care about your friend, you just need to keep an eye on her.

    Your friends describe you as....

    a. Kind, and helpful

    b. Wise and playful

    c. Sarcastic and stubborn

    d. Funny and random

    e. Intelligent and cruel

    Someone seriously offends you. Later you....

    a. Tell your best friends and try to get the person back.

    b. Meditate and try to move on.

    c. Plan revenge....

    d. Think of some wise-cracks you could've said b…

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  • Katara&azulagirl

    Which person are you more like/ which person do you like the best?


    A kind girl, loving, caring and motherly. Don't mess with her or her family/ friends or you're going to get hit- hard!


    Your perfect evil genius. Who know how to fire-bend or make an evil plan better than Azula? Oh yeah, this is taking place before she goes crazy!

    Thanks for reading this, please comment!

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  • Katara&azulagirl

    Azula has always been strangely intriguing to me. She seems so evil like she never cared about anyone, even in he childhood she was cruel. But, as we all know Azula was a fire prodigy, I believe her father put to much pressure on her from the start. Azula became more and more messed up, and her mother noticed. She probably thought Azula was just a messed up kid, and then called her a monster. By then Azula's heart was torn to shreds. I think her childhood was the main thing that made her so messed up. After all no one is born evil.

    Or are they?

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