Ok so after viewing Skeletons in the Closet/Endgame I have alot to say about it

Skeletons in the Closet:

I personaly thought the being of the episode was a little boring, but I did like the humor it had in it (EG. Asami eating dumpster juice). It was a little wired listing to Iroh, everytime I heard him I felt as if I was listening to Zuko talking, but the part that I loved the most was when, he called for comander Bumi. The invasion reminded me alot of the pearl harbor attack's. Moving on to Tarrlok and "Amon" or Noatok's past. I found this very sad, I can't belive the way their father treated them, this actully made me change my opinon on Tarrlok, I really didn't like him but know I have sympathy for him.


Ok this is episode was AMAZING to me. When Amon or Noatok, had Tenzin and the airbender kids, it made me feel as if he had gone to far, he had taken Tahno's bending, he took Lin's bending, but now he was about to take away the bending of the last airbenders. I am very happy Korra was able to free them. I really can't belive the only way for Korra to get over her airbending block was to have the rest of her bending taken from her. I don't understand how he took all the elements but air away from her. Anyway moving on. I found it really shocking how Tarrlok decided to explode the boat, I didn't want to belive that they were dead, but I think they are. My absolute favorite part of the finale is when she got her bending restored from Aang, and when she was bending and in the avatar state, but what made it for me was the music, I truly felt as if I was watching the first sirese, and it was truley epic. I loved the kiss moment, and when Korra gave Lin her bending back, I loved Bolin's "WOW" face.

overall fantasitc season finale and I cannot wait for season two.

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