Now this is my version for the second part of Book 2, which focuses on new characters like Long Feng, the Dai Li and Jet. Appa will also be a main focus in this movie. This movie relies heavily on flashbacks, which include Katara and Sokka's encounter with Jet, Appa's whereabouts and Jet's encounter with Zuko.

New Cast Members

  • Jet - Taylor Lautner or Boo Boo Stewart
  • Long Feng - Ken Watanabe or Chow Yun Fat
  • Kuei - Masi Oka (OK, he's a little chubby, but he has the personality)
  • Rest of the Freedom Fighters - Newcomers

Plot Example

This is the example for the plot of Book 2 (Part 2).


The movie's cold opening will start with Zuko and Iroh, disguised as Mushi and Lee, as well as three former Freedom Fighters: Jet, Smellerbee and Longshot in the ferry. Jet manages to convince Zuko into liberating some food from the captain. Zuko, Jet and Smellerbee sneak up into the captain's private food storeroom and liberate some food. Long Shot shoots up a line for them to escape, which is then pulled out once the group is back on the lower deck disguising the escape route. As the ferry continues its passage to Ba Sing Se, Jet hands out food to other passengers, while Iroh comments that Smellerbee is an unusual name for a young man, Smellerbee says, "Maybe it's because I'm a girl," and storms off. Long Shot seems to calm her down. Jet sits with Iroh and Zuko and thinks about how great it will be to see the wall of the great city. Iroh says it is a sight to behold as he saw it once when he was a different man. Jet says he's going there for a new beginning and Iroh says to Jet, but appears to be directing the words at Zuko, that people deserve a second chance. Jet tells Zuko that from the scar he knows who he is, which immediately puts Zuko on the defensive, but Jet says he's an outcast like himself and they need to have each other's back. Zuko states he's realized that being on one's own isn't always the best path. Jet and Smellerbee discuss with Lee (Zuko) about possibly joining the new Freedom Fighters. Smellerbee is against the idea, protesting that they hardly know Lee (Zuko). Jet insists, saying he is one of them. As the ferry reaches its station, the opening credits begin.

City of Walls and Secrets

  • As a reward for protecting Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation attack, Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph are allowed into the city and given a house in the Upper Ring. While the others are optimistic about having reached the city, Toph is none too thrilled: Apparently, she has been in Ba Sing Se before and did not find it to her liking. Soon after they arrive, Aang and his friends are met by Joo Dee, a woman assigned to guide them around the city. Attempts by Sokka to try to get their guide to talk about the war and a possible audience with the Earth King are invariably ignored. As they see the many sections of Ba Sing Se, Team Avatar soon find the segregation of rich and poor people is not to their liking. Aang recalls that this was the reason that he didn't visit the city in the years before his being trapped in the iceberg, as the Air Nomads teach equality for all. When a possible audience with the Earth King is finally mentioned, it is revealed that they will have to wait at least a month. It soon becomes apparent that within the walls of the city, no one wants to talk or even think about the war raging in the rest of the world. Even Aang's attempts to find Appa bear no fruit as no one seems willing to divulge any information to them, thanks to some meaningful glances from Joo Dee.
  • Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh have found jobs in a tea house, where the former Fire Nation general soon becomes popular for his superior tea brews. Unknown to the two, Jet the freedom fighter is constantly watching them. Want to know why? Cue flashback #1.
  • FLASHBACK #1: Iroh and Zuko are sitting on a bench at the ferry station, when Jet comes over and sits next to Zuko, asking him if he has any plans once in the city. While they are taking, a man with a tea cart comes by yelling, "The hottest tea in Ba Sing Se!". Iroh asks for some tea, but soon spits it out in disgust, and complains that the tea is very cold. Pulling Zuko aside, Jet tries to convince Zuko to join the Freedom Fighters, but Zuko declines. Jet suspiciously eyes Iroh drinking the now hot tea, and realizes they are firebenders. Zuko knocks the tea out of Iroh's hand and scolds Iroh for firebending his tea in public. Iroh says, "I know I'm not supposed to cry over spilled tea, but it's just so sad." Smellerbee, Longshot, and Jet, eyes wild with hatred, board the train where Zuko and Iroh are.
  • Back to present, When a notice arrives of a party being held in the palace, Katara decides it's a good way to reach the Earth King. Toph says that since the gang are mostly commoners, they'd be spotted right away if they went to the event. In the end, Toph and Katara dress up in formal attire and head for the palace as Aang and Sokka wait. When the girls are finished getting dressed, Aang is seen looking at Katara, blushing and complementing on how beautiful she is. The girls are initially refused entry by a guard, who rejects even Toph's family seal. They eventually get inside by tagging along with an official named Long Feng.
  • Aang and Sokka arrive at the palace themselves and enter the side entrance as servants. All of the kids are soon discovered by Joo Dee, who appears very frightened that they have defied the orders and entered the palace. Aang is soon exposed as the Avatar, and a commotion erupts. Sokka, Katara, Toph and Momo are soon gathered gently but forcefully by the guards. Aang himself is confronted by Long Feng and taken to a room where the others are waiting.
  • Jet, getting impatient with waiting, finally charges into the tea restaurant where Iroh and Zuko are working. He accuses the two newcomers as Firebenders, but is met only by skepticism by the tea shop patrons. Angered, Jet draws his swords. Zuko draws his own double blades, and the two start a prolonged duel. Despite taunts from Jet, Zuko holds his own without using his firebending. Zuko finally disarms Jet at the cost of one of his blades. Guards arrive at the scene and take Jet into custody. Smellerbee and Longshot watch as their friend and leader is taken away. Later, in a darkened room, a captive Jet appears to be subjected to a form of brainwashing.
  • Inside Long Feng's chamber, Aang and the rest try to talk about the coming Solar Eclipse, but are abruptly cut off by Feng. To preserve the culture and Utopian life within the walls of Ba Sing Se, no mention of the war is permitted. It is also revealed that Feng, the Earth King's secretariat, is in charge of handling day-to-day affairs in the city, including all military matters. The King himself is no more than a figurehead, a beloved icon. When Aang threatens to talk and tell everyone about the war, Feng threatens them with expulsion from the city. He then goes on to say that if Aang persists, he may never see the missing Appa ever again. As they are dismissed, Long Feng calls in Joo Dee to accompany them. Aang stares in disbelief as they all realize that a different woman has taken the place of Joo Dee.

Appa's Lost Days

  • Meanwhile, we have a second to show the audience what happened to Appa. FLASHBACK #2: Sandbenders attack Appa with intent to capture him, while Toph, her "sight" hampered by the sand, and divided by the need to prevent the library from sinking, is unable to help. The Sandbenders drag Appa away, until Ghashiun, the leader of the group, orders Appa's saddle ransacked for any valuables, but nothing more valuable than Sokka's club is found. Appa tries to fight back once more, destroying one of the sand sailers, but Ghashiun is unfazed, as that sailer had been stolen from another tribe, called the Hami tribe, in the first place. He tosses the supplies on the saddle away, and continues with his plan to sell Appa to a group of Earth Kingdom merchants with beetle head-like hats.
  • After a little debate, the merchants decide to buy Appa, giving the Sandbenders a small chest with the money. The merchants start to drag Appa into a position so they can secure him on a caged sled, but once Appa is fastened into the sled, Aang blows his whistle during his search for Appa. Appa hears the whistle and begins to struggle, lifting the entire sled off the ground to get to his calling master. The merchants decided to shoot Appa with some Shirshu spit darts fired from a blowgun. Unlike the series continuity, Appa manages to evade the darts and escape on his own. As he flies by, he sees the giant cloud created by a frustrated Aang, but his master is nowhere to be seen.
  • Appa flies back to the spot where the library was, only to find it completely buried. He tries to dig it out, but decides it a futile effort and flies off. Feeling hungry, Appa lands to find food. He starts to move towards a giant purple egg, and just as he is about to eat it, a bipedal lizard runs off with the egg held above his head. He then turns over and goes to eat a cactus, scaring away a jackalope in the process. However, Appa eats the whole cactus and gets a mouth full of thorns for his trouble. Appa lifts off again and finds himself in the Buzzard-Wasp nest that Aang and the gang traveled to, quickly earning the ire of its inhabitants. Appa manages to fight them off and collapses in the sand, trying to get at the honey on his feet.
  • That night, Appa wanders into a farm, where he goes into an open barn and eats some hay and water. Appa then collapses, exhausted, on the ground, dreaming of his past: At the Eastern Air Temple, an airbending nun is preparing several children to bond with a group of young Flying Bison. She gives each of them an apple, telling them how to choose a bison carefully, because a bison is a companion for life. One of the boys is Aang, who soon finds Appa and offers him the fruit; Appa happily devours it before pushing Aang over and licking his face. Aang laughs, saying how this must mean the two will be together forever. The scene switches to Aang, sleeping with the group during "The Serpent's Pass", who is having the same exact dream as Appa.
  • Appa is startled awake by a farmer who, frightened of Appa's immense size, is attacking him with a pitchfork. The man's wife, drawn by his cries, comes to the barn with a torch to check out what is going on. Appa, now frightened of fire due to his time with the Tamer, rears up and backs into the barn, damaging the wall before flying out straight through the roof and flying off. Appa's path takes him directly over the Serpent's Pass, where Iroh sees him in the sky. Zuko, awakened by his uncle's reaction, asks him what is going on, but Iroh decides not to tell him about it.
  • Appa continues to fly, finding his landing in the middle of a forest. Exhausted, he lands in front of an overgrown doorway. As Appa tries to stand up, a Boarcupine comes charging out of the passage, tackling him and sending them both tumbling down the hillside. Appa is stuck with several quills but manages to fight off the boar, claiming the ruin as his own.
  • The next day, the Kyoshi Warriors are out picking berries when one notices the damage caused by the fight, as well as several clumps of white fur. Suki, recognizing the fur as Appa's, finds him still sleeping. Appa, however, is now frightened of people and is reluctant to let her get closer, despite the gift of fruit she leaves him. Suki gathers the rest of the warriors and calms Appa down by telling him how she wants to help him and return him to Aang. The girls remove the quills left from the boar and clean his fur, but their celebration is short-lived as a blast of blue flames knocks a tree over. Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee show up, still pursuing the Avatar. The Warriors of Kyoshi defend Appa, but Azula and her friends are far more formidable opponents than they've faced before. Grabbing a burning branch, Suki uses it to get Appa to leave and search for Aang. Still frightened by the fire, Appa flies off, as Suki turns to engage Azula in combat.
  • Appa flies far away, passing over a group of Water Tribe ships, where Katara and Sokka's father, Hakoda, sees him flying above. He eventually makes his way back to the Eastern Air Temple, where he remembers his early days, playing with his siblings as a calf. As Appa walks around, he stumbles upon an old man who he thinks is Aang. After tackling him and licking him happily he finds that the man is not Aang, and he backs away and growls at the man. The man, who calls himself Guru Pathik, understands that he is not the person Appa expected, and he simply lies back, looking at Appa ever so often, and receiving a growl in return. Eventually, night settles in, and Appa falls asleep. The Guru reads Appa's energy, remarking on how Appa is so full of Love and Trust, but at the same time Fear is moving into where Trust should be. He also tells of how he had a vision of Aang and Appa years ago, and decided to come to the Eastern Air Temple and wait for the two. He then leaves Appa to rest, saying how Appa must let the clouds in his mind part and be at peace.
  • The coming morning, Appa finds some fruit which the Guru left for Appa to eat. Appa finds him meditating with a group of animals surrounding him. Appa decides to leave the man alone, and after flying around a bit, he comes to rest next to the Guru at the top of the Temple. The Guru gives Appa a note, which he ties to his horn, and then proceeds to tell Appa about how much his energy and Aang's are intertwined. As he tells Appa this, he puts his hand to Appa's forehead and tells Appa where to find Aang. Appa flies off, heading to Ba Sing Se.
  • As Appa flies into Ba Sing Se, two Dai Li agents are spying from the rooftops. Appa continues to fly around until suddenly he hears something. Under the gaze of three Pygmy Panthers, Appa lands in the middle of the city, where, deep in the shadows, he sees a man blowing a whistle. The man, however, is revealed to be Long Feng, and after a swift and powerful Earthbending move, he captures Appa underground, leaving only a single footprint in the mud. END OF FLASHBACK.

Lake Laogai (Intro)

  • Back to present, at the kids' house in the upper ring of Ba Sing Se, Sokka is attempting to draw pictures of Appa for posters Aang would drop around the city. Aang and Katara burst in with a professionally-made poster, featuring a much better picture of Aang's pal than Sokka's crude drawings (which caused Katara to nearly burst out laughing). The group plans on spreading the flyers all over the city, hoping someone will have some information.
  • Meanwhile, Iroh's tea-making skills have earned him renown throughout the city. So much so, that a rich patron is willing to give him his own tea shop in the upper Ring of the city, much to the dismay of his present, now former, employer. While this is a dream come true for Iroh, Zuko, of course, is much less enthusiastic. He goes outside to sulk, and when one of Aang's flyers falls into his hand, he is now faced with a decision. He has one more opportunity to capture Aang.
  • Later, Aang returns home, impatient to see if the flyers have had any success. Katara tells him to be patient, when there is a knock on the door. Aang excitedly thinks it is someone with information on Appa; instead, it's Joo Dee. She was the first one who met them when they entered the city. She explains her mysterious disappearance at the Earth King's party as having taken a short vacation to Lake Laogai. She informs the group that dropping flyers without clearance is against the rules. Aang has had quite enough of the "rules", and tells Joo Dee off, saying that he intends to find Appa, and that she should stay out of his way. Toph is elated at the opportunity to break the rules, and expresses this joy by breaking a wall in their house. The group heads out, with two Dai Li agents watching their every move.
  • Elsewhere, Long Feng is disappointed in Joo Dee's second failure to control the Avatar and his friends. Joo Dee worries that the group no longer trusts her, and rightly so. Long Feng simply says, "The Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai". Joo Dee's eyes go blank, and she all-too calmly accepts the invitation. Long Feng tells her to await further orders. As she leaves, Long Feng himself reveals that he too is worried that the Avatar may disrupt his control over the city and the king. A Dai Li agent asks if they should take care of him, but Long Feng says no, intending to deal with the "problem" quietly.
  • Back at their little apartment, Iroh is still excitedly mulling over names for his new tea shop. Zuko informs Iroh that the Avatar is in the city and searching for his bison. Iroh warns Zuko that further pursuing the Avatar in Ba Sing Se could jeopardize their attempts at rebuilding their lives. Zuko is still set upon reclaiming his believed destiny. Iroh tells him that he should take the time to think about what that means, and why.
  • Out in the city, the gang is setting up more posters when Katara is approached by Jet. He tells her that he wants to help, but Katara is understandably furious with him, and attacks. Jet deflects her attacks and tries to prove his honesty by dropping his hooked swords. The others arrive, drawn by the noise of her attack, to find Jet pinned to the wall. Toph, reading Jet's heartbeat and breathing patterns, pronounces that he's telling the truth. Katara is still distrustful, but agrees to let him go. As Jet leads them to a large empty warehouse, where he says they may have been holding Appa, Aang asks Katara who is this Jet person. Cue another flashback.


  • FLASHBACK #3: As Aang departs to the Air Temple Sanctuary, Sokka and Katara stumble into the middle of a Fire Nation campsite. A Firebender cuts off the duo's escape route by setting the ground behind them aflame, and Sokka tries to bluff their way out of the predicament, as they are seriously outnumbered. However, a group of children led by a teenage boy wielding dual hook-swords suddenly descends from the trees, and begin combating the Fire Nation soldiers. Katara helps to battle the opposition, but each time Sokka prepares to engage a soldier, he is knocked out by the children's leader, who single-handedly dispatches more than half a dozen of them. The leader introduces himself as Jet, and his allies as the Freedom Fighters.
  • Katara develops a rather large crush on Jet, and rarely speaks without shameless flattery of him and his ways. As Katara and Jet chat, managing to indirectly insult Sokka's instinctual behavior, The Duke and Pipsqueak raid the now-abandoned Fire Nation campsite, finding crates filled with jelly candy and barrels of explosive blasting jelly. When the Freedom Fighters mention bringing their score back to their hideout, Katara eagerly accepts and Jet invites them to come. When they reach the site of the Freedom Fighters' hideout, however, there is nothing to be found, as Sokka comments. However, Jet offers Sokka a rope dangling from between the thick foliage of the branches above, which yanks him up through the canopy. Jet holds on to Katara while he is pulled up. During their ascent, Katara blushes deeply at the close contact. Upon reaching their hideout in the trees, Jet explains to Katara the Freedom Fighters' mission: several years ago, the Fire Nation took over a nearby Earth Kingdom village, Gaipan.
  • The Freedom Fighters have since then ambushed Fire Nation troops and done everything in their power to cut off the town's supply lines. Their goal is to one day force the Fire Nation from the town permanently. Katara expresses further infatuation with Jet, temporarily praising his bravery, which ultimately provokes a sarcastic comment from Sokka. Jet, however, shows no ill-will in response to Sokka's remark. He then explains to Katara that all of the Freedom Fighters live in their treetop base, and none of them have their families anymore. Longshot's village was burned to the ground, while The Duke was found on his own. Jet himself lost his parents' lives at the hands of the Fire Nation, which incites great sympathy in Katara, having also lost her mother to the Fire Nation.
  • That night, Jet gives a speech to all of the Freedom Fighters, congratulating them on their victory over the Fire Nation. Immediately afterward, he also privately compliments Katara for her role in the battle, as well as her Bending proficiency. Jet states that he hopes to have her help in their battle with the Fire Nation. Sokka quickly interjects, stating that they plan to leave that very night. Jet replies with feigned disappointment, stating that he was hoping Sokka would assist him in a mission the following morning.
  • Sokka hesitantly accepts, and the next morning he waits in the trees overlooking a path with Jet. Using a trick with his machete to amplify vibrations, Sokka alerts Jet when a man approaches. Jet and two other Freedom Fighters, Smellerbee and Pipsqueak, descend, despite Sokka's statement that the man approaching is just a feeble old man. Jet and his Freedom Fighters bully the man, eventually knocking him prone onto the ground, the whole time with Jet ruthlessly ignoring the man's pleas for mercy. Sokka stops Jet from striking the man further, and tells him to stop his actions. Jet orders the man searched, and turns on Sokka angrily. He ignores Sokka's insistence that the man is harmless and innocent, justifying himself by stating the man is with the Fire Nation. Inevitably, Jet and the Freedom Fighters leave with the man's belongings, Sokka reluctantly following with regret evident in his expression.
  • After Jet and Sokka return, Katara has made Jet a hat from the leaves of the trees. Sokka dismisses this and announces that they're leaving. Katara objects, to which Sokka responds by revealing Jet's previous bullying action. Doubtful, Katara demands to hear Jet's side of the story. Jet reiterates that the man was with the Fire Nation, and then produces a knife which has a compartment for poison in the hilt. He claims that the man was an assassin, sent especially to kill him. Sokka is still angry and heavily doubts Jet's story, stating that he never saw a knife in the man's belongings, although the explanation has convinced Katara and Aang. Sokka storms off, stating that he will be preparing to leave. Upon his departure, Jet quickly pleads for Katara to stay, stating that the Fire Nation plans to burn down the forest - he needs her to use Waterbending to fill the nearby reservoir, which will allow the Freedom Fighters to quench the fires. Katara approaches Sokka, and adamantly refuses to leave until they have helped Jet. She accuses Sokka's actions as having resulted from jealousy, and refuses to listen to the reasons he gives for his actions.
  • That night, Sokka overhears Jet and the core of the Freedom Fighters sneaking out of their base, and decides to follow them. The six bring with them the barrels of blasting jelly on a cart, and Jet reviews their plan: to blow up the barrels directly beneath the dam of a river, which runs through the city. With the reservoir full, the village will be flooded, wiping out the Fire Nation soldiers stationed there. The Duke expresses concern for the lives of the innocents living there, which include Earth Kingdom citizens, but Jet replies that they must be willing to make this sacrifice. Sokka has overheard all of this, but he is caught by Smellerbee and Pipsqueak. As dawn arrives, Sokka is dragged out to face Jet, and confronts him over the plan. Although he attempts to persuade Sokka to persist in the plan, Jet soon realizes that the young Water Tribe warrior will not change his decision, and has Pipsqueak and Smellerbee walk him into the forest so as to prevent him from warning Katara of the plan.
  • Soon afterward, Jet leads Katara to an extremely shallow river, which leads into the reservoir. Katara, still unaware of Jet's true plans, apologizes for Sokka's crude behavior, to which Jet responds by lying that Sokka has already apologized for himself, their dispute is resolved, and Sokka is currently out scouting with Smellerbee and Pipsqueak. Although Katara finds it strange that Sokka would be so quick to apologize, but they do not question Jet's word. After they have reached their destination, Jet explains to Katara her role in the mission: she must bend the water that resides beneath the vents. Upon release, the built-up pressure beneath the geysers will keep the flow of water going, thus filling up the river leading into the reservoir. Katara initially doubts her ability to bend water that she cannot see, but Jet provides her with words of encouragement, accompanied by his hands on her shoulders, and soon she successfully releases the water from one of the vents. Jet leaves Katara to her work, stating that he will be at the reservoir and will meet her back at the hideout. However, Jet underestimates the time Katara needs to release an adequate number of geysers, and she quickly has the river at a high enough level. She decides to go to meet Jet at the reservoir.
  • Sokka, with his hands bound, by this time is being marched through the forest by Smellerbee and Pipsqueak. Although he attempts to convince the two Freedom Fighters to reconsider Jet's plan, they refuse to listen; they are loyal to Jet, who has demonstrated great leadership in the past and whose actions have always turned out for the better of the Freedom Fighters. Sokka gives up trying to reason with the two, and spots a number of the same type Fire Nation traps that he and Katara came across before meeting Jet. He breaks away from his escorts, and tricks them into pursuing him straight into the traps, which leave them caged and suspended from the branches above. Sokka frees his hands, and quickly moves to stop Jet's plan. At the same time, Appa arrives into the scene. Sokka is still puzzled on Aang's whereabouts at that time.
  • Just then, Katara comes to the edge of a cliff overlooking the dam, where she spots four Freedom Fighters setting up the barrels of blasting jelly. Katara immediately realizes Jet's plan. Jet confesses what his true plan is, and attempts to convince Katara that the action is necessary. After he and Katara have experience the pain of losing loved ones, he argues, they cannot allow the Fire Nation to hurt anyone ever again- they must be merciless. Katara is completely nonplussed, but Jet persists, stating that he had hoped she and Sokka would understand his reasons. Katara immediately responds to Sokka's mention by demanding to know where he is, and tears begin to flow from her eyes. Jet places a comforting hand on her cheek, but Katara has had enough,she draws water from a small nearby stream to aggressively attack Jet, pushing him back towards a tree and then freezing him to its trunk. She berates him for betraying her trust, but before she can get too far in her tirade, she is startled by a birdcall from off in the distance. Jet responds with his own call, the signal to set off the explosion. He has managed to delay Katara just long enough for his Freedom Fighters to set up the blasting jelly.
  • Longshot, perched in a tree, fires a fire arrow, igniting the jelly and wrecking the dam. In mere seconds, the village is completely flooded. Sad, hurt, and angry, Katara turns on Jet and resumes insulting him for his actions; still, Jet does not back down, stating that this act was a victory against the Fire Nation, who will forever be absent from the valley, which will be safe. Suddenly, Sokka arrives, riding Appa and accompanied by Momo. Jet is infuriated to learn that Sokka successfully warned the villagers of the impending flood, and the town was evacuated. Although at first the stationed Fire Nation soldiers believed him to be a spy, Sokka's warnings were supported by none other than the elderly man that he and Jet encountered the previous day. With the man's urgings augmenting Sokka's, everyone was safely escorted out of the village to safety. Jet calls Sokka a fool, as he has ruined the people's chance to win freedom from the Fire Nation; Sokka responds by coldly stating that there would be no one left alive to appreciate this freedom. Jet then declares him a traitor, but Sokka said that when Jet stopped protecting the innocent, he became the traitor. Katara turns her back on Jet, and she and Sokka fly off on Appa, leaving the leader of the Freedom Fighters frozen against the tree. Back at the same spot where Aang previously departed, Aang returned from his Blue Spirit escapades, with Katara and Sokka resting in that very spot. END OF FLASHBACK.

Lake Laogai (Conclusion)

  • Back to present, Toph confirms the location where Appa might have been held by finding a tuft of Appa's fur. A old man who is sweeping comes in and says that he's glad that he doesn't have to clean up after the creature's droppings. The old cleaning man says that the creature was sent off to Whale Tail Island, which would take weeks, maybe months to get to. It is located down near the South Pole. He said it was bought by some wealthy noble for a zoo or something. Aang immediately wants to set off, and Jet offers to come along. But Katara forcefully says no.
  • On their way out, the group is sidetracked when Smellerbee and Longshot who happen to come across them. Katara once again turns on Jet, as he had claimed to have left his gang behind. Jet insists that he's been living a peaceful life in the city, but Smellerbee of course says that he was arrested by the Dai Li a few weeks beforehand. Toph says that they're both telling the truth, even though their stories don't match. Sokka quickly realizes that the reason Toph can tell that neither of them is lying is because they both think they're telling the truth. Jet has been brainwashed too quickly and quietly get the Avatar and his friends out of Ba Sing Se without talking to the Earth King about the war, which was Long Feng's plan.
  • That night, a Dai Li agent is walking alone down a street when he's bumped aside by the Blue Spirit (Zuko). He chases the Spirit down an alley and attacks him, knocking the head off a decoy. Zuko quickly captures him, demanding that the agent tells him what he needs, and if he is denied, The Blue Spirit implies that he will cut off the agent's head.
  • Meanwhile, the group, Longshot, and Smellerbee, are holding Jet. Katara guesses that Jet and the old man were used to try to lead them away from the city on a false lead. Aang, realizing that Appa may be held in the same place they brainwashed Jet, tries to get him to remember where he was taken. When trying to remember the night his home was attacked proves too painful, Katara uses her healing to try to help him out. Jet remembers that he was taken to a secret facility under a water like a lake. Sokka remembers what Joo Dee had said about her "vacation", jogging more of Jet's memory. She said she went on vacation at Lake Laogai. The base is under Lake Laogai.
  • The group makes their way to the lake the next day, and Toph quickly finds and uncovers an underwater tunnel. They go inside, quietly making their way through the dark corridors. In one room, a group of women is being "conditioned" to be Joo Dees. Jet leads the group to a cell he thinks will be big enough to hold Appa, which he opens. Inside his cell, Appa gets up as his cell door is opened. But it's not Jet who opened this door, but The Blue Spirit. Meanwhile, the gang find themselves confronted by Long Feng and several Dai Li agents. A battle quickly breaks out. Long Feng starts to leave the room, with Aang and Jet in hot pursuit. Long Feng tries to make one last bargain with Aang, but he and Jet refuse. Instead, he extends the same invitation to Jet that he did to Joo Dee. Jet's eyes go blank, and he attacks Aang.
  • In Appa's cell, The Blue Spirit (Zuko) is suddenly confronted by Iroh, who asks who could be behind that mask. Then Iroh scolds Zuko for not planning ahead, particularly over the time when they were at the North Pole, in which he would have died had the Avatar's friends not come along. He pleads with Zuko to look inside himself for once and find his own destiny, not the one forced on him by his father. Zuko throws his mask and swords to the ground in anger.
  • Elsewhere, Aang is trying to get Jet to snap out of his trance, while avoiding his attacks. He finally gets through to him by reminding him of his past as a Freedom Fighter. Jet recovers, and Long Feng asks what he is doing and tells him to finish Aang. Jet quickly hurls one of his hooked swords at Long Feng's head, who dodges and retaliates with a crushing blow. Long Feng escapes as the others enter the chamber. Katara tries to heal Jet and realizes just how badly he was injured. Smellerbee asks them to go on ahead, saying they'll be fine. Katara tells them that they can't just leave them there, but Longshot speaks for the first time and tells Aang and his group that they should go and find Appa, and leave Jet to Smellerbee and himself. Jet tries to assure Katara that he'll be all right, but as they leave, Toph sorrowfully tells Sokka that Jet was lying. Longshot is shown notching an arrow, preparing to shoot at the first sign of enemies.
  • They finally reach Appa's cell, only to find the chains broken and Appa gone. Thinking that the Dai Li have taken him, they rush back to the surface, only to find themselves surrounded by Long Feng and Dai Li agents. Momo suddenly takes off into the sky, only to have Appa come down and break through two of the walls the Dai Li made and Appa taking out Long Feng by biting him. Toph and Aang take this opportunity to take out the remaining Dai Li on the middle wall and fling them into the lake. Long Feng tries to attack Appa, only to have his foot caught in Appa's mouth, and gets tossed into the lake, skipping across the surface. Aang and the others joyfully reunite with their flying friend, before quickly making their escape from the island on Appa. Katara observed the water below, mourning to have been so hard on Jet in his last hours, having seen he really had changed. Aang, sensing her pain, comforted her, followed shortly by her brother and Toph. Together they sail off for a neary island, supporting one another through this tragedy.
  • Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh leave the base, barely missing the fighting. Zuko acknowledges his uncle's words, dropping the Blue Spirit mask into the water. He stands looking at it, as it sinks into the darkness.

The Earth King

  • Less than an hour after the events from before, Aang and his friends are on a small island, recovering and discussing what they should do. Katara and Toph both want to leave Ba Sing Se, as they have found Appa and thus have no reason to remain there. On the other hand, Sokka wants to stay to inform the Earth King of all that is taking place within Ba Sing Se, as well as the approaching solar eclipse, since this was their entire reason for heading towards Ba Sing Se in the first place. Aang agrees with him. Ultimately, the others agree to do so, and all four ride Appa back to Ba Sing Se's upper ring, and manage to break into the palace, tearing their way through the Royal Earthbender Guards despite a strong defense.
  • Meanwhile, Iroh and Zuko arrive back at their apartment after their escapade at Lake Laogai. Iroh happily reassures his nephew that he did the right thing by "letting the Avatar's bison go free". However, Zuko does not respond to this comment; instead he tells his Uncle that he doesn't feel right, and then suddenly collapses, losing consciousness while he falls to the floor. Shocked and worried, Iroh runs to Zuko's aid. At the palace, Aang and his friends finally reach the Earth King's throne room, where they are encountered by Long Feng and many Dai Li, who stand before the Earth King as a last defense. They attempt to inform the King about the war, of which he knows nothing, and Long Feng's conspiracy, but have difficulty due to their position as well as his trust in his adviser. Long Feng attempts to arrest them, until the Earth King realizes that Aang is the Avatar; he then decides it best to at least hear out Aang and his friends after seeing his pet bear, Bosco, acting friendly towards the child.
  • Aang goes on to explain the various events going on that the Earth King is unaware of: a war outside Ba Sing Se's walls, Long Feng and the Dai Li's conspiracy, the imprisonment of Appa, and the brainwashing of Jet and countless other individuals. Long Feng denies all the charges brought against him, even claiming that he has never even encountered a flying Bison. As the Earth King ponders over the apparently unlikely allegations, Long Feng whispers in his ear that Aang and his friends are part of an "anarchist cell" attempting to overthrow him. The Dai Li bind the group with Earthbending, and The Earth King orders the group to be detained, but Sokka has an epiphany and, with Aang's Airbending, exposes a bite mark that Long Feng received from Appa in their encounter at Lake Laogai. Long Feng claims it's a birth mark, but Aang then produces Appa to compare the mark to the bison's teeth. The Earth King is unconvinced of the larger accusations of conspiracy in the city, but expresses a willingness to investigate more closely into the matter. Long Feng frowns sourly at all this, and shuffles off quietly with his Dai Li.
  • Meanwhile, Iroh watches over Zuko, whose condition appears only to be worsening. He is feverish and incredibly thirsty. At the same time, Aang's friends and the Earth King ride Ba Sing Se's train to Lake Laogai. The Earth King states that he has lived his life in isolation, having never been outside the palace before in his life. When they arrive at Lake Laogai, they find that the entrance to the subterranean facility, and likely the entire facility itself, has collapsed. They decide to show the Earth King the outer wall, which was earlier penetrated by the Fire Nation's drill, but the King has had enough and decides to return to the palace. Aang then quickly convinces him to continue the investigation by letting the Earth King ride on Appa.
  • Zuko dreams and hallucinates: in the first dream, he sees himself as the Fire Lord with a hairstyle similar to his father's and no scar on his face. Two dragons, one blue, the other red, coil around his throne and whisper advice to him. The blue dragon, speaking in Azula's voice, tries to persuade "Fire Lord" Zuko to rest, while the red dragon, in Iroh's voice, tells him not listen to the blue dragon and to instead "get out of [there]." The scene then crumbles around Zuko and the blue dragon attacks, fading to darkness as Zuko sees images of his vanished mother calling out for help.
  • The Earth King arrives at the outer wall, and is shocked to see the remains of the Fire Nation's drill leading right up to and through Ba Sing Se's outer wall. Long Feng makes a hurried attempt to pass the drill off as part of a construction project, but the Earth King is clearly unconvinced and orders the Dai Li to arrest Long Feng. The two Dai Li agents accompanying Long Feng share a conspiratorial glance, and then bind Long Feng's arms with metal manacles. When they return to the palace, he also agrees, after some persuasion to support Sokka's plan to invade the Fire Nation on the day of the solar eclipse (dubbed by Sokka The Day of Black Sun), when the Fire Nation will be helpless.
  • The Earth King's top generals, the Council of Five, raid Long Feng's office and discover files about every person in Ba Sing Se, including Aang and his friends. Included is the note from Guru Pathik that was attached to Appa's horn prior to his capture, informing Aang that he can teach him information about his powers, and even how to control the Avatar State; a letter from Toph's mother, saying she is in the city and wants to meet her daughter; and an intelligence report giving the location of Southern Water Tribe warriors led by Hakoda, Sokka and Katara's father. At Iroh and Zuko's apartment, Iroh informs his nephew that he is going through a spiritual metamorphosis because letting Appa go went so strongly against his self-image. Iroh tells Zuko that this transformation will not be pleasant, but in the end, he will emerge as the "beautiful prince [he] was always meant too be".
  • Elated by the news they have all just received, Aang and his friends try to decide what actions to take. Katara suggests, albeit reluctantly, that the group split up. Aang initially objects, but, finding no other reasonable course to take, all of them agree. Sokka, however, sadly states that he will stay in the palace, as the Earth King will need guidance in the days to come. Katara quickly cuts him off, knowing that her brother's desire to meet their father is greater than her own, and states that she will stay with the Earth King instead. Thus their actions are decided- Aang drops off Sokka with Hakoda's group before proceeding to the Eastern Air Temple on Appa, Toph will go to meet her mother, and finally Katara will stay behind to assist the Earth King. The next morning, Aang and Sokka prepare to make their journey. Before departing, Aang attempts to tell Katara his true feelings for her, but is interrupted at the most untimely of moments by Sokka. The Earth King, while bidding farewell to Aang and Sokka, receives word that a group of Kyoshi Warriors will be arriving. Sokka, in a moment of excitement, realizes that the group must include Suki, and falls off Appa. He quickly recovers, and vouches that the Kyoshi Warriors are strong and trustworthy allies. The Earth King responds that he will welcome them with open arms. Katara hugs Aang and kisses him on the cheek in farewell, getting a blush from the Avatar in return. Toph expresses a rare moment of compassion for her friends, and all four engage in a group hug (Sokka reluctantly) before the boys take off.
  • Zuko seems to have awakened from his feverish nightmares, and, seeing that Iroh is asleep, goes to the bathroom to splash some water on his face. When he looks up at the mirror, he is shocked to see himself without his scar, replaced by the shaved head and blue arrow tattoos of an Airbender, making him sharply resemble Aang. Zuko then actually wakes up, letting out a loud scream. He touches his scar, reassuring himself that he is actually awake.
  • Aang and Sokka make their way over the plains surrounding Ba Sing Se on Appa, convinced that things are finally going positively for them. However, back in the city, the circumstances take a suddenly negative turn. In prison, a Dai Li agent delivers Long Feng his meal, but also quietly reassures that the organization retains loyalty to him, not the King. Meanwhile, Toph goes to meet her mother, entering an upper-ring building that she finds empty. She enters, but only suspects trickery at the last minute, and is captured in a metal coffin. Master Yu and Xin Fu emerge from the shadows and prepare to return Toph to the Bei Fong family so that they may retrieve their reward. Afterwards, the Kyoshi Warriors arrive before the Earth King, who formally welcomes them. Unknown to the king, however, they are actually Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee, disguised in Kyoshi Warrior garments and face paint.

The Guru

  • It is the morning, and Iroh is preparing some jook. Zuko walks into the room, yawns, and comments on the smell of the jook. Iroh says that he will not like it, but Zuko contradicts him, smelling a ladleful and saying that he would love to taste it. Iroh is somewhat surprised, and made says that Zuko has changed greatly since he recovered from the fever he had from earlier. Zuko just smiles, and states optimisticly that it is a new day — in fact the day of the grand opening of Iroh’s new tea shop, and they have a wonderful new apartment.
  • At the same time, Aang and Sokka land at the mouth of Chameleon Bay, where they were told that Sokka’s father Hakoda and the rest of the Southern Water Tribe Warriors are. Sokka is very nervous, but Aang tries to calm him down, and succeeds somewhat. Sokka questions Aang on his feelings towards him meeting Guru Pathik to master the Avatar State. Aang smiles, and replies that he, unlike Sokka, is not nervous in the least. He then takes off on Appa, shouting back to Sokka that they will reunite in a week.
  • Sokka walks into the base, and is greeted with warm and welcome arms by the warriors of the Southern Water Tribe. After a very brief exchange of greetings, the warriors point him off to a large tent. Sokka enters the tent, where several more warriors, including Bato and his father Hakoda, are studying a map. Hakoda looks up from the map, then rises to embrace Sokka happily.
  • Back in Ba Sing Se, the Earth King is entertaining Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee, still disguised as Kyoshi Warriors. He tells them of Long Feng's manipulation of the city. Azula expresses false interest, and the Earth King continues by telling Azula of the plans for the invasion of the Fire Nation during the Day of Black Sun. Azula is surprised but manages to suppress her shock to the point of merely expressing interest in the plan.
  • At that exact moment, the Council of Five is going over the invasion plan with Katara, who is accompanied by Momo. General How says that General Fong’s base will be the staging point of the attack, and they will send in troops, demonstrating the motion by Earthbending several stone pieces representing Earth Kingdom forces across a world map. Momo suddenly darts across the board and knocks the pillars over. Katara laughs at the lemur's actions and attempts to joke with the five generals, who are not amused. General How asks Katara to take a scroll detailing the invasion plans so that it may receive Seal of the Earth King, which will finalize the plan.
  • Aang arrives at the Eastern Air Temple and finds Guru Pathik meditating atop the same pillar he was on before Appa's departure. Guru Pathik introduces himself as a spiritual brother to the Air Nomads and a good, close friend of Monk Gyatso. Aang ask Pathik how he plans on teaching him how to gain control of the Avatar State, to which Guru replies that he must first bring balance to himself before he can bring balance to the world. The Guru first asks Aang to simply drink a liquid, which Aang does before spitting it out, as it is a strange combination of onion and banana juice.
  • Out on a road, an ostrich-horse is pulling a cart carrying Master Yu and Xin Fu as well as Toph, who is trapped within a huge metal box. The two up front are arguing about which way to go in order to back to the Bei Fong estate, Toph’s home, when Toph yells at the two to stop arguing and let her out to go to the bathroom. Master Yu starts to get up to let her out, but Xin Fu sharply pulls him back from the action, noticing the obvious trick where his companion does not. Toph pounds against the cage she is in, only infuriating Xin Fu more, who tells her that no matter how good an Earthbender she thinks she may be, there is no way that she can Bend the metal.
  • Back in Ba Sing Se, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee are removing their disguises, when Azula presents the girls an idea. She states that they now have the perfect opportunity to bring down the Earth Kingdom from the inside and succeed where the Fire Nation has failed for a century. She proposes they stage a coup to overthrow the Earth King. Azula determines that the determining factor in accomplishing this goal lies in the control of the Dai Li.
  • Back at the Eastern Air Temple, Guru Pathik is beginning Aang’s instruction of the chakras. In order to master the Avatar State, Pathik says that he must first open the seven chakras of the body. After determining that Aang has absolutely no knowledge of the nature of chakras, Pathik procides a visual representation. Using a pond clogged with algae, he successfully explains to Aang the concept of chakras, stating that by removing the clogs between pools, the water is allowed to flow, just as energy is allowed to flow through the body when the seven chakras are open. There are seven chakras within the body, each with a purpose and each with a different blockage; an intense sensation results from the opening of them all. Pathik warns that the process of opening the chakras cannot be halted once it has begun- it must be completed in order to succeed. Aang accepts this risk and they begin the process.
  • Meanwhile Toph using her ability to "see" the tiny fragments of earth left within the metal cage she learns the unique sub-skill to bend metal, as Toph learns this she punches a huge dent through the cage doors twice and manages to escape her cell. Back in Chameleon Bay, Sokka, his father Hakoda, and the rest of the Warriors are preparing what Hakoda calls Tangle Mines. Comprised of a buoyant casing around an explosive mine, they are filled with Skunkfish and Seaweed. Upon detonation, the seaweed entangles itself in propellors of Fire Nation ships, immobilizing them. Afterwards, the stench of the Skunkfish forces the soldiers onboard to abandon ship. Hakoda jokes that he has dubbed the plan, “The Stink and Sink,” to which Sokka explodes with laughter. Bato remarks dryly on how similar the father and son are.
  • A scouting party returns, informing the warriors of the presence of four Fire Nation ships. Hakoda quickly acts, telling Bato to finish preparing the mines, and the rest of the warriors to prepare for battle. Sokka hesitates as the other warriors prepare for battle, and then asks Hakoda what he should do. In a slightly irritated, yet joking tone, Hakoda repeats pointedly that he wanted, "the rest of [the] men to get ready for battle." Sokka smiles at his father's confirmation of his coming-of-age, and quickly prepares himself for the encounter ahead.
  • In Ba Sing Se, the Jasmine Dragon is finally opening, and Iroh and Zuko stand proudly as customers arrive at the tea shop. Iroh says that he is in disbelief that has accomplished his dream of running his own tea shop. He advises Zuko to follow his own dreams as well, and Zuko congratulates him. Iroh expresses pride in his nephew for having chosen to be with him in this happy time. Zuko enthusiastically hugs his uncle, then runs off to start preparing tea, Iroh soon happily joins him.
  • Meanwhile, Mai and Ty Lee, in Kyoshi warrior garb, lounge on the front steps of the Earth King's palace. Mai complains about her outfit and about the tasks involved in being the Earth King's audience (primarily cleaning up after the King's pet bear). Ty Lee advises Mai to be patient and repeats aloud the plan Azula has formed. Mai quickly snaps at her to be quiet, as she will reveal that they are from the Fire Nation if she continues. A small group of Dai Li, who have been spying from their hiding spots clinging to several pillars, quickly and stealthily crawl off. Once they are gone, Azula emerges and compliments her friends on their acting job, as Long Feng will surely be informed of their plans now.
  • Katara and Momo, just before going to see the Earth King, decide to stop at a new tea house. As she enters, Katara hears and sees Zuko reciting an order for tea to Iroh in the back of the shop, and she gasps in surprise before running off to warn the Earth King. Aang and Pathik arrive at the seventh and final Chakra. Pathik congratulates Aang and states that with the final Chakra's opening, he will be able to willfully enter and exit the Avatar State, as well as control his actions within it. The Thought Chakra, located at the crown of the head, deals with Cosmic Energy, and is blocked by Earthly Attachment. Aang is asked to meditate on what he is attached to, and images of Katara flood his mind. Now that Aang has focused on that which he is attached to, Pathik instructs Aang to let the attachments go. Aang suddenly becomes angry, finding the idea of letting go of Katara ludicrous, as he loves her. He also questions why he should not allow himself to feel this love, when Pathik stated previously that it was beneficial to him. Pathik narrows his eyes, but remains calm, and states that if Aang ever wants the pure Cosmic Energy to enter him, he must let go of all earthly attachments, including Katara.
  • Katara rushes into the palace and tells Azula, whom she believes is Suki, that Prince Zuko and Iroh have infiltrated the city. She tells how they need to inform the Earth King. As Azula calmly replies that that will not be necessary, Katara realizes her mistake- she recognizes the distinct golden hue of Azula's eyes. However, Katara's realization is too late; Ty Lee hurtles into the air and disables Katara. Azula and her friends stand over Katara's prone form, and she remarks that it is time she and Zuko encountered each other again.
  • The argument continues back at the Eastern Air Temple, with Pathik telling Aang he must open all of the chakras to master the Avatar State. Aang decides to at the least try to do so, and he begins to let go. He visualizes an image of Katara disappearing into space, and himself being taken high above the planet to walk along a purple stream of cosmic energy. The stream is radiating from a gigantic image of himself in the Avatar State, which surrounds him in a sphere of energy radiating from its palms. However, Aang is suddenly shocked when an image of Katara, captured underground, appears behind him. He abandons the Avatar State and begins running towards the image. The stream of cosmic energy dissipates, and Aang plummets to the Earth. Jolting awake from his meditation, Aang desperately says that Katara is in trouble, and he must go back to Ba Sing Se to help her. Pathik stops him, telling him that by choosing Attachment, the last chakra has become blocked- if he leaves now, he will not be able to go into the Avatar State at all. Aang hesitates, but then continues on without looking back or responding.
  • Master Yu and Xin Fu are startled by a tearing sound from the back of the wagon, and go to investigate. A massive hole has been ripped in the back of Toph's prison, and she is not inside. Toph emerges further back on the road and uses Earthbending to thrust Xin Fu and Yu back into the coffin. She then grips either side of the hole she made earlier, and pulls them back together, trapping her captors in her place. After taking a few moments to yell out her triumph and state that she is the greatest Earthbender ever, Toph rapidly heads back to Ba Sing Se by surfing along a self-made wave of Earth. This leaves Xin Fu and Yu locked very uncomfortably within the coffin, and Xin Fu frustrated as ever at having to spend time with his companion.
  • Sokka and the rest of Hakoda's warriors are finishing preparing their ships to move on. Sokka tells his father that he is going to make him proud and prove what a great warrior he is. Hakoda smiles, and replies that Sokka does not have to prove himself- he has always known Sokka has been a great warrior. This heartfelt moment is brought up short by the sudden appearance of Aang and Appa. Aang only has to look at Sokka for him to realize that the situation is urgent, and he bids farewell to his father.
  • In the prisons of Ba Sing Se, a group of Dai Li agents escorts a restrained and complaining Azula to Long Feng’s cell. Upon their arrival, she demands to know why she has been taken out of her bed in the middle of the night. Long Feng smiles craftily and tells her he knows exactly who she truly is and that he wants to make a deal, as Azula has the Earth King's trust. In return for her help, Long Feng promises the Avatar, and Azula smirks, before the proposal continues.
  • At the Jasmine Dragon, Iroh and Zuko are surprised when a messenger delivers wonderful news — they have been invited to serve tea to the Earth King. Zuko, looking extremely content and happy for his uncle's good fortune, continues working in the shop. Meanwhile, Azula is carried back to her apartment by the Dai Li, smirking an evil smile.

The Crossroads of Destiny

  • Sokka and Aang both hurry back to Ba Sing Se on Appa. As they fly along, they spot Toph, who is earthsurfing to get back to the Palace as quickly as she can. They pick her up and fly to Ba Sing Se, trying quickly to get there to see if Katara is all right. When asked if he had mastered the Avatar State, Aang lies to the others, saying that he has. Meanwhile, deep underground, Azula, who has been control of the Dai Li by Long Feng for the planned coup, works quickly to establish her position of leadership and make them fear and obey her. She tells them all that soon the Earth King will lock them away, just as he did to Long Feng. This inspirational fear is shown later on when one agent visits Long Feng, and when asked about Azula, says that she is both terrifying and inspirational.
  • Iroh and Zuko arrive at the Earth King's palace, on the esteem invitation they received to serve him tea. While waiting for the King, the two become somewhat apprehensive. A circle of Dai Li agents surround Iroh and Zuko, and it quickly is revealed to be a plot by Azula. Zuko takes a defensive stance; however, Iroh takes a different approach. He calmly asks Azula if she ever heard why he earned the nickname, “Dragon of the West,” to which Azula just waves him off and says she has no time for lengthy anecdotes. Instead of a verbal narrative, Iroh sips at the tea before him and suddenly begins to breathe fire, attacking the Dai Li agents surrounding him and Zuko. The two begin their escape, dodging projectiles of earth fired by the Dai Li, and Iroh destroys a wall with a blast of lightning. He leaps out of the Palace, lands on the ground and tells Zuko that they must escape. However, Zuko decides that it is time to end this running away and turns to fight Azula. After Zuko challenges her to an Agni Kai, she turns him down and turns her back, and he is captured by the Dai Li.
  • Meanwhile, the gang arrives in Ba Sing Se and goes to see the Earth King, who tells them not to worry: Katara is fine, and after the meeting with the Council of Five, she decided to go with the Kyoshi Warriors still unaware that they are actually Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai in disguise. When the team goes to their house, they find it empty and they realize Katara is indeed in danger.
  • As the gang searches the apartment, Toph senses someone at the door, but she soon knows who it is after a knock. She tells Aang and Sokka that it is an old friend of hers, Iroh. He tells them that Azula has captured Zuko, and he says that he needs their help. Sokka grows defensive; however, after Aang puts the whole image into perspective, Sokka changes his mind and the gang heads outside. Once there, they trap the captured Dai Li agent (caught by Iroh) in a pinch of rocks, and after Sokka’s questioning, the gang learn that Katara is being held in a secret underground cave.
  • Katara stands in a dark, crystal-lighted cave when suddenly a light shows above, the entrance opens and Zuko is thrown into the cave. As he comes to, Katara takes a defensive stance. Initially furious to see him, she tells him that all he cares about is capturing the Avatar, and how spreading war and hatred is in his blood. When she says that he does not know the pain of the Fire Nation killing her mother, Zuko apologizes, and says that this is something they both have in common, softening her slowly.
  • Outside the Palace, the gang discovers that there is indeed a huge underground city, and decides that Toph and Sokka should go to warn the Earth King about the coup, and Iroh and Aang are to rescue Katara and Zuko. Traveling down a tunnel to their prison, Aang mentions that Toph says Iroh gives great advice and tea. He also tells him of the events of his meeting with Guru Pathik. When questioning his choice, and saying how he doubts his abilities without the Avatar State, Iroh suggests that Aang was very wise to choose happiness and love over power and perfection, which are both overrated in his opinion.
  • Outside of the palace, Sokka and Toph soon see General How, but before they can say anything, the Dai Li place him under house arrest. At that same moment, every general in the Council of Five is arrested. The two make it into the Throne Room, and they reveal to the Earth King that the Kyoshi Warriors are not genuine. Upon seeing Sokka, Ty Lee starts to flirt with him, but he says that he is involved with Suki. Ty Lee does not know who Suki is, which exposes them and Toph throws her to the side with some rocks. Mai, realizing that their identities are now known, throws a hail of ornate shurikens at Toph, who blocks them with a wall of earth. Ty Lee begins to “fight” Sokka, commenting it's like they are dancing as he dodges her strikes. However, the fighting is in vain, as Azula soon has the King at flamepoint. Sokka and Toph surrender, and are disabled by Ty Lee.
  • Long Feng appears and immediately orders the Dai Li to arrest Azula; however, to his shock, they do not comply. Azula happily explains the situation to Long Feng; the Dai Li don't know which of them is more powerful. She guesses that he is lower class by birth, but had managed to get his power through incredible work all his life; however, she declares that she has “divine right to rule,” and confidently takes the Earth King's throne. Long Feng surrenders, bowing to Azula, admitting how she beat him at his own game.
  • Down below in their prison, Katara apologizes to Zuko for how she yelled at him, and tells him that for a long time, whenever she saw the face of the enemy, she saw Zuko’s face. He turns away, touching his scar, assuming she was referencing his scar; a mark he feels that was once symbol to his banishment, and to his “destiny” of chasing the Avatar forever. However, he has gained Katara's trust to the point where she offers to heal his scar using the water from the Spirit Oasis. However, before she can do anything, Aang and Iroh show up, both of them embracing Katara and Zuko, respectively.
  • Zuko and Aang exchange glares, and Zuko grows angry that Iroh was with the Avatar. Iroh sends Katara and Aang off to help Sokka and Toph. Iroh then explains to Zuko that he is a different and changed man, stronger and wiser than ever before. He tells Zuko that he is time for him to choose good. Before Zuko can reply, a mass of crystals springs up to entrap Iroh, and Azula with a couple Dai Li agents emerge from the shadows. She says that she expected this sort of treachery from Iroh, but not from her brother. She feeds him tales of how this is the most glorious day in Fire Nation history, and that if he joins her, Zuko will gain back his father’s love and honor. Iroh begs Zuko to not listen to Azula, telling him that the kind of redemption Azula is offering is not the redemption for him, but Azula continues to plot, telling Zuko how she has planned everything, and that they will only win if he joins her. Iroh begs even more, for Zuko to look deep inside his heart and see what he truly wants. Azula sends the Dai Li away, and tells Zuko that he can chose whatever he wants, and she walks away; leaving him to ponder the two sides of the coin.
  • Azula catches up to Aang and Katara rushing to save Toph and Sokka and fires a bolt of fire at them. A battle ensues between Aang, Katara, and Azula, and just as Aang and Katara have her cornered Zuko shows up. After a brief moment of dramatic tension, Zuko begins fighting on Azula's side, to everyone’s amazement. In the midst of the battle, the two pairs switch off, with Zuko now fighting Katara, both using element whips on opposite sides of a river. Katara expresses her angry disappointment in Zuko, how she thought he had changed. He replies inscrutably, "I have changed." Aang and Azula charge at one another, Azula sends a blast of fire, sending Aang soaring into the air.
  • Back in the Palace, Ty Lee and Mai have been tasked with guarding the king's pet bear Mai is lounging, bored, on the steps to the throne while Ty Lee amuses herself trying to teach Bosco how to walk on his front legs. In an instant both her hands and feet are bound to the floor by Toph's Earthbending, and she and Sokka prepare to take on Mai. Mai in her nonchalance just says to take the bear and the King reunites happily with his pet.
  • Underground, the fight continues on, with Katara taking on both Zuko and Azula but she is knocked out when Zuko and Azula both Firebends and Katara hits slams into crystal rock., before Aang manages to stand back up from being thrown earlier. He slams into the ground, creating a tidal wave of Earth barreling towards Azula and Zuko, but he is stopped by the Dai Li. Soon they are joined by dozens of Dai Li agents, and Katara assumes the Octopus stance (Water shaped like a Octopus). Horribly outmatched, Aang realizes there is no other choice and does the only thing he can think of---creating a quick crystal shelter with Earthbending, he meditates, and decides to try to release his attachment to Katara in order to enter the Avatar State. He then rises into the air, but before he can let go of Katara and gain control of the Avatar State, Azula shoots him down with a lightning bolt to the back. At that moment, the Avatar Spirit falls from the plane of existence.
  • As Aang falls back to the ground, Katara creates a huge wave by Waterbending, and manages to scatter the Dai Li, Zuko, and Azula; and catch him before he hits the ground. Holding him in tears, she is defenseless, but Iroh suddenly appears. He tells the two to escape, and that he will hold off Azula and the others as long as he can. Once they escape, Iroh surrenders himself to the Dai Li and glances at Zuko, quickly turning his head in shame. The entire group manages to escape and while flying away on Appa, Katara uses her Spirit Oasis water to heal Aang, who initially appeared dead. With a quick flash of light, nothing occurs, and Katara begins to cry and holds Aang close. Then Aang’s tattoos glow shortly and he opens his eyes and smiles at her. Overwhelmed and relieved that he is okay, Katara embraces him closer.
  • Meanwhile, in the palace Zuko frets over betraying Iroh. However, Azula reassures him by telling him that it was actually Uncle that betrayed them, not the other way around. Zuko then asks Azula about returning to the Fire Nation, raising his doubts about being accepted and having his honor restored since he does not have the Avatar. Azula again reassures him by saying that he has restored his own honor, though Zuko still seems unsure. Azula is firmly in control of the city, and as the Earth King, Bosco, Momo, Toph, Sokka, Katara, and Aang fly atop Appa's back over the Outer Wall and out of the city, the Earth King looks back and sadly proclaims, "The Earth Kingdom... has fallen."

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