Perhaps one of the biggest problems with TLA is its horrendous script, riddled with ridiculous lines. Here are some samples of infamous lines and its possible corrections.

  • During Zuko's first arrival in the Southern Water Tribe:
Original line: I am Prince Zuko, son of Fire Lord Ozai and heir to the throne. BRING ME...ALL YOUR ELDERLY!
Correction: I am Prince Zuko, son of Fire Lord Ozai and heir to the throne, and I'm looking for the Avatar! (drags Kanna as an example) He should be about this age, mastering all the elements!
  • Sokka explaining about the Northern Water Tribe:
Original line: It’s led by a princess, because her father died.
Correction: It was once ruled by a chief. He passed away years ago, so the kingdom is now ruled by his daughter.
  • Yue, right before her demise:
Original line: This time we show the fire nation that we believe in our beliefs as much as they believe in theirs.
Correction: (right after Iroh pointed out that Yue is anointed by the Moon Spirit) Yes, you're right. It gave me life. Maybe I can give it back. (Sokka attempts to stop her) It's my duty, Sokka. (Yue proceeds to the oasis)
  • Zhao reminding Iroh about his supposedly assassinated nephew:
Original line: Again, I offer my condolences on your nephew burning to death in that terrible accident.
Correction: I'm devastated to hear about Prince Zuko. (Cheesily) Just devastated.

Also, remember the the first few minutes of the movie. This is what M Night could've written if he wants to keeps it short.

[KATARA pulls a globe of water from the sea, carefully moving it around before suddenly losing control and dropping it on her brother SOKKA]

KATARA: Oops...

SOKKA: [annoyed] Katara...

KATARA: Sorry, Sokka... I was thinking about Mom, and it seemed to be working, and I guess I just lost focus...

SOKKA: Could you at least not do that when you're standing right next to me? You get to practice your bending but all I ever get is soaked.

KATARA [voiceover] My brother Sokka doesn't really get the whole "bending" thing. No one in my village does... after all, I'm the only waterbender in the entire Southern Water Tribe. Since I don't have anyone to teach me, I practice where and when I can while Sokka does most of the hunting.

SOKKA: Shh, Katara. Did you see that?

KATARA: See what?

SOKKA There's something under the ice... could be a school of fish or maybe even a tigerseal! Stand back, I'm gonna punch a hole in the ice to get a better look. [He chips at the ice in front of him when suddenly a massive crack appears. The crack widens and spreads in all directions] Katara, RUN! [The 2 run as fast as they can until a large object punches through the ice, the shockwave making them fall to their knees] What is THAT?

KATARA: [squints] There's a person inside! [She grabs SOKKA's club and runs towards the object against his objections. She breaks a hole in it and a gust of wind blows her hood off. The top of the iceberg caves in as a beam of light breaks through. Cut to a young man on a ship observing the light from a distance]

ZUKO: At last... UNCLE, LOOK! That light can only mean one thing. I've found him! [Cut back to KATARA inspecting the contents of the iceberg. She tries to wake AANG]

KATARA: Hello, can you hear me? Are you okay?

AANG: Uhhh... where am I?

KATARA: Come on, we need to get you someplace warm. [SOKKA and KATARA take AANG back to their village. Cut to the interior of an igloo] How did you end up in that iceberg anyway?

AANG: Well... I sort of ran away from home. I got caught in a storm and a wave trapped me underwater, and I don't really remember what happened after that.

KATARA: Oh wow. It's a good thing you weren't hurt. [SOKKA enters the igloo looking upset]

SOKKA: Bad news. The Fire Nation's here.

AANG: What's wrong?

KATARA: [hurrying out of the igloo with SOKKA] Everything's fine. Just stay here. [Cut to exterior]

SOKKA: What are we gonna do? What do they want now?

KATARA: Calm down, we'll be fine.

ZUKO: I'm looking for the Avatar! He's an old man with tattoos shaped like arrows! I know he's hiding here, WHERE IS HE?! [AANG hears this from inside the igloo and steps outside, pushing his hood back to reveal his tattoos]

AANG: Don't hurt these people. It's me you're looking for.

ZUKO: You? The Avatar is supposed to be 112 years old, you're just a child.

AANG: I don't know what you want with me, but I'll go with you if you leave these people alone. They haven't done anything wrong.

[ZUKO contemplates this for a moment, nods at his soldiers and then the boy, and turns toward his ship. The soldiers surround AANG and usher him onto the ship behind ZUKO]

KATARA: [watching the ship pull out to sea] This is wrong... we can't just let them take him like this.

SOKKA: Yeah? And how are we supposed to catch up to a war ship? [They hear a grumbling noise and turn to see APPA flying over a snowdrift towards the village. A grin spreads across KATARA's face as SOKKA looks on uncomfortably]

Otherwise he could've easily replicate the series version of these, which takes roughly around half an hour. Also remember Aang's little speech in the earthbending prison...or whatever they call it?

"Earthbenders! Why are you acting this way? You are powerful and amazing people! You don’t need to live like this! There is earth right beneath your feet! The ground is an extension of who you are! If the Avatar had returned, would that mean anything to you? My name is Aang...and I'm the Avatar. I ran away, but I'm back now. IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STOP DOING THIS!"

It would be nicer if Katara gave the speech and it will sound like this:

"Earthbenders! You don't know me, but I know of you. Every child of my water tribe village was rocked to sleep with stories of the brave Earth Kingdom and the courageous earthbenders who guard its borders. Some of you may think that the Fire Nation has made you powerless. Yes, they have taken away your ability to bend, but they can't take away your courage and it is your courage they should truly fear! Because it runs deeper than any mine you've been forced to dig, any ocean that keeps you far from home. It is the strength of your hearts that make you who you are, hearts that will remain unbroken when all rock and stone has eroded away. The time to fight back is now! I can tell you the Avatar has returned! So remember your courage, earthbenders, let us fight for our freedom!"

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